Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My New Water Toy

I love looking at the water. I love wading in the water. However, I don't like swimming. I never ever get in the gulf. Undertow and sharks keep me in shin deep waters.

I am not the greatest swimmer (long story behind that one), but I am capable. If you could swim with your head never getting wet, it would be wonderful!

So, I know my family wondered why in the world I would want a paddle board. We live on a bayou that during the week is very calm and peaceful. I see paddle boarders and kayakers going up and down. It looked like such fun.

I requested a paddle board. Hubby bought me the cutest one too.

I can't believe I am sharing my ugly self on it, but you would never believe I am using it if I didn't prove it.

This is from my second time on it, so not the steadiest, but I am getting better everyday.

It was kind of funny. You know sons don't always get mushy and tell you they love you. Paul Allen kept coming out to watch over me every time I went out on it. I am pretty sure he didn't think I needed to be out there alone. Warmed my heart good!

Anyway, he took a video of me.

I am getting better and more relaxed with each time out. It is great exercise and I am loving it.

Venturing out in retirement. Making up for lost time.


  1. How totally adventurous of you! I think I would also enjoy a paddle board, but transporting it to the bay would take too much effort. You are lucky to live right on the water. (says the deprived woman who lives four blocks from the water).

    1. I never take it for granted!!!
      We are so blessed to live along the Gulf Coast. No better place anywhere.


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