Saturday, February 19, 2022

February's Stitching

 This is a little bit early to title February's stitching, but if you have just read my last post you know my time is very limited. 

Two posts in one day!!!

I have stitched away on pretty much 2 things and I have an amazing gift to share.

First, let's look at the heron.

That center section is going to be the death of me. All those grays are so alike! I was going nuts so I had to scoot on up the neck to keep my sanity. I am going to finish the head and the dragonfly and then from there however long it takes I will someday finish that body and tail feathers. I had hoped I would finish by the first day of spring, but I am now thinking I have to move it back to Easter. Easter is my new goal.

Next up is not Thirsty Hart. If you read my last post, one of my really hard days I just needed some comfort stitching which led me to pull out The Shepherd's Song sampler. I don't know what it is about this sampler but it is just pure joy and comfort to stitch.

In fact, I have never stitched anything by Plum Street Samplers that wasn't so much fun to stitch. The new releases are showing up on Instagram and she has two that I am already dying over. They have been written down to mull over like my last post said I do these days.

I got the most wonderful gift from Catherine at I Love to Stitch on Valentine's Day. Catherine, you don't know how this lifted my spirits. 
She sent me two wonderful patterns and scissor fobs. 

I want to start both immediately. 

Stitcher friends, how is there so little time and so many things we want to stitch? I know you feel my pain. In fact, my list of things I want to do is so so so long. I love cross stitching and it is a great stress reliever or at least with the right pattern. It is very rewarding.

I am about to get off the computer and walk Gus and then find some time this evening to partake in this wonderful hobby.


  1. The heron is stunning. It is a lot of work!

  2. What a sweet gift and it really does lift our spirits to get something in the mail from a friend. Love your stitching! It's a lot of work but is so beautiful in the details! Enjoy your sure is gorgeous weather!

  3. Both stitching projects are wonderful.
    Nice gift from your friend.
    Have a nice Sunday, Manuela

  4. So beautiful and amazing to me, who cannot stitch an inch! LOL. I can't wait to see them completed! This was delightful!

  5. What wonderful goodies you received from Catherine! The Heron piece is looking good, Sandy. You have made good progress on it as well as The Shepherd's Song Sampler. Enjoy your week!

  6. That heron is going to be worth all the aggravation!! As I get older those colors that are almost the same can drive me I have 10 WIPS and I am determined to finish some of them this year. I did finish two smalls over the weekend. I am going to work on my Blackbird Friendship sampler today. And I got a book at the library that I need to get busy on. I love this author but having a hard time getting into this book.( Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz).

  7. Sandy: I am so happy you like what I sent, I love your Heron, it is amazingly beautiful, I have had patterns that drive me nuts with like colors, I am like you I need to take a break from the similar colors.
    Thirsty Heart is such a beautiful design and the threads do make for a peaceful relaxing stitch; the fabric is the perfect color for the thread choices.


  8. I'm so impressed with the progress you've made on that heron, Sandy! He will be a masterpiece when all finished up. I'm not sure I would have the patience. Thirsty Hart is looking lovely as well. I haven't seen the PSS new designs--will have to check them out. I sure wish I could exist on only 3 or 4 hours of sleep--I never have enough time to stitch even though I'm retired!

    Enjoy those beautiful gifts from Catherine--that was so sweet of her! Have a great weekend ♥

  9. Nice gift! Maybe it's the colors that feel so calming to you on the 2nd sampler? Good call on switching areas on the Heron to give yourself a break. Switching things up is needed now and again by us all.

  10. The heron is just outstanding and you are so close to the finish! Thirsty hart is beautiful. What a lovely surprise from Catherine, she is such a generous friend. Love both of the patterns!!


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