Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Little Painting Weekend

Well, I am trying to heal my sad self tonight.

Losing to Georgia is almost as bad as losing to alabama.

I decided posting about my two days of painting would cheer me up.

Hubby was off for Veteran's Day, so we went to the farm yesterday and spent the night. We are trying to get that big room dubbed "the gathering room" ready for Thanksgiving.

I finished painting the walls tan which I like soooo much better.

We painted the cabinet the same color as the Hoosier cabinet. 

You may remember we started with a mahogany cabinet that was left by previous owners. It was wrapped in blankets out in the storage cottage. 

I love how it turned out. I really was ready to leave it just like this, but we had put a glaze on the Hoosier cabinet and pie safe, so we finished it with the glaze as well.

I have a few baskets and a few other decorative pieces to add to it. The hardware also is missing. I just spray painted the gold ones. They weren't quite dry when I took this picture.

Here is a close up of the glazed back.

I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

We didn't have to sand it to paint it due this amazing stuff.

You just rub this on with a cloth. It dries in 10 minutes and then you paint. The paint adheres really well and goes on SUPER SMOOTH. I am just not into that roughed up look. I used a paint brush, and you couldn't even see brush strokes. 

I highly recommend it if you need to paint furniture and want a smooth finish.

This is the glaze we used on all the pieces in the room.

The Hoosier cabinet is finished. I chose not to put the door on the flour sifter part and left the rolling door off as well.

The bowl and the red checked table cloth were my maternal grandmother's. I actually have a blue bowl just like that was my paternal grandmother's. 

I know white walls are all the rage now, but they just weren't working for Hubby and me. We both love the walls now.

I think both Hoosier cabinet and pie safe look so much better against the tan.

You can see my letters that say "GATHER" on the table.

Still have to mount them on something. I want them to hang long ways on the wall next to the pie safe.

I also added red ribbons to the ducks. I want to find some red floral napkins to go on this table.

I am going to paint the living room walls the tan color as well. That may not happen until after Christmas though.

You can see my other purchase.

A metal table.

I am thinking that flag on the mantle will look so much better with tan walls.

Now, for the table. This is sitting in what should be the kitchen dining area. It is a small area with a glass sliding door on one wall that goes out to a screen porch. I just didn't want a table and chairs here, but there is a light and a need for something.

I am unsure about the table. Got to mull it over a bit. I was thinking some stools that fit under it rather than chairs. More of a serving table than sit at table.

I plan to paint the kitchen area just from cabinet to cabinet something else as the cabinets are so much like the tan.

As you can see there is very little contrast from the wall to the cabinets. 

I had paint chips out to let me think them over.

I think I am going to go with the far right green??????

Since there is so many blue accessories, blue curtains, and blue dishes...I am leaning towards the green. I don't want to go to dark, but the cabinets are so light. AND, it will only be in just the cabinet area. Everything else will be the tan.

This won't happen either until after the New Year, so I have plenty of time to think on that.

I painted this window frame in the hallway bathroom. It added some color in there.

I am working on a corner by the door.

The goose is something I have had since before the kids were born. My mother in law bought it a craft fair many moons ago. The hearts have Jeff and Sandy on them and the goose says, "Welcome to the Palmers."

In the corner of the kitchen dining area, I brought my milk churn and matches holder.
I didn't realize how dark the picture was. I will do that one over at some point.

Well, that is the status of the farmhouse, and how I spent the holiday and Saturday.

So grateful for the veterans in my life. My dad (Korea), my father in law (WWII), and my 2 brothers in law (Vietnam).



  1. I am sorry about Auburn's loss, I was pulling for them. Marvin being a Tech man we always want Georgia to lose.:) This house is really coming along!! I love everything you have done. That little enamel table is so cute, love it. If you want a green for your walls, check out Benjamin Moores's Nantucket Gray. I have it in my living room and I love it. I considered painting the whole little house that color but changed my mind as we wanted that house to be different from this one.:) I got mine mixed at Sherwin Williams. It is the perfect green in my opinion though it is considered a gray for some reason. I can just picture all of you there on Thanksgiving Day! And thanks for the heads up about that de glosser....great info for those of us who like to paint on the spur of the moment.

    1. Thanks Arlene for the kind words. I will definitely check out the paint color. I am going to tackle it after Christmas. Just going to get that big room ready with some fun things for the festivities. I am going to go hunting for some old family photos for the day to frame. I will stick them on the hutch for Thanksgiving, so that I can just let the decorations that will be there over the course of time evolve slowly.
      I was pooped after all that painting. I took a true Sabbath after church today. Been a lazy girl. Hoping I wake up with a ton of energy tomorrow.


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