Sunday, November 22, 2020

How Things Change (not a usual post)

I put that Thanksgiving table out in hopes that I would have a dinner. It won't be happening. 

I said no other Christmas decorations would come out except the foyer until after Thanksgiving. That is happening minus a tree.

Oh how things change!  Jeff has tested positive and I am awaiting my test. 

Let me see if I can back track to give you an update.
Lindsay was sick Friday a week ago. It is flowing through hers and Jeff's office. She tested and found out Sunday morning she was positive. She went into panic mode over Tucker and Tyler. Tyler became a good single dad. On Thursday of last week, little Tucker coughed and both Mommy and Daddy were worried. 

When Tyler went into get him up Friday morning, he called Lindsay to come immediately. So no more social distancing was taking place. Lindsay called the pediatrician who knew Lindsay was positive but told her to come on and she would meet her on the back porch of her practice and examine him so that she could rest over the weekend.

She took one look and listen and very emphatically told Lindsay that Tucker had the croup. Best medicine for all of them was to quit worrying and get outside over the weekend and relax. They were all young and in good health. 

Jeff had a light treatment Monday on his face. Basically they burn your face off:) He probably had some symptoms but with the light treatment and the pain associated with that he didn't catch them. He was also VERY busy with work. Many of the people in his office are sick, so he was trying to do a little double dosing of work. Many phone calls and Zooms went on. 

Wednesday I coughed in the middle of the day. Here is the scenario going on. I am worried about him. He is worried about me and both of us are worried about Mom. 

I have actually had a little cough for several weeks and have had a routine doctor's appointment tomorrow where I was going to mention it. IT is not bad enough to take medicine...more like an allergy. I however am usually healthy these days. I hopefully will have a telemedicine appointment.

So when I coughed a few times during the day, Jeff insisted I call and get a test. I called the health department and they said I could come Friday for the drive through test. The more we talked, I told him if I had it he had to asymptomatic and maybe he should test so we wouldn't worry about Mom at Thanksgiving. 

He calls and they have just had a cancellation and he can come on Thursday afternoon. 

He got his phone call Saturday morning that he was positive. Just in time for him to start actually showing symptoms.

He is very fatigued and running a low grade fever. He slept most of the evening Saturday, then all night and has dozed for 2/3 of the day today. I keep a check on his fever. His sense of taste has left him today.

I don't really like typing all of this, but I made the decision that it is helpful for all of us to know this stuff. 
I can't really focus like I should and I apologize for not replying to my comments or reading my usual blogs.

I am in nurse mode. 

The one other worrisome thing is Paul Allen was exposed when he dropped by for a visit on Thursday afternoon. AT this point, we were testing more out of precaution for Mama rather than believing either of us might have it.

I am feeling fine. I have a little cough, but it is not a dry cough. It actually is productive and I have a wee bit of a sore throat in the evenings or mornings. I could totally have a cold from keeping Tucker.

I do take lots of supplements and for the most part even with thyroid and Rheumatoid Arthritis, I am very healthy.

I decided to write the post to let all of you know to take care of yourselves, be careful, but not afraid of life. Life is way too short to miss out on.

Now onto a little more going on. I have no pictures. IF things go well, I will pull myself together to share more of those things later. 
I did salvage a Christmas decoration with a homemade Christmas drum that I stitched and whipped up last night and put together today. I think y'all are going to be impressed. Again, at some point I will share that crafty project.

Christmas decorations. I was one of those people who didn't like to even breathe pulling it out before Thanksgiving was done. However, what is normal about this year? Absolutely nothing!
I have had to put that table I set out in expectation because it won't be happening. To make myself feel better, I decided to just pull those Christmas bins out of the closet. I have put it all out with the exception of the lighted garland that I usually do on the banisters and the Christmas tree. 

Will I have a Christmas tree this year? I sincerely hope so, but I am in quarantine. If all goes well, there may be only Charlie Brown trees left. And you know what? It will be a blessing. 

I am just going to not worry about that and pray the whole family is in good health. 

Maybe next year I will go back to a fake tree which I swore off a few years back. 2020 is doing strange things to us all.

I will leave you with a Gus antic.
Saturday morning we decided to drive out to the island. We weren't going to get out and walk... just drive out and soak in the salty air, so the dogs could come along. We stopped at Starbucks and got a coffee and they got their whipped cream. 

We drove out to the beach and went all the way down the road that runs between the Gulf and the Sound (Intercoastal) to where the land changes to military and then turned to come back. For some reason, Jeff decided to go down a side street where some houses are along the Sound. We were putting along. The usual set up is Gus, the Springer sits in the front seat with me and Lemony, the Golden sits in the back with the window rolled down. Lemony has never and can't even be coaxed to sit in the front seat. 

All of a sudden Gus, jumped in the back seat and I guess I must have been looking at a house. We turned back out on the main beach road and I looked back in the backseat to see what Gus was up to. 

I immediately panicked. Jeff turned around as quickly as he could, but of course a car was in the way. We started tracing our drive. We found him two blocks back just sniffing, but quickly running to the truck. 

He was covered in sand spurs. For those of you not from around here, those are needles and they stick to nice Springer Spaniel fur. He had to sit in the back seat on the way home with the window closed of course. It took me a while to comb this all out with a Spaniel comb. 
I have no idea what possessed him to do that. 

As I was combing, we got the news that Jeff was positive.
So I take his temperature and try not to let my imagination run wild. 

Take care everyone. At some point I will be able to think and do a post with something besides this doggone virus.


  1. Saying a prayer for all. I suppose that a bologna sandwich would be good enough this year as long as you are together. Thanksgiving can be when you need it. Looks as if your family is mostly not going to have to worry over this now that so many of you have had it. I am truly sorry, but trusting God to get everyone safely through.

    1. Thank you Vee. So far so good. Prayers are good.

  2. I'm so sorry you have this worry,and I hope everyone gets well quickly.

  3. "Best medicine for all of them was to quit worrying and get outside over the weekend and relax. They were all young and in good health."

    This is the best doctor advice I have ever heard... ­čÖé

    1. Isn't it?! She is lucky to have such a great pediatrician who stopped everything to alleviate her fears.

  4. Good post, Sandy. Many in our blogging community are prayer warriors, which has encouraged me so very much. Our God is here; He is faithful. He strengthens us for the circumstances.

    "Live in the moment" which is today's vernacular for Matthew 6:34 "... sufficient to the day is the evil thereof." We have the strength in the Lord that we need for today. And tomorrow He will give us what we need for then.

    While I have already said this to you privately, I say it on this comment for the benefit of others: Take refuge in God's Word when you are tempted to dwell on the worst. His Words have rescued me countless times during this time of trial. He is faithful.

    1. Thank you for your words of comfort and encouragement. This has us all on edge and that is not the best way to deal with it. IT does us no good to worry. Today has been much better. I have taken that deep breath.

  5. Sandy, I am sorry that the virus has invaded your home and family. Praying for peace and comfort to those who are affected and praying for the return to good health. The Lord is mighty and he is faithful to his children. Thinking of you.

    1. Thank you so much Robin. I received your card and it was such a bright spot in this time. While things are different, we are good and we are going to get through it. Stronger on the other side.

  6. Good morning Sandy, I wanted to thank you so much for sharing your "covid" stories. Please keep sharing them. I am a retired nurse, and I have learned more from the bloggers, than the news/media outlets. What have I learned: The rules change from state to state, most of the advice is to stay home and wear a mask. It really hasn't helped yet. They have forgotten to remind people to wash their hands. Quarentine times vary from 7-30 days depending what state you are in. I have learned there are 2 types of Covid. The mild, stay at home type and the more serious pneumonia type. As and educator please use your skills to teach us who are trying to learn everything we can to take care of each other. Again, thank you so much for sharing. Have a blessed and happy day.

    1. Thanks Georgia for that encouragement. I have learned more from my blogging friends too. So far we are doing well. Jeff is much much better today which has made me much more relaxed. The health department is so backlogged. They just called him for his followup call to get info about an hour ago. They haven't even gotten to my test results yet. I am relaxing and not in such a panic mode. I think you summed up the two types. We have seen both and at this point we seem to be on the good side.

  7. Prayers for everyone! Thank you. It does help to read how real people are going through this horrid pandemic.
    What a scare that is to have a missing pet while driving. I am glad all is well, except for the burrs. Not a happy time removing those things.

    1. Thank you so much. We are doing well at this time and yes, I have decided it is important to share even when you don't feel like it. It is good for all of us to know. That stinker got himself in a mess. I think he was happy to sit still and let me get them out.

  8. I’m sorry this has come to your family, Sandy. Saying prayers for healing.

    1. Thank you Meg.Jeff is doing much better today, so I am a tad more relaxed. The health department is just overtaxed at this time. Feel sorry for them as well.

  9. I'm sorry, too, that it looks like it's going through the family. Glad that you're not worrying about it, and I hope that continues - and that your mama is kept safe. It is helpful to read everyone's experiences, even though they all seem different in some ways. Thank you for writing it all out. And anything else you want to share along the way.

    1. I do worry about Mom not just for covid but being by herself for this long. I think she is so afraid of getting it and having to go to the hospital and not being able to see me. IT is almost like being a child again and fearful.We are doing ok and I will keep everyone posted. I think we learn from each other.

  10. So very sorry to hear that Jeff is positive and you are still waiting? Praying for both of you, praying that God will keep you both safe and not have any severe symptoms. Praying your Mom will be fine, and that you will all come through this stronger for the experience. May the Lord give you peace in your hearts and strength to keep going strong. I know your Thanksgiving will be a day of "thanks-living". Take care my friend, and stay focused on the Lord. He WILL see you all through.


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