Thursday, January 19, 2017

Stitching Update

I have been slowly stitching my way through a few projects. I have quite a few going at one time. I have to be honest stitching multiple projects is not that good for  person who can get distracted and finish nothing.

To help me with my easily distracted self, I have made one a primary focus.

My books of the Bible sampler is that project.

This is actually a pretty large sampler, and I do plan to have it framed for the farmhouse. It only has three colors and of course I had to wait until an order of thread arrived via mail to work on it the other day. 

That makes a good argument to having something else to work on while you wait. 

I simply have no luck even purchasing thread around town locally.

You may remember I didn't finish my cardinals in time for Christmas, so I have plenty of time to do them, but they are still a project that I very much want to finish. 

They have honestly not been the easiest to cross stitch. Lots of various shades of green have been a little harder on older eyes. I really have to work on this during the day to be mistake free. I really need to think about a new style of lamp over my work chair.

I do not plan to frame this stitching piece. I have my finishing idea all ready when I finally get to that point. Since it will only be out at Christmas I feel good about doing something other than a frame.

While waiting for my order to come in the other day, I started this piece that my friend Arlene at Nanaland gave me. I will complete this one for the summer! I have a finishing idea in mind for it as well. I am doing this one on Aida cloth and it will easy peasy. Love Aida cloth.

My other project that I am going to be working on really hard as soon as I finish the Bible sampler is this Loose Feathers sampler. I did the bluebird one for the farmhouse and my original intention was for them to go in the "gathering room" in the farmhouse, but after it was completed, it was a perfect fit for the bedroom.

No worries, I already have a plan for that too. I am simply itching to start this one. Motivation to get the books of the Bible sampler finished.

As you can see below, the partner piece was just perfect on this shelf.

Now, all my stitching friends who I follow on blogs and Instagram are killing me with their cute project bags. I would have to stop and make my own since I definitely can do that, but I have sewing projects lined up as well.

I need "hours" friends. Serious hours.

I am not going to make project bags. I have simply pulled out so many teacher totes or totes you get as gifts and lined up my projects in those. I simply grab one at a time to work on in the living room. Keeps the clutter down. 

I do have one that I didn't mention that I only work on in the sewing room. I had to let it go simply due to the size and amount of time it will take me to complete it, but I do work on it every now and then. It is a heron that is the most difficult project I have ever stitched. I have to give myself freedom from it, so that I can love stitching.

In other news, I finished Brush of Wings last night. So good.

And Lemony, the Golden is 8 today.

Celebrating a birthday today,


  1. Love all your projects Sandy but that Books of the Bible Sampler is going to be amazing!! Those cardinals are beautiful but like you, I am not into changing colors all the time. I broke down and bought two project bags from Tonya at Tonya's Sewing Room on Easy. She has just started making a few and she only charged me $15. Like you , I do have lots of bags I can use but I could not resist temptation!! My excuse is that they fit in my rotation box much easier.:) Off to my LNS this morning to see if a pattern i ordered has come is an Easter Quaker Egg by Bent Creek if I remember correctly. Happy birthday to Lemony....I just love his name. My brother in law just adopted a black lab and named him Chaco...because they al love Chaco sandles and go hiking a lot in NC. Well off to do errands...Loved seeing your stitching. It always inspires me.

    1. Thanks Arlene. I know that Easter Quaker Egg will be awesome. I stitched quite a bit today, so I made some good progress.

  2. Glad to catch up with you again! I was just thinking this morning, for some reason, that children today aren't being taught the books of the Bible like we were. What a great project to complete! Love your organization and patience in all of these projects. Beautiful things take time and you've proved that hard work pays off with lovely things.

    1. Yes, the days of Sunday School taught us to memorize them as well as a few other things. I am glad I did all those things. It makes it easier to find things quickly, but then, the younger generation just finds it on a phone, so maybe they will never know the order of things.
      All things change, but the Word of God stands to thankfully guide us.

  3. I love the cardinals! Just a beautiful piece. The books of the Bible sampler is going to be lovely, too. A very worthwhile project that will be an heirloom. I am itching to get back to cross stitch, but it's so hard to find the time. I'm pretty determined to finish my big "Snow Angels" UFO this year, but it is a huge challenge. We will see!

    1. Totally understand about the time thing. I don't care for TV, so I usually stitch while sitting with Hubby. Thanks for your kind comments. I love cardinals, so I am anxious to have that one finished.

  4. I love to see your books of the Bible! Very nice.

    1. Thank you. I got quite a bit done yesterday while watching the Inauguration here in America.


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