Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Beach Walks, Farm Walks, and Weather

Before I took Mom to the doctor this last Saturday evening, the weekend was going well. Hubby and I got a bite to eat, walked on the beach, and made a Hobby Lobby visit in Destin. What a date night!

Here are a few scenes from our walk. It had been warm all day, but it cooled off so that I needed a jacket, however these days I am bit more cold natured. I seemed to have passed the hot moments for now anyway.

The reason for the Hobby Lobby trip is that since I refreshed the living room with some blue coastal items, and I love many of the other rooms such as the dining room, bedroom, and pool table room with their coastal accents, I have decided that my guest bathroom could use a refresh. I went looking for some new artwork for the walls. I have decided to go with some real artwork from locals rather than the Hobby Lobby looks.

I will keep you posted when I choose the new items and get the bathroom refreshed. Y'all know how doing one room leads to another.

On Saturday, we went to the farm to plant some onions and potatoes. I did get that done. Those were two of the things we planted last year that were used up. I learned a lesson on the zucchini last year.

This is the scene of the getting winded for Mama on our walk. I will take the mule next time to go to the compost bed.

Sweet Lemony wondering why we don't catch up.

That is Mom bundled up. It was cooler on Saturday.
The picture below is going to be a shooting house. I think it is more like the Taj Mahal. It is going to be so big and tall. Anyway, the shooting that will be going on is more likely to be photographs. My husband used to take pictures when we first married ALL THE TIME. He just got busy over the years, but has bought him a new camera and wants to get back into it.

I will share the finished house when it is done if you have no idea what I am talking about with a shooting house. Paul Allen and Tyler probably will use it during hunting season and I have seen lots of deer in the woods and almost every weekend there is one dead on the side of the road from having been hit by a car, so they should have luck. I have no idea when hunting season even is. Not my cup of tea. I am a "Don't kill that sweet little Bambi!"

One last thought for the day then I have to get busy with chores. This has been a crazy winter. We have our share of mild winters here and I love them. I hate the storms that go with them which usually pop up later. Yesterday, it got really windy out on the island here. A car toppled over and lots of stuff being blown around. I haven't looked to see if they determined it to be a tornado yet. Either way, my daughter's office is downtown close to the island and she had everyone hopping. It blew the doors open. She is like me. We take weather very seriously. She had everyone up and moving to the hallways.

The azaleas are blooming here and at the farm. I was quite surprised that they were blooming at the farm as that is further north near the Alabama state line. It wasn't just the Pride of Mobile (pink) that always bloom earlier than the others. 

The red orange ones in the background were blooming as well. I haven't seen any white ones in full bloom yet. They will be long gone here by the official start of spring.

I collected some camellias for home. There are four of the biggest camellia bushes that can't be called bushes anymore at the farm. They are gorgeous. White, red, deep pink, and light pink.

Turned around for the other view.

That is all folks for this morning.

Off to get busy,


  1. Sandy... the beach AND Hobby Lobby? Hello Paradise!! We've had a crazy winter too. Today it's supposed to be in the 50's and tomorrow we are going to get 12 inches of snow. Have a great week.

    1. Getting excited about a trip to Hobby Lobby with the hubby is one of the perks of getting older, not that we are getting older or anything like that.
      Enjoy the 50's today.

  2. The beach is one of my favorite places!! And I agree, get some of your great local art for your bathroom. Camellias make me think of February as they always bloom here in February. Our daffodils, forsythia and tulip poplars are blooming but not the azaleas yet. I am not complaining about the warm winter as I am not a winter person at all. Flip flops are my shoe of choice!! Hope you get caught up on your chores after your weekend at the hospital with your mom.

    1. Loving the warmer weather too. I always love warm weather clothing over cold anyway.

  3. What wonderful beach photos, Sandy! They are simply gorgeous. I have driven through Destin, on the way to Seaside. I think we met friends at the Cracker Barrel in Destin one evening during that same trip, but can't remember for sure.

    I think the "shooting house" your guys are building is what we would call a "deer stand" up here. Some people put game cams in their deer stands to see what game passes through the area at night.

    I wanted to mention to you also concerning your emphasis on "Joy" for this year, amid your trials ... a wonderful book is Finding God's Path Through Your Trials, by Elizabeth George. It has encouraged me greatly!

  4. There are a lot of times I wish we lived closer to the beach...I love walking on the beach! But you are right about those storms. We are in the very center of the state but we have them roll through here too. One came through last night...lots of wind and lightening. And it's been so warm today! Hugs!

    1. Thanks for forwarding the comment from your blog. It is crazy the effect that food can have on some of us.


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