Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christmas Decorations at My Daughter's Home

I am officially tired from a week of Thanksgiving. I have cooked, cleaned, shopped, pulled out Christmas decorations and now I rest.

I managed to put up my tree Saturday morning. In the time I did that, my daughter whipped out a tree and decorated her living room and dining room. I remember when I could move that quickly. I will finish my other home decorations tomorrow. I remembered that I went simple last year and liked it. I actually wrote down the things I really liked the day after Christmas in my journal.

Lindsay sent me pictures Saturday as she was working, so I am sharing her home with y'all. Mine will have to come later.

I made the tree skirt for her. You can read about the fabric for it here.

We saw something like what she did on the window/mirror on Pinterest. I have to say though that hers is cuter than the Pinterest one.

I stopped by to see it in person today after shopping. It was all so cute.

I had a most blessed full week. 

Looking forward to the Christmas season.



  1. How fun decorating your first home for Christmas. And yes, I remember the days when I could get everything done in no time flat. Those days are Gone With the Wind.:) I think I am done at my house. I ran by Hobby Lobby today and picked up some paper plates and napkins for the coffee bar and I also got some half price gift bags. Now to get busy wrapping.

    1. I have plodding along all day. You would think I would have a ton to show for it. Not so true.

  2. It's always more fun to decorate when there are little ones around.

  3. Very pretty! I have barely started to decorate as there has been too much else going on. Starting this afternoon, I hope!


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