Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I Got a New Purse


Well Bloggie Friends, I have written before of my love for purses. I purged upon retirement and gave myself a limit of no more than 10 in the closet. I know that sounds like a lot to some. Remember, purses are my Achilles heel.

I have made it 2 and 1/2 years with kind of no purse purchase. I broke about this time last year and bought a bag at Marshalls for dirt cheap, so I kind of thought a cheap one didn't count...right?!!

I spied this latest one quite a while back. For the life of me, I can't remember where I saw it the first time. I am sure it was a blog. I was trying hard to keep my promise of restraint.

Anyway, it popped up on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, and I just succumbed.

I am so glad I did.

The bag is from an Etsy shop called infusion.

It is a bit different from my usual purchases.

This shirt does nothing for me. I almost redid the pictures, but I was just hanging around the house, so big shirt it was.

It is much smaller than I usually carry, but I liked it for that reason. I thinking of it as my shopping bag and run to the grocery store bag. Life is different than when I was working and felt as thought I needed everything but the kitchen sink with me.

It will be a great Christmas shopping purse.

It actually has so many compartments that it keeps me organized, 
AND, although I don't have my wallet in here, it will hold it. The wallet I carry often is the Turnlock wallet by Vera Bradley.

The front pocket holds my cell phone.

The stitching and quality is amazing.

The shop owner has over 2200 reviews and ALL of them are 5 stars.

I can't overstate the quality of the purses.

Well, y'all...I normally carry a tote style. I just couldn't get my mind off the tote I saw on there, so when the satchel came in and it was so incredible....well, I did the unimaginable

I bought another in less than a month.

Remember, I haven't really bought any in so long.

I had already been looking at my new favorite purses Spartina 449, so I knew I was going to let myself get a new one, just not two.

I am love with the second one as well. I call this my "take to appointments bag", or maybe "my inner Nancy Drew bag".

It holds all my stuff, little Veras stuffed with supplies, books, stitching, etc.

Same quality and attention to detail.

I even ordered the big strap so if I was traveling and needed free hands I could make it a cross body.

One side has a slip pocket.

The other has a zipper pocket. 

Both are very deep and can hold literally tons of stuff.

I am so in love with both.


I would definitely recommend the shop to you. The owner Abby responds promptly and her bags are well made. I am not surprised at the 5 star reviews. That definitely made it easier to order the second one.

Now, I truly am on a no purse buying hold for a VERY LONG TIME. I think it will be easy with these new ones. They are a little different than my usual purchases, but with age I am changing. I don't like heavy bags for sure.

Oh, and I did get rid of two to keep my closet in order.

Not, that anyone who has read me for any length of time would think, I did not get paid for this. In fact, the shop doesn't know I did this review. I should probably send the link to her. I just love my new purses...bags...

Happy, happy, happy,


  1. Well now I am going to have to go and look at that shop Sandy. Although I have my eye on a Black Microfiber Mandy bag from Vera. I am stalking it on Ebay. I love my hot pink one...it is the perfect size and I can find everything in it. I am always going to be a Bag Lady! I just cannot help myself.lol

    1. The Mandy bag is wonderful. I still have two of those and have had that one in many colors along the way. Mandy and the Bowler have always been my favorites. I will always love Vera. What's not to love about those colors.
      This one was definitely different than my usual choices so I took a big risk, but I do love it.
      I might as well just admit that I am a Bag Lady as well.

    2. Yes, I love the cross body one!! I have a Vera tote bag that I carry when I am going to be at one place for a long time. I can get books and cross stitch in it. I will probably break down and get the black Mandy. I may sell some of my Dooneys to pay for it.lol Lately I have wanted to spend more money on cross stitching. Just got two new patterns from 123 Stitch. One is for the Little house and one is a gift for a friend. They are not as expensive as purses.lol

  2. I am not anywhere near as into purses as you are, Sandy, but I do like that one and will check out that shop. Thanks for sharing!


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