Friday, May 25, 2018

Summer Pillow Finish

I finished the "Summer" pillow this morning.

I used a similar backing fabric as the "Spring pillow." In other words by the same designer and in the same family of quilting fabric.

I found it in the bargain bin at the quilt store. They had two small pieces left. Win for me.

I loved the blue piece so much I would have loved to do something large with it, but it must have gone quickly because I went back right after I made the spring pillow and it was GONE. 

Summer on the left and spring on the right.
I like both, but I always find the faults. I liked the linen I used on the spring one better. Lesson learned for fall and winter. It was a closer weave.

I meant to do this for others who are not so good at all this finishing stuff. I know I am a home ec major, but I have been away from it all for a very long time.

To make the cording with no stress, I made two inch bias strips and put them on a piece of store bought piping. It makes it easier for me. The cotton on cotton doesn't slide around.

I then put it on the stitching side first. Also having it already stitched makes it a bit easier to work with as well.

I clipped corners to make it easy to spin it around.

Rather than have a seam to stitch up by hand after stuffing, I do two pieces on the back leaving a hole to stuff. I did this down close to the bottom so it isn't that noticeable, but makes stitching that piping on lots easier.

All of you expert finishers don't judge me too bad. I am getting better:)

HOWEVER, y'all were all so sweet in your comments to gently let me know that the top border was strawberries!!!

I need some stronger glasses.

Gus follows me everywhere I go. Lemony not so much. It is officially hot and she is smart enough to know I am coming back to the living room soon so no need to get up:)

I am hoping we are not dealing with a bad storm on Sunday. A little rain we could use so it this thing must come here a small quick moving tropical storm would be better than a hurricane even at a level 1.

Hubby had a graduation to go to last night, so I went to my sewing room and regrouped and reorganized patterns and all my stitching projects and thoughts.

Below is my latest project. A Golden for my son. The Golden will have a duck in its mouth and wading in water.

Have a great weekend,


  1. Sandy, good progress on the Golden! I really like your finished summer pillow. Thank you for the tips on the piping and the opening left for stuffing. I hope the storm isn't too bad this weekend.

    1. Thanks Robin. I have enjoyed the pillows. I now have fall and winter to do. The autumn one should be easy enough to figure out colors and so forth. The winter I will have to give that some thought.

  2. You are an artisan, Sandy! Your stitching is perfect.

  3. So they weren't tiny cottages with chimneys, nor ladybugs but strawberries?!!! Well, old-fashioned art is a bit of guess work at times!

    You do wonderful stitching. I love it all.

  4. Both pillows are so lovely, Sandy, and the backing fabrics work perfectly. How nice to think that soon you be a 'woman for all seasons' with four of them.

  5. Your stitching is beautiful and I really love the fabric with the bees for the backs. I hope we don't get bad storms too. Take care! Hugs!

  6. I love these pillows and the pretty. Thanks so much for the Pass the Stash. It was here waiting on me when I got home. Needleworker has been on my list for a long time!!

  7. How beautifully your summer pillow turned out! I love it and the lovely stitchwork and greatly enjoyed seeing how you put it together, as well. It inspires me to try to make a keepsake pillow with an embroidery piece, but I have to do a substantial embroidery project first, haha.
    And I love your newest project and can imagine how wonderful the finished project will look with the duck and the water. What a thoughtful, meaningful gift.

    Thank you so much for your most kind comments recently- they were a blessing and joy to read! I also loved hearing about how you got into stitching. A few different bloggers I have met, including you, are seriously inspiring me to want to get into stitching too at some point. It looks like such fun and there are so many neat designs.

    Wishing you a very blessed day and Memorial Day!

  8. Your new pillow looks so darling, Sandy! And thank you for the piping tutorial--I have never tried making my own as it looks quite daunting! But, perhaps I will get my courage up!


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