Tuesday, December 12, 2017

O' Christmas Tree circa 1960's

Let's travel back to the 1960's, shall we?

I think you will find Christmas trees look a bit different than my current tree. I was thinking about that the other day, so I decided to look back. The picture quality is that of 1960's, so we will have to imagine brighter colors.

First up is one of my favorite Christmas photographs. It is of all the cousins on my dad's side of the family. I am the baby so this is 1960, my first Christmas. We are at my step grandmother's home. I say step, but she is the only one I knew as my dad's mom died when he was a young boy. I think we are a rather cute lot of kids and love the icicles on the tree.

One distinct difference is the size of the trees.

The next photo is 1961. We were stationed in Germany. #armybrat

I love the flocked tree. I still have many of the ornaments on the tree.

The next two photos are the same year. 1962. Still in Germany. 
I chose both of these because I think there is a mommy version and a daddy version. I think the first one is probably the daddy version. I am sure he thinks I am dressed and cute enough to take a picture.

I think this is probably the mommy version. All dressed up ready for a picture.

I do love those boots.

Now, we move onto Columbus, Georgia. We are now stationed at Fort Benning. The tree is a little bigger.

Now, all trees in my early years were cedars. I don't know if that was a southern thing or not. Everyone I knew had this kind of tree. My grandparents would have just cut theirs from the woods. I don't know if that would have been the case while we were in the military. I think that would have been bought and they are cedar. The one in Germany looks like a type of spruce. 

Cedars were the thing in my neck of the woods, but they don't hold heavy ornaments, but back then all ours were lightweight anyway.

I believe we always dressed up for Christmas Eve in my early days as well. Later on in my life after Daddy died, we visited grandparents on Christmas Eve.

The next one is the following year, still in Columbus, but taken on Christmas morning. This tree definitely lacked in shaped, but don't you just love it!!!
I still remember those pajamas.

Next up is 1967. This was after Daddy passed away. We were back in the place where both my parents grew up. The address would be Repton, Alabama. If that isn't small enough for you, the community was Range, Alabama. The woods people!

Of course, they all had beautiful lights in color. I remember by this time Mama had found some metallic reflectors that fit right under the bulb. I thought they made the lights extra special. 

Don't you love that Western Flyer bike from Western Auto?

I thought I would throw this in from church. I was Mary that year in a silent play. We basically just sat there at the front of the church while everyone looked at us. This is the only photograph of it, but Mother took a moving picture of the play. I love it. Never let it be said that a little white country church in the woods can't have a Christmas production. Hartwood Methodist Church had one.

I was so nervous I must have gone to the bathroom twenty times before we left home. Of course, I knew once I got to church I wouldn't be able to go, because I wasn't going to the outhouse in the dark. Yes, I am telling the truth.

I hope I have brought back some memories for you. All good I hope...mine were.
I thought I would share my first Christmas tree as a married girl. 1984. We had just gotten Sally, the first Springer too. She had been born February 29th of that year and was about 10 months old at this time. A elderly lady had gotten her and she was a bit much for her, so she was free and I took her as my first child. That was one spoiled dog.

The tree was my attempt to recreate one I saw in Southern Living. I still have the picture of it. It actually was a pretty good recreation except for the size of it. I had collected quite a few ornaments for it from craft shows that were popular back in that time period.

I did some shopping today. I am farther along and feeling better about that. I was tired, so I figured I would pump out this memory lane tour.

Two kids and some 33 years later, I have had lots of Christmas trees. I still get excited to put one up. I figure if I get the tree up and my little Nativity up I am all good. The other stuff is icing on the cake.

Making memories,


  1. What a delightful post, Sandy! I'm amazed that you have photos of so many old trees and can remember so many detail--your memory is certainly better than mine :) I absolutely love the photo of you with the red tights and the cute white boots--adorable!!

    Somehow everything does get done for Christmas, doesn't it? I just began feeling better about my progress last night, but I STILL need to decorate my tree!

    1. I do have a good memory, Carol. I tend to think it was a gift from God since I lost my dad early in life. It is remarkable how much I can remember.
      Oh the rush of Christmas. It will get done. I think we seem to move faster these days anyway. I remember when we didn't put the tree up so early and didn't take it down until after New Year's.

  2. Sandy I loved your memory lane Christmas photos. Yes it took me back to great days packed with love and fun. Your photos are wonderful. I'm so glad you have these great memories of your Dad. It is so hard not to have them here with us during these times of the year. I too have a great memory and can remember the slightest details from my childhood. It is a blessing. RJ

    1. Thanks RJ. It is great to remember. I hope that means we will be good when we are old at whatever that age is:)

  3. I love ALL the trees and you are right...cedar trees were the tree of the South They were readily available and did the job. I Had to laugh at your Southern Living obsession I had it too!! Southern Living was THE rule book for all that was classy to me.

    1. I did love Southern Living. Those were the glory days of SL. I had about given up on it, but recently I have thought just maybe it was getting its groove back. It was definitely the source to go to for decorating and recipes. My 1982 recipe book is in pieces.

  4. Sandy, I enjoyed your tree tour from Christmas' past. Thank you for sharing!

  5. What a treasure to have these photos! I love all the extra details like the TV's.So festive and wonderful!

    1. When I saw your Charlie Brown tree, I just smiled. I love it just like I loved every tree (cedar, BTW) that we ever had. They were all beautiful in my eyes, and we put them up much later. In fact, at my grandparents it was usually decorated on Christmas Eve. I remember watching Guiding Light, my favorite soap, and they always decorated on Christmas Eve. Surely, that meant that was how you do it!!!

  6. I LOVE this trip down Memory Lane! How blessed you are to have photographs from your childhood. My mom died 18 years ago, and I haven't seen photos since then. I hope my dad has them packed away somewhere!

    Hope this Christmas season is the best ever for you.

    1. Thanks Rochelle. Our family does not consist of great photographers, but we do take lots of pictures and I treasure them.

  7. These pics are darling, Sandy! We had a silver tree too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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