Thursday, January 5, 2017

Living Room Refresh

This past fall, we were shopping for a dining room table for my daughter. I saw a really nice chair on sale and purchased it. I had not gone in there looking for it, but knew it would be a nice replacement for an aging glider.

I just can't take pictures against the light.

Upon arrival at home it presented a new problem. Too much of one color all in the red family. The room was on fire with energy. Not exactly what you want for a living room that you want to relax in.

This was taken before the refresh. Little better view of it though.

You can guess the rest of the thing leads to rug...then replace this and then replace that.

It all started before Christmas and I kind of had to put on hold some of my thoughts during the holidays.

This week I have been a "busy bear" restyling things.

Lots more blue and lot less clutter.

I am pleased with the outcome.

It is much calmer in here.

A room is never finished and changes whether due to style (which I am not so much concerned about) or family changes.

One thing of note was that I did read an article about trends for 2017. I love that blue is a color we will see more of this year. I am a little over the neutrals, well too be honest I like color and never have been a neutral person, so at least maybe I will see some color in the magazines now.

I saw that certain metals were coming back, although I am not thinking it will be the metals I have in my home. Mine will still probably look dated and as I change them out as I have some, what I choose will be out of style.

That is why you better like for yourself what you choose.

Anyway back to the restyling. The sofa is not going anywhere any time soon, so I have to work around it. Color? I am not sure what it really is. It was called cinnamon when I bought it and I guess that is the closest thing to it. Go open you cinnamon bottle and you have it. In the light of day, it looks somewhat burgundy, but at night not so much. The new blue pillows look great with it.

I commissioned Mom to make me a new afghan to use. She is back to crocheting and needs things to do to keep her busy.

Hard to tell from the picture, but the afghan is the same color as the new coral.

I went house shopping for blue pieces to put on the bookcases. I also did a major decluttering of the shelves. Nothing sits in front of books with one tiny exception. It is my AFA (Air Force Association) medallion for service. (I headed up the teacher workshops that our Hurlburt Field AFA did for our panhandle educators. I am very proud of it, so it has to be near a small part of my space books collection.)

I didn't even realize how cluttered I had let them become until I got busy on them. Rest for the eyes as that is our view each evening. I also removed the vases from the hearth. I am asking myself why I ever put them there. Hubby said because that is what decorators do...they decorate.

Hubby also found some prints over Christmas that he just had to have. I liked them, but wasn't quite sure where they would go, but his choice was great. I love them. That area once housed some palm tree plates. I also took down my cross stitched bass and replaced it with a heron print. The bass will go to the farmhouse.

Behind the native redfish and trout is Choctawhatchee Bay. Our bay. The heron print you can see here. 

I added some coral in blue to the end tables.

I moved one of my blue planters to the the Christmas tree spot. I am not thinking I will leave that chair there. I am trying to sell an armoire in my bedroom and that chair will go back in there at that time.

Oh and the dog box got a calming cover that is awaiting a blue monogram.

All in all, the living room is looking a little refreshed and calm.

I am all about calm,


  1. I love it!! Your new chair looks like my "comfy" chair where I look at my computer in the am. And no one can go wrong with blue. Like you, I have been getting rid of some clutter that I had allowed to get out of control. It is much more calming when things are simple.

    1. Thanks Arlene. It is always easy to let clutter get started, but it is amazing how much calmer things are when you keep it clutter free. Of course, this is the room we live in so some has to be there. I could never be a true minimalist, because I like my stuff:)


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