Monday, May 18, 2015

Lemony, the Water Dog

I went out yesterday on my paddle board, but the wind was kind of kicking and there was lots of boaters with kids on tubes. Sunday afternoons are usually like that, and since I am a beginner most of time on the paddle board has to be done on the weekdays. I had made it back to the house to be greeted by the hubby and my lovely dogs.

Lemony, the Golden has always loved to steal your float, so I could tell she wanted to get up. I moved in close to let her get on. 

She is definitely a water dog.
In fact, the other day, I was out and she managed to come out with my mom. I was three docks down when she caught up with me. I had to stay right close to the shore and get her back home. She whines if Hubby goes fishing on the boat without her.

Lucy, the Springer was quite jealous, but did not want to get on. She just didn't want Lemony on there.

So, I got off and babied Lucy while son, Paul Allen took Lemony for a ride.

The weekend was definitely a leisurely one. Went shopping with my daughter on Saturday, napped after church on Sunday, then paddle boarded, followed by just sitting Sunday evening, so I have to get my tail in gear today. Sometimes those leisurely weekends are just what you need though.

Off to do some housework and laundry,

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