Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Catching My Breath

I genuinely feel like I am just trying to catch my breath. I have been waaaaay too busy the last couple of weeks. It is summer for crying out loud.

Oh it is summer alright...heat-filled days that make you feel wilted the moment you walk out the door. My flowers looks sad. I love summer because it always meant freedom from out of the home work. I still do love the long days and sunshine.

Extreme heat is hard though. We have to hold on for a good while though.

In some less whiny news...

Lindsay and Tyler will be staying in Fort Walton Beach. He took a job locally. There will be travel in the Panhandle because that is what construction people do. He has to finish the job in Jacksonville and I am not sure how much longer that will be...hopefully less than a month.

They made an offer on their first home last night. Unfortunately, they chose Destin. I hate the traffic, but they had good reasons for their choice. Believe it or not the homes were cheaper than over here. Fort Walton Beach has no zoning which I have written about before, so it is a hodgepodge of stuff. Lots of the choices were older and would need a lot of remodeling, often with a higher price tag than newer houses in Destin.

I will share pictures if they get it.

In the meantime, I have had lots of cooking to do lately. Lots of sick people, etc. I am about tuckered out on baking. We are having our small group over tomorrow night for supper, so I have at least one more day of kitchen duty...then it is take me out for a few days.

We went to see the Blue Angels this weekend. It is a tradition to go over for the Pensacola Beach show. I only took one picture. Mama insisted that she wanted to go. I was really worried about the rough boat ride, but she wouldn't take no. The 81 year old wildcat actually did very well, although the weather was superb and no rough waters.

My only picture was one she had someone take.

The Blue Angels were wonderful as always, but very sad too. They flew with only 5 which is a stark reminder that they lost one. So sad.

I have been stitching in the evenings if I was so tired I just wanted to go to bed.

I finished August very early on. It is the last of them. August 1st, I will do a recap of all of them.

I have been stitching on something for the farmhouse since then.

For one more bit of hopeful news, someone looked at Mama's house in Brewton and are checking with the bank today. I am just hoping and praying for some good news on that this week.

Trying to find some down time,


  1. Yippee!! so glad your children will be near by. My sis in law and her family go to Destin a lot while we go to Gulf Shores. ( Could it be the difference in our bank accounts???) lol I keep hoping for them to buy a condo there. I hope we can catch a Blue Angels show one time when we are in the Gulf. I have been stitching away in the evenings and I have almost finished UP on the House Top. Next will be Prairie School Fall piece of their four seasons patterns. I am taking my Jolly Jack to be framed this week. Hope things slow down for your in the weeks ahead. We have been very busy this July as well. I am ready for fall.

    1. I always wonder why so many choose Destin over FWB. The hotels over here have to be way less than the ones in Destin. And I am acting like that is soon far away. It is literally just a few miles across the island and yet it takes so long because of the traffic. They are young though. It is too hot to work outside so we just need to keep on stitching.

  2. So happy everyone will be close to you, but I understand your concern for the traffic. I'm going over that way today and getting home is always a chore. So glad you got to see the Blue Angels. What an awesome memory!

    1. It seems like the traffic this year has been worse than ever. It is like everyone in Georgia has decided to come to the Panhandle rather than the Carolinas. Oh well, that is the price we pay for living in paradise... which I consider to be from south Alabama to the bend in Florida.


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