Saturday, December 19, 2020

Salt Air

 I hadn't planned to post today, but my pictures are important to me. I haven't gone on many beach walks this year. I would say after having spent the few days around my birthday in Cape San Blas and this morning that no wonder my spirit needs lifting. 

The beach is my happy place.

I know some like mountains, lakes, prairies or the many beautiful landscapes, but for me it is the beach. When I walk along the sandy shore, I can feel the release of the weights we carry around. I feel closer to the Lord here.

Why haven't I made time for more? This year has gotten away from me, but I am vowing to walk the shores more the rest of this year and more next.

Jeff mentioned last night why didn't we get up early to go walk. Two things I don't particularly care for are early and cold. I surprised him with a, "Yes." I don't think he thought I was serious because of the cold. 

It isn't even winter for a couple more days, but good grief it is cold here in north Florida. Well, one day it is hot and then for two days it is cold. I have actually pulled a bin of sweaters down that I keep on the top shelf of my closet and rarely use. It isn't cold enough to be worried about the citrus trees, but it has been cooler than I am accustomed to for certain.

I awoke early and layered up for the trip out to the Gulf Islands Seashore past Narvarre. 

As we headed down and walked west you can see the clouds hadn't even begun to burn off and lighten.


It almost looks ominous, but if you looked back east to the sunrise it looked hopeful.

All a matter of perspective. 
The water was an amazing green indicative of its nickname, "The Emerald Coast."
Oh, how blessed I am to call it home.

Again, looking back east.

Sandpipers, pelicans, and sea gulls accompanied our walk. I love little sandpipers. They are always so busy.

If it were summer I would simply have to walk through that water. My was gorgeous.

As we walked away, I felt a world better.

Paul Allen is much better and his words today were "I'm good to go." He was always my sickly child and he has had the worst case thus far of our immediate family. I hadn't realized how much I had been worried until he texted me this morning that he felt much better.

Katie tested positive. I had already allowed myself to count days and well, we all know what that means. I won't lie, I was very sad.

Jeff the ever "trying to make all things right" said she could go get a rapid test on the 24th and maybe come over. I have assured him my state of mind is much better and Zoom will be fine

She is feeling better too. 

Kristan, my niece that we didn't get to see at Thanksgiving also have Covid running through their home too. Torrey, her husband has it as well as Katelyn, our great niece. She has asthma, so that has been a worry, but so far they are good. Sickly, but ok.

I just want everyone to be okay and we will just move forward.

I always salt air is good for what ails you, so I hope you can sense it in the pictures.


  1. Oh my goodness, there are so many with this nasty disease. Of course you are concerned. Do please keep us posted and do continue to stay put and stay well. Yes to the beach. It is always good for what ails me too!! xo

  2. Love the beach photos...hoping we can get there this spring since we missed our fall trip. Something about the ocean is just so calming. Glad Paul Allen is feeling better.

  3. I love your pictures, and I can feel the peace that calms over you as you walk on the beach. So very pleasant and therapeutic. Thank you for sharing it with us. I can hear the gulls and feel the breeze in my mind. Praying for your family to all get well soon. so very sorry this has run through your family, but thankful it has been relatively mild all things considered. Praying it will stay away from those who are most vulnerable. Praying you will have a blessed and beautiful Christmas as you give thanks that you are all well or getting well. You may have to have Christmas in January! God bless you all. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I enjoyed them very much.

  4. I am glad you and Jeff took the walk at the beach. What beautiful pictures you shared and it sounded like it was just what you needed, Sandy! Glad to hear your son is feeling better! Continuing to prayer for him, Katie, and the family members who are sick. Thinking of you!

  5. Sandy, THANK YOU for this. I needed it. If it weren’t for the family ties that bind us to Idaho, I think Shawn and I would move to the Oregon Coast if we could. We usually fly there and back, so leaving is like ripping off a bandaid—quick. But our first visit in 2012, we drove, and the whole drive home, as we got farther away from that salt air and the landscape became more of the high-mountain desert of home, the sadder I felt. When we stay in a vacation condo on the beach, we see people out for their morning strolls on the beach and I think, now that is a good way to start your day and clear your head. Good for you. I think you should resolve to do it more often.

    Glad to hear Paul Allen and Katie are feeling better. Wishing you and yours happiness and good health. Merry Christmas! ❤️

  6. Prayers for everyone's health and recovery. Your beach photos are gorgeous.

  7. Your beautiful photos brought a sense of calm today, Sandy! I am a mountain lover, but I do appreciate a nice quiet beach scene like those in your lovely photos. I just don't enjoy crowded beaches which is what we always had when we used to take vacations with my husband's family each summer to the Outer Banks. It must be wonderful to be so close to walk there every day if you want to and really start your day off right! It's far too cold to go out walking here--20° will be the high on Christmas Day!

    So hope that all of your family recovers quickly and fully from this horrible virus. I am so ready to get that vaccine!

    Take good care now and I wish you a blessed Christmas ♥

  8. Sandy, I am most at home in the mountains and love cold, crisp, clear weather. I do love walking the beaches in Florida, the ones I go to are pretty empty and pristine. If I lived in Florida I would be walking the beach daily. I hope your family continues to recover from covid. Have a Merry Christmas and stay safe!! Hugs, Mary

  9. Merry Christmas Sandy: I love walking the beach, it is so serene and peaceful, one of Gods gifts to us.
    Have a beautiful weekend



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