Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Most Wonderful Thanksgiving

 I had the most wonderful Thanksgiving. I feel so incredibly blessed at the end of this day.

Everyone had so much fun and ate way too much. I ate more today than I have eaten since last November 4th when I started my diet. I will not be eating that much anytime soon. I don't look like I have lost that much in the pictures coming up, but honestly my clothes were baggy.

I will start with the family pictures taken later in the day. This is the cast of characters at our Thanksgiving event.

First up is my family. Mama, Jeff, me, Lindsay, Tyler, and Paul Allen.

My chickadees. Paul Allen, Lindsay, and son-in-law Tyler (really my son-in-love).

The chickadees with their grandma.

My niece Kristan with her hubby, Torrey and their twins, Tanner and Katelyn.

All the younger ones. We are a small family. I am an only child. Jeff has a brother who has no children and a sister who has only one, Kristan.

Kristan, Torrey, twins with Torrey's parents (on the left)  and Jeff's sister (Donna) and brother-in-law (Al) on the right.

I love that we have Torrey's parents with us most years. They are family too.

And then the Palmer group ---minus Jeff's brother, Danny who left before I rounded up everyone for pictures.

I had to work hard to corral everyone for these, so it was getting late. I will have to try and edit them before printing.

Now, for the action shots.

There was filling our tummies in the gathering room which by the way was awesome. Can't even begin to tell you how yummy everything was.

There was lots of fishing. Our pond is down about 3 feet with the drought, but our neighbor has a pond right next to ours that actually is fed by a creek, so we fished next door.

Paul Allen and Tanner


Paul Allen, Katelyn, and Tyler

Tanner and Tyler

Torrey, Tanner, and Katelyn

My sweet Lindsay

Kristan and Katelyn

My boys, Paul Allen and Tyler

Jeff and Paul Allen

Lots of target shooting.

And shooting cans of shaving cream.

And for once I took tons of pictures, so I will spare you anymore.

When it got dark it was time to go in for dessert.

Yes, I was a blessed lady today.

Now, tomorrow it is shopping with my daughter, mom, aunt and uncle, and cousins.

Then, it is time to go shopping for the tree. AFTER last year's debacle with no lights from my prelit tree, I am going real this year. Paul Allen is convinced it will not be a good thing with the dogs. We shall see.

THEN, Saturday is time for the Iron Bowl. I am just hoping it won't be a beat down whipping.

Blessings to all.
Be back next week,


  1. I love these pictures Sandy. Your farm is the PERFECT place for Thanksgiving. We celebrated with friends up the street and it was lovely. Today I am hoping to get Marvin to help me get "Christmas" out. Traditionally I decorate the Friday after Christmas but this year I may let it linger over several days. We are off to NoGa tomorrow to order appliances for our little house and to see the progress since we were last there. Have a fun weekend in the country.

    1. Thanks Arlene, we did have such a great time. I can't wait to see that finished cabin. I made it through the Black Friday shopping and am waiting for Jeff to get home from fishing to begin my Christmas. With the game tomorrow, I am sure it will take me a few days anyway. Have a great weekend.

  2. What a wonderful gathering, Sandy. Looks as if you had perfect weather for your outdoor activities and photo shoot.


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