Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I've Been Reading

I have been a busy bee reading.

I just finished the second book in Karen Kingsbury trio of books on angels walking.


I loved it. Chasing Sunsets continued to capture my attention. Kingsbury's books are always an easy read and travel quickly. Hard to put down once you start.

Lindsay and Mama have read the first one Angels Walking and were waiting for me to give them this one.

It has made us really think about angels. Kingsbury writes clearly that they are not to be worshipped and all power is in God Himself, but she certainly has given me lots to think about.

I found myself looking through the Bible for all verses pertaining to angels. Some were quite fascinating.

I am about a third through the third and last book, Brush of Wings.

I would recommend them as a good read.

I have also been trying to stitch some too.

Update on that coming soon.

Off to finish my chores,

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  1. My neighbor's mother who was a believer died in assisted lifting on Sunday. What a story the nurses have to tell of the home going of this lady. I believe in angels and I believe they are around us whether we believe it or not.


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