Sunday, May 3, 2020

A Do Over on the Finish

I am popping back in to show you the different trim on redbird. I didn't hate the blue I used, but it simply wasn't quite right either. It wasn't a hard fix, so I took it off and lived with it a day and a half with nothing. I laid different things on it from stash... some lace, different blue trims, some different flosses including DMC 221 which was the substitute for the fancy floss and the one I ended up having to use to finish out the red bird.

Now, I ALMOST left it with nothing. I really liked the fabric and it went well with the red. Hubby seemed to like the cording with the red, so that is where I landed.

You know I think in my head originally the redbird and the bluebird were going to be displayed together, but after pulling out the finishing materials they took on a life of their own which is just fine. I ended up loving both separately. They didn't need to be on display together. Redbird is still sitting in my sewing room because we went to Auburn this weekend. He will find a perfect vignette location this week.

We went nowhere but our home. We ordered meals with apps so it was strictly just a go check on the house and a different setting.

Both of my kids were alarmed by the number of people who flocked to the beach this weekend. Both were headed that way and ended up not going because it was so crowded and not with locals either. I hope we don't have a spike. It hasn't been all elderly who have tested positive around here, but I think all of the deaths have been elderly. Quite sad.

I am making this a quick post, but will be back later with an update on other stitching I am working on...bluejays and more
AND some new flowers to be potted.

Stay safe and keep praying for our country,


  1. Yes, I really like the red you ended up choosing. It looks as if it's always been there, always a good sign!

  2. I like the red trim...perfect. Well I went to Hobby Lobby but forgot to take Blue Bird with me so I picked up what I thought was a dusty blue but it was too bright. I am going back in the am and taking the piece with me. It was pretty crowded in HL but everyone had on masks and they had lines on the floor for social distancing. I just went to the sewing section. If if is not crowded tomorrow I will stroll around the store. Glad you had a good visit at your getaway.

  3. OH yes the red one is better. I love the finish.

  4. Sandy, I think the red trim looks great! I always ask my husband for his opinion on color, his eye for fabric and color is better than mine.
    Now, I need to know, do you keep your floss in envelopes within a clear bag? I keep my floss in business size envelopes in numerical order, so easy to find and keep it neat but I have trouble when I want to substitute a floss color because I can't see the floss. It looks like you keep your floss in plastic bags holding an envelope? If you do is that a business size plastic bag? And if it is where do you buy them?

    1. July 15, 2015
      Your comment didn't come in my email so I am replying here. I will email you later, but for now this might help someone else too. I did a post on my floss organization way way back. The link is above with the date I did it. I use snack size and the 3X5 index cards. It is the best organization I have ever used. I have done many things. I saw it on Pinterest but don't remember the original link. I can still leave the fancy flosses on the their card this way and pull from them too. I just rearranged the shelves in my sewing room and took those boxes and put them in one long row on a more narrow shelf and now I have no unstacking for getting to a box.
      The red definitely looks better. I almost went with some lace. It was my second favorite.

  5. I can't say that I am surprised by the lack of common sense with the people flocking to the beach. Beaches are closed here, but that hasn't stopped them. Glad you were able to get away to the Auburn house for a change of scenery.

    While I liked the blue cording, I like the red much better. Well done!

    Have a good week, Sandy!

  6. Sandy: The red is so pretty, I am sad that your children and family were not able to get to the beach.
    Stay Healthy


  7. I thought the blue was okay but hubby was right! The red is perfect!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I like the red cording on the red bird finish. Love the fabric you put with it, too. Very nice.

    We went to Hobby Lobby today. Wore our masks. It was good to go somewhere other than Walmart, Publix, and Lowe's.

  9. I like the red cording too and it made it really stand out with the flowers and leaves in the fabric. I like the idea of living with something for awhile before a change. We went to the Florida trails yesterday but only a few other hikers on the trail so it was great! Take care!

  10. Oh, I do like that red cording. I've been surprised to see the images of people flocking to the beaches this past weekend. Do people have no common sense? I'm all for doing what one can to bring some sense of normalcy back to one's life, but crowding beaches (or anywhere) right now is just nuts.


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