Sunday, January 2, 2022

Rested and Refreshed

After spending a few days in Auburn, I feel rested and refreshed. I think I am ready to tackle a New Year.

As promised, here is the finished picture of the clock I did very quickly for Lindsay.

I know it has been odd weather in lots of places and if you looked at this photo I took in Auburn you wouldn't think it was hot. It looks wintery. I snapped on a walk with Gus. The first two days were quite sunny and warm, but the last two were cloudy and warm. Nevertheless, I was there to unwind, clean a wee bit and just have some quiet time. 

The trees are such a different landscape from home. Almost all the leaves on the trees around our house were on the ground. 

A change of scenery is good for one sometimes. I really just wanted some quiet unrushed time. Mother decided not to go. I don't think she rests well when she is away from home and I got lucky in that her brother came and stayed with her for two of the days and then her sister for the other two. I got a much needed vacation and didn't have to worry about her.

The following picture is an interruption to the Auburn trip, but Lindsay sent this to me while I was up there. My my that boy is so cute.

Does anyone else miss the old version of blogger when you could upload all the pictures and then put them into your post without the hassle that it seems to be these days? Or is just me doing something wrong?

Back to Auburn. We did take in a basketball game. That was not on our original agenda, but Lindsay and Tyler gifted us two tickets to the Auburn/LSU game. It was a great game and we had a blast. Our tickets were in a good place for old folks who didn't need to much breathing of germs on us, so hopefully all is ok. I think we have already passed the number of days to come down with it.

Now, back to my walks in Auburn. Many of you may remember the post I did on all the many colored doors in the neighborhood. This house was a favorite from that post with many commenters. It recently went up for sale and I was completely in shock over the inside pictures on the listing. For such a traditional home, the inside obviously had an artsy person. Every wall was a different and very bright color. It was quite overpowering. I actually found it hard to see the layout of the home over the wall colors and this from a girl who loves color. 

Anyway, homes in this neighborhood rarely stay on the market past two weeks no matter what is going on in the housing market. It sold and the door has been changed. Based on the door color, I am guessing the house has been toned down inside as well.

I left Auburn feeling rested and refreshed. The few days away were just what I needed. This morning we got up early and took a beach walk before things get hectic again. Our church was only going to be online today so we could watch at our discretion. It was a beautiful early morning and this time I dressed appropriately for the temperature. I even waded in the water. 

Yes, that is odd even for our area. While we were strolling we saw lots of odd things on the beach. We watched out step until we figured out what they were.
I will let you see if you can figure it out before I give it away.

We passed several of these before we finally came up on some with the tentacles trailing.

Have you figured it out yet? I certainly didn't think they were around here.

A very long tentacle made Jeff proclaim, "Portuguese man o' war." We looked it up and yes, he was right. Later in the day, it was confirmed by the local news guy.

The surf was quite rough with a southerly warm wind which is going to meet a northerly cold wind somewhere along the south tonight. That means someone is probably not going to have a good night. I am praying all will be smoother than is expected.

We took a very long walk. As we were headed back in the other direction the sun was popping out.

I have been in reflection mode as per my personality being the end of a calendar year. I know that '22 has the possibly of some tough times for us. 

Anyway, in this time I couldn't help but think with a lot going on I was really going to have to be disciplined this year with taking care of myself. I don't know that I really pick words of a year, but when something comes across my mind like this did I try to incorporate it in my life. 

A while back I mentioned the word streamline came to me rather than simplify. That simple shift in my mind from one word to another made a significant difference in some things.

A smoothie for breakfast for my disciplined eating plan.

As I pondered the word discipline I came across a podcast where the guy said discipline was no good without motivation. I chewed on that a day or two and I agree that he is correct, but I still think discipline is the idea I want to incorporate. I need to adhere to my strict dietary plans for good health with two autoimmune conditions. I know it is vital for health. I also need to keep up some form of exercise and movement to keep those joints lubricated. There is always a balance there for me with rheumatoid arthritis. There is a happy amount of exercise and there is a too much which leads to rest instead of forward progress.

A well disciplined life is in order. I am hanging onto that thought as I head into the new year to guide me. 

While I was relaxing in Auburn, I was reading and the word humble jumped off the page at me. I asked the Lord if I was prideful. I didn't think so, well not much anyway:) but if He was telling me so then I would be on notice and trying to pay attention to it.

Today when I finally sat down to watch our church's message I found out why that word was on my mind. The message today was all about what to avoid;  that being pride.

The gist was understanding my place before a God that is BIG and HOLY

1 Peter 5:5 says... You younger men, likewise, be subject to your elders; and all of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, for God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

He talked about the "clothe yourselves with humility" part and likened it like putting on a servant's apron. The analogy was about a particular garment worn by servants in that time period. Just a reminder to put on humility each day towards others and giving God His due in respect to who He is. 

Apparently the Lord thought I needed to be tuned in to this as well so I am listening and hopefully will apply this where needed.

A song from today's service stuck in my head too. 

Here were a few lyrics that caught my eye and ear. .

I stand on the chain-breaking


Powerful name of Jesus

On the body-raising


Powerful name of Jesus

I want to focus on those lyrics too along with discipline and humility.

Winter will find me working a long list of projects around the house. I am in no hurry. I will do them as I can. I have already been a polishing doors and furniture. It is getting shiny here.

That is all I have time for tonight. 


  1. I am so glad you had a refreshing time away! A real big YES to wishing blogger hadn't messed with the pictures. I hate having to keep going back and forth and then if I do try to download several, they get out of order. It is maddening, indeed. What were they thinking? Anyway, Palmer is adorable, the beach looks calming, and I enjoyed catching up with you here! Happy new year! xo

  2. I enjoyed this thoughtful relaxed post. You certainly write as if you're ready to tackle whatever's ahead in a calm frame of mind.

    1. I do hope I can keep that calmness. I am certainly going to give it a 100% effort.

  3. I'm hoping that your clock is a magic one and can slow down time. 2021, for all it's drama, went by way too quickly. Here's hoping for a better 2022.

  4. I enjoyed reading your post this am. Discipline is a good word and something I'm trying to work on myself. It's not easy for sure. Glad you got away for a nice respite. Do you walk regularly on the beach, its so relaxing to hear the waves and walking on sand with barefeet somehow connects you to nature even more. I have to google Portuguese man of war and see if they bite!! Take care and enjoy the new year.

  5. Sandy: Happy New Year, it was a bumpy year in 2021, I just hope things get better, hopefully.
    Your ornament for Lindsey is so sweet, I like the desin and color threads and finished design.
    Oh my goodness, Plamer is adorable and that chair is a hoot with his name on it.
    I would love to get away for a few days, it sounds like you had a restful time.
    I would love to see the inside of that home, it looks lovely and vintage on the outside.
    A walk on a beach would do me good, it is a balmy 7 above here right now at 08:00, brrrr.
    I lkove smoothies, you can havre fun adding fruit, yummy.

    Happy Blessed New Year

  6. Your pictures of the beach walk are so beautiful. We spent several days at a beach condo not far from you some years ago. Your pictures brought back pleasant memories.

    I haven't thought much about a word for this year (yet, anyway). Been distracted. And that's been a good thing. Yours is good. We should all embrace that one.

  7. What a fun clock/time stitch you stitched and finished for Lindsay! My first thought was jellyfish when I saw the first picture of it. I wouldn't have thought though it was a Man 'O War. Glad your trip to Auburn provided you with rest and restoration, Sandy. Happy New Year!

  8. It's always good to get away for a few days to refresh! Glad your Auburn house does that for you, Sandy. Honestly, that Parker is just the most adorable little guy--Gerber baby material!

    Lovely beach scenes (except for the Man 'o War! I'm pretty terrified of any form of sea life, actually--just haven't been around it enough in my lifetime.

    Your clock finish is darling! Wishing you many peaceful hours in 2022 ♥

  9. Sounds like a time of true reflection as you rested...a lot of things to ponder here. I believe God is speaking to many of us about humility, and also about streamlining our lives to reflect His holiness more...I know I need to do a lot "streamlining" for sure. Oh, so glad you didn't step on the Portuguese Man Of! I enjoyed your post. And yes, the picture thing is frustrating. I sometimes go ahead and load them all on the page, and then cut and paste them where I want them in the post. It is frustrating to have to do it that way, but it's the only way I know without constant going back and forth looking for pictures. Okay, time for bed for me. Good night and glad you are home.

  10. Good words for all here! Your walks on the beach look just beautiful - even the man o' war are stunning, if frightening (I would imagine). Palmer is adorable. I've found several changes with blogger to be frustrating - and with no good reason behind them (that I can tell). Until reading Pam's message above, I didn't realize one could cut n' paste pictures within a blog post. Going to try that the next time!

  11. Glad you had a nice getaway and had people to look after you mom so you could truly relax. Wonderful beach pictures, though it doesn't look like it was warm, just this time of the year I guess with so little green. My mother had a thing about doors and often remarked on them when they would travel.


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