Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Update on the Farmhouse

I am popping in to do a quick update on the farmhouse. I could stand the white walls no longer, so this past Saturday I started painting the big room that we have now dubbed the gathering room.

It is a very large room, so I had to stop and get another gallon of paint this week to finish. Since we have an Auburn trip this weekend, I will probably go and finish next week during the week.

The wall color is wet here and not nearly that dark. It is the same color that we have in our main home. 

The Hoosier cabinet is painted and totally LOVE it. We put an antique glaze on it. I still have to do the pulls.

I finished the other side. I kind of have a bit of a mess everywhere, but just love the walls now.

I tried to like the white since it seems to be all the rage these days, but it is just not me.

Now, for the other side of the table. We have thought long and hard on what to put here. The Hoosier cabinet and pie safe are just so perfect on the opposite side. 

We looked far and wide for a long side table. This cabinet was left by 2 owners ago. It is a beautiful piece and IF this were being used in my main home there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO IT.

I am a believer in stained wood not being painted. I love wood grain, but I will never use this cabinet there. It was going to ruin out in the storage cottage. I thought we might only use the base, but it ends up that the hutch is attached to the top of the base and can't be removed easily. We did try. 

Our first thought was to strip it down to bare wood which you can see we did to the drawers. I actually liked that. The other drawers are in our garage where Hubby is working on them.

Mom is doing a bit of painting in this picture.
Plans changed when we realized the top would not come off. Currently we are planning on painting it the same as the Hoosier cabinet and doing the antique glaze.

The two inspiration Pinterest pics for this decision...


We will do the drawers first and see how that goes.

Our hope is to have this room done by Thanksgiving.

Planning on "gathering,"


  1. We are secret sisters Sandy...that wall color is almost the same as the one I have chosen for our little house. I LOVE that big piece and cannot wait to see what it will look like when you have finished it. I picked up the benches for my table and put in an order for a smaller coffee bar. Hoping it all comes together.

    1. I so love the wall color better. I am going to paint the kitchen and the living room, but later. I am shooting for having the gathering room put together for Thanksgiving, plus the screened in porch.
      I hate to paint over the wood on that piece, but it was left and no one wants it, so paint I will.
      Your place is coming together quickly. So, is the kitchen going to be green or something else???

    2. Sandy, I am going to have sage cabinets. At least that is what I told the cabinet maker I wanted. They are a shaker style. I am hoping for the best and have told myself I will be happy no matter what!! My table has dark red legs and my coffee bar will be a dark red as well. I plan to display all my samplers above it. We are painting the whole house the same color. It is so small, i though that would be best.

  2. I wouldn't want to paint over the wood, either, Sandy, but your Pinterest inspiration convinced me otherwise. It will look beautiful painted!

    1. It is very hard for me to paint over wood. I am definitely into the new style of painted furniture, so I am stepping out of my comfort zone. Hoping it turns out well.


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