Sunday, July 31, 2022

July Recap

 I truly thought I would be writing to tell you Miles had arrived since this is his official due date, but he is not here yet. I realized I have not written one post about life in July. I have done a stitching post and a photographs post but no life.

I need to recap July and hopefully little Miles will be here soon. More about that in a bit.

July started out with us in Auburn for a relaxing weekend. The following weekend we went to see the Blue Angels. We haven't been able to get over for the past couple of years so we were doing our best to make it a priority this year. It was a better and longer show than ever and so worth the effort to get over there. If you aren't a long time reader, the Home Show is on Pensacola Beach each July. We go by boat and try to get right in front of the Pensacola Beach Ball on the sound side. The big beach ball is center stage. 

We took our boat and were joined by Lindsay, Tyler and the kids in their boat, and good friends who also took their boat. Our friend led the caravan over and got us spectacular "seats" right at center stage. We all tied up and had the most marvelous day of swimming, snacking, and then watching the show.

Here are just a few snaps.

The kids were amazing. Palmer sat in his swing and then got on the floats with us. They have incredible floating devices for kids now. 

When Tucker wasn't eating he was swimming. He had a blast and came over to sit with Mimi to watch the Blue Angels fly over. Mimi ordered him 2 books about the B.A. to look at.

He loves planes, but says he doesn't want to be a pilot.

Now, for a different story. A story showed up in our local newspaper about a dog that was at the shelter where Paul Allen and Katie got Dansby. They recognized him right away from the picture and story. This one had been abused more than Dansby. Someone had used him as target practice with a BB gun. Yea, I wish I could do the same to that person. Anywho, he had been adopted too even though this one lost his eye to that incident. Dansby had some places on his ear, but nothing like that. Katie responded to the email and said they had his litter mate and a meeting was set up for the 2 dogs.

You may remember that Katie had a DNA test done on Dansby and he was half Blue Tick and half Beagle and Treeing Walker. Dansby looks like a full blooded Blue Tick. His brother got more of the Beagle coloring.

Then July brought Palmer's 1st birthday. I took him on the actual day to have lunch with Lindsay and PaPa.

Happiest little 1 year old around.

His birthday was on the weekend and I didn't get the cutest pictures. Because this has been the hottest summer ever (said by the summer girl herself who loves where she lives) Lindsay did it inside and later in the day. To be honest. Palmer was over the day and ready for bed before he even got to presents. Tucker on the other hand got a bonus birthday because he had a blast.

A few decorations and pics from the evening.

A smiley face theme was in order since Palmer is all smiles all the time.

Katie and Paul Allen in front of the picture taking wall which I didn't utilize nearly enough.

Palmer getting his smash cake that Lindsay made for him. Not too interested in it.

The kids played pin the smile on the face.

Picture of the cake and cupcakes.

One of Mama with him.

Pictures of Palmer each month.

A quick picture of the kiddos. Tucker and Palmer on the right.

Palmer the next morning after a good night's rest.

We are finally getting the last of the carpet in our home out and my entire house is turned upside down. I would complain but I am so happy to see that carpet gone. As with everything, it is taking forever and we had a little water damage by the door leading out to the deck. Not really surprised. When hurricanes come in they blow the water straight at 3 doors in our home. I seriously can't wait for them to be done. I won't give you all the ins and outs because it is a first world problem, but I want my house back in order:)

I did get in there yesterday and painted the closet while all the clothes were out. I still have to do the baseboards because that trim piece is not nailed in yet. The baseboards were this pinky almond color when we moved in that matched the pinky wallpaper. I had painted the bedroom ones but never got around to painting the closet ones. I will do them before I load the closet back up. 

It looks so clean and nice in there.

In the final bit of news for July, I was putting Palmer in the stroller Thursday morning and his finger met my eye. Y'all it has been so painful. I made it through the day Thursday but by the time I got Palmer picked up and Jeff here, I was in a 9/10 kind of eye pain. I had to make it through the night. I didn't have an eye doctor so I just went to my regular doctor's clinic. My doctor wasn't there of Friday but the doctor who looked in on me had the nurse call an eye doctor to get me in. The regular doctor didn't charge me for the visit. Bless her! The eye doctor was amazing and I now have an eye doctor and one for Mom too so I don't have to take her to Pensacola anymore. She put a contact in my eye. It acts like a bandaid to the cut which she said was a significant cut. She even gave me her personal cellphone number for the weekend if I had problems. I go back tomorrow to get the contact out.

There are still good people out there and I am beyond grateful. 

Folks, that wraps up July's big events. It has been hot and I have tried to stay cool, keep my flowers watered and stitch. I love day lilies. They have been a great low maintenance addition to my beds. My other big huge thing is moving 2 roses to the back deck in pots. They get morning sunlight and a breeze and I haven't had to spray them once. That in itself is very odd for my climate zone. 

I have some stitching to share soon and hopefully a grandson to show off this coming week. Katie has a 9:30 appointment in the morning and he said if he didn't come this weekend they would get the ball rolling. If he doesn't arrive in the next few hours, we will have an August baby.

How can it be August! Slow down hot hot hot summer. I feel like I am rushing this post, but I hope to get settled back in this fall to blogging.


  1. When Beloved had cataract surgery some years ago, he had a bad reaction in each eye that was so painful. His doctor put in a cataract "bandaid", as your doctor did, and he, too, got immediate relief. I'm so glad you got the help you needed.

    That picture you took of the rose bush on your deck with the water behind -- beautiful!

    Waiting for good news on the arrival of Miles!

    1. The contact was instant relief. I have never been so happy.We are all so ready for Miles. Hopefully, I will have an announcement soon. I know Katie wants it more than all of us combined.

  2. Oh Yikes!! When I worked as a nurse at UGA infirmary I spent a lot of time with a blue light and taking care of corneal abrasions. Neat that they use a contact for a cut ....most of the abrasions I dealt with were caused by the kids leaving their contacts in too long....back in the day that was!! Loved seeing the party pictures as well as the boat pictures. So fun!!

  3. Hello Sandy: Hoping baby comes soon, you are so lucky to be a grandmother, your Mom is adorable.
    The Blue Angels are something i would like to see someday.
    Tucker and Palmer are so cute and adorable, Palmer is so cute on his little vehicle.
    We got rid of the carpeting and put in wood floors a few years ago, I love them.
    I am a summer and heat person; I love being on the front porch in the heat.
    Thank Katie and Paul Allen for rescuing that beautiful dog, such a sad story.
    Have a great week.


  4. Hope your eye is healing and thrilled that you have an eye doctor for yourself and your Mother. I can't get over that Palmer is one. What wonderful party pictures as well as from your Blue Angels day on the water. Enjoy your August and hopefully, Miles will make his appearance soon.

  5. Prayers for good eye healing. It sounds uncomforatble to have an eye cut. Lovely boat outing with family. It is hard to believe a year has gone by. After a day on the water, I's be dozing off as well. :)

  6. Do keep us posted about your new little one! Loved the photos and can't fathom that Palmer is a year old already. Gosh, time flies. Thanks for the catch-up on July!! Have a blessed August, my friend! xo

  7. That sounds like a great July, I think all kids love to be by the water in summer.
    It's good that you tackled that with your eye right away and I'm glad that it was a good doctor.
    enjoy August, and all the best for Kathie.

  8. First of all Happy 1st Birthday to your little darling Palmer. He is just adorable. I had to laugh because my grandson had absolutely no interest in his little cake when he turned one either--this year at his second birthday it was a whole different ballgame :)

    I so hope your eye heals well and completely, Sandy. That sounds very scary. I remember when Savannah Guthrie (of The Today Show) had to have an operation to repair the damage her 2 year old son had done to her eye by throwing a toy train. Really scary!

    I'm not a boater or water lover, but I enjoyed seeing your photos--looks like the whole family is right at home on the water. I hope Miles arrives soon (if he's not already here!). Happy August to you ♥

    1. I never knew eye pain like that so I can't even imagine Savannah's woes. I am quicker to put my hand up to block things now.

  9. What a lot of goodness here. Glad your July was a good one, and filled with family and fun. And glad to read your eye is on the mend. Between hubs and myself we've had our share of cornea scratches and abrasions, and yes! They are painful! They've come a long way in treating them - many years ago we got a simple eye patch. Hub's most recent one was after his cataract surgery and a contact "band aid" did the trick. Prayers for a safe delivery of Katie's baby.

    1. Seriously the eye patch is nothing compared to the contact. Fortunately, the doctor put numbing drops to put it in and take it out, because I would terrified of contacts either way.

  10. Great post, Sandy! So sorry to hear about your eye, but thankful it is mending.
    Sounds as if you have had a very busy, but good July. It's unusually hot here, too.


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