Thursday, April 26, 2018

Stitching, Mama, and More

Popping in with a random assortment of things going on. I will be taking a small blogging break. More about that in a minute.

First up is stitching.

I felt as I had to get to a certain place in "Home of a Needleworker" before I could lay it down. I wanted to do a different bird since this will hang in my sewing room. I have mentioned before that I have a pair of cardinals that hang out in the trees outside my sewing room. They have been guests for years. I never tire of them.

I really wanted to do a girl since she is a poser. The male will hide from me or so he thinks.
I just could not make a girl work out in such a small place. I felt a girl would blend into the pattern a bit more as well, since it had a crow there. Pooh.

Yesterday, I was even leaning towards a bluebird. Bluebirds are not that common around here, but this spring I am seeing one almost daily. He/she was just hanging out in the side yard while I sat outside with the dogs.

The cardinal won out because they are always outside the sewing room window and that is where this piece will eventually hang.

I am not sure if I am totally pleased with it, but I am going to finish the top and bottom borders and then evaluate.

Next up is Mama.

I am trying to get her out of the house more. I think she sleeps better (which is a big problem for her) when she walks around outside. Yesterday, I called her and we went out to the Armament Museum here at Eglin AFB. I simply love the place as I used to take my students there frequently. I was one a few teachers in the district that took our students there to do aviation related stations (we called them sorties) inside the museum. My class was featured on the website about 10 years ago. I am old news now. Anyway, she liked it. She said the planes were all much bigger than she expected up close.

Then last night, I again made her go with us to the annual FCA Night of Integrity for our county. We just go to be going even though we are kids😀 We heard Daryl Strawberry. VERY good.

Other stuff...

I am going shopping with Lindsay this weekend for baby furniture. Oh boy!!!

Here are the bumpers she ordered. I never shared them. Adorable!

I am laying the stitching aside I until I make my deadline for lesson plans for my mission trip this summer. I don't even like the word deadline, but alas I have one.

Deadline and lesson plans together kind of make me shudder.

I am excited about the trip, so I am ready to see if I can put something together that will be useful to the teachers of Haiti. Much different issues than here. They just want something other than stand and deliver, but have limited resources and benches for seating. Our students wouldn't even know what to do with themselves there. Either way I am praying and buckling down to get things prepared.

That is one reason I wanted everything done but the borders on the stitching. I felt like I would be able to come back to it and that would be a good ending and starting place.

One other bit of news...

I will be heading to Tampa next week for some thyroid surgery, so I will be out of commission for next week or more. So... no posts and I probably won't even be able to read my favorite bloggers and comment. Don't worry I will catch up later. I will miss y'all.

Prayers will be accepted. My parathyroid surgery is Tuesday. If all goes as expected, it should be a quick recovery and I will be back in the saddle in about a week.

See y'all soon,


  1. My Brother in Law had parathyroid surgery last year. Prayers for all to go well. Take some time for yourself and just rest as it seems you are going to have one busy summer. I love the cardinal. I went by my LNS today and picked up the latest Farmhouse Christmas release. I am going to do two smalls instead of one ornament. Love the are going to have so much fun helping Lindsay to get ready for the baby. I spent most of yesterday working in the house and I slept great last night so I agree with you that activity does promote better sleep!! Let me hear how you are doing!!

    1. Did it do him any good? Did he feel better?
      I am looking forward to the baby. I am a little overwhelmed with having to think school right now. I just can't seem to get started. I think once I make some initial decisions with lessons I will be fine. I hope to spend some time going down to think through the mission trip, so no stitching until I get some decisions made. Ugh!

  2. Yes it was good for him....unfortunately after he had the surgery he had some unrelated complications from an esophageal problems. He got that taken care of and is doing great now. What will you be teaching on the mission trip?

  3. Lord, would you bless Sandy's surgery with success and no complications. May her recovery be easy and may she feel better after it's all behind her. Comfort her with reminders of Your love for her in all situations and at all times. In Jesus' name. Amen.

  4. Sandy, your LHN stitch is looking good. I like the addition of Mr. Cardinal. Enjoy your shopping trip with your daughter. Lifting you up in prayer for a successful surgery and a full healing of your body. Thinking of you!

  5. I love the addition of that sweet cardinal, Sandy. I see them daily, too, and just love them. Will definitely be keeping you in my prayers for your upcoming surgery and your mission trip. Hope your daughter is feeling well--enjoy all of the baby shopping :)

  6. Good Luck with your surgery!
    I like the way you care for your Mom; good sleep is indeed essential to one's well-being.

  7. Good luck with the surgery, Sandy. Take good care.


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