Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Stitching Finish and Some Random Things

I finished my first stitch of 2018 on Monday just before the Auburn game which ended horribly. Oh well, no more college football until next August.

I actually tried to finish this in 2017, but I just couldn't stay up long enough. I decided to open the door and let 2017 out and 2018 in with the Eastern time midnight. Have any of you heard that superstition before? I called it quits at 11:00 our time and fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow.

I am not sure how I am going to frame it yet. It is just enough of an odd size that I may have to take it in to be done, but I do want it framed. I am going to display it in my sewing room where I spend a lot of time. I think this will be a good reminder of what is important.

I started my next project last night. It is Betsy's Tart by Plum Street Samplers. Arlene @ Nanaland gifted this to me. I spent some time trying to decide if I could actually see the holes on 36 count and then whether to use 1 or 2 strands. I opted on 1. If I don't go blind, it should be a cutie.

Hubby and I spent a few days out of town after Christmas. It is always nice to get away for some quiet time with him. 

We headed to the cabin and our friends from Huntsville came down to their place in Auburn. We attended a girl's basketball game, a boy's basketball game, an antique sale, and ate out at my most favorite place. It was a good few days before Hubby returned to work. 

The antique sale was held in Pine Mountain, Georgia. I have visited the store, Sweet Home Antiques many times, but they have a tent sale each year after they visit England and buy a shipping cart full of stuff. I have wanted to go many times even though I was sure nothing would be in my price range. It was very cool indeed.

I made four purchases which I will show you three of today. 

First up is a table that I plan to put in my bedroom. I have a nook that I have not been happy with for some time. For many years we had a desk in the corner and it was nice. We sold the desk and replaced it with an armoire that I have never really liked. That was buyer's remorse. We had gotten it at a good price as it was a floor model. I piled it up with clothes like sweaters, gym clothes, etc. 

I am finally getting my wish. It will be picked up next week.

I am going to keep it simple with the chair and table I purchased. I got a lamp yesterday at Goodwill. Mother has a shade that I may cover with cloth. We will see.

This will slide right where the cabinet is behind it.
Next up is the church pew. I sweated over this one. In fact, my friend bought it and was really looking for a bench. After she purchased it, the owner told her he had more in town at the store. She liked one in the store more, so I bought this one from her. I wasn't sure if I had a place for it, but we decided to go for it. (I have another idea for it if I end up not liking it here.)

I have placed it in my foyer for now. I have given you several views. I haven't put anything on it for now, because I think anything would be a Gus magnet right now.

Speaking of Gus, he is wandering around in the next two. He is growing. New pictures of him coming soon.

I think I really like the church pew and won't be sorry I bought it. 

The piece I really fell in love with may be the one I shouldn't have purchased. It is called a Canterbury, I think. It was designed to hold sheet music. I could see magazines!

I love it right now! I like magazines and they are a weakness for me, but have y'all noticed that so many of them have the same houses in them every few years. Has it always been that way? I guess if I just stuck to a couple I wouldn't notice. I really thought Southern Living was making a comeback after this past year. I really enjoyed it, but the January issue is so small. It isn't a bad issue, but it makes me wonder if is going to make it. There is so much competition these days and it really went through a bad spell there for awhile. IT was once the premier magazine for us southern ladies.

It does seem that this purchase could be the one I wouldn't want in a few years, especially if magazines go completely out of vogue and all become digital. What would I use it for then? Time will tell.

Oh well, Hubby is back to work and I have tons to do today...first up going to the gym. I normally go early, but the cold is holding me until 9:00 AM. I will probably be there when all the ladies in the cute gym clothes show up and I am not that lady! Oh least, I am going,

Have a great day and stay warm,


Arlene Grimm said...

I was able to stitch on 36 count with my magnifier but 40 count is impossible even with amplification. I am starting Martha Washington today. ..I still have Abigail Adams and Molly Pitcher to do from the Patriotic Series. Would you like them when I am finished? I love EACH piece of furniture that you purchased. I am in love with that Pew! It looks perfect in your foyer. When Magazines are out of vogue, just use it to hold you cross stitch projects. I need a new side table for my guest room as well as a lamp. When it gets warmer I will go in search of them at the antique places here in Decatur.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the church pew and the other piece that you love would be great for vintage magazines or even large books! I think it's beautiful and perfect for your home! You did great and had fun too. I don't have room for any more furniture in our's packed! Stay warm today. We're getting a cold rain...brrrr! Hugs, Diane

Carol said...

What a pretty new finish and new start, Sandy! And I just love the new antiques you picked up! The pew will be such fun to decorate each season! And the magazine holder is beautiful... I, like you, was a magazine fanatic--can't tell you how many I subscribed to when my sons were little. I think it was because they were so easy to pick up and put down because I was constantly interrupted by those three little guys :) Now, I don't subscribe to any--just get them through my library on Zinio :)

Sandy said...

Oh Arlene, I love both of those, but I am going to say no right now. I have more than I can possibly stitch for just a bit. I am only doing the 36 count because I don't think that pattern would fit in the pie tart otherwise.
Good luck hunting. There is lots of stuff out there today that is from the 1980's, but I still love it all.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Diane. I am not sure I have room either. I thought I was getting rid of stuff, but alas I went and bought things. It hasn't been this cold here for this many days in a row in a VERY LONG TIME.

Sandy said...

Thanks Carol. The pew will be fun to decorate. I can see a seasonal pillow.

handmade by amalia said...

Your cross stitch is fantastic, Sandy, both the work and the message. Well done.

Mary said...

I love your new cross stitch and I'm glad you went with one thread on 36. Just layer reading glasses if your having trouble...I use 2 pairs when I stitch on 40 count.

I LOVE the stained glass next to the pew!!! Gorgeous!!!

Your new purchases are great but that Canterbury would have come home with me!! That is the perfect magazine holder and one lovely, unique piece. I think you will have a lot of fun decorating the pew with quilts and pillows seasonally...another charming purchase. Love the turned legs on the table too. You had quite a shopping trip!
I subscribed to Southern Living for years. It was my favorite magazine, great recipes and a nice mixture of d├ęcor and stories. I wonder if Rick Bragg still writes for them, he is one of my favorite authors. I confess I don't even look at magazines anymore. I think the internet really hurt them.

Sandy said...

Thanks Amaiia. I hope having it in front of me I can remind myself often.

Sandy said...

Thanks Mary. I still like the magazine much like I still like the actual book better. I am a bit of a dinosaur.

Robin in Virginia said...

What beautiful pieces you came home with! I really like the pew and can see it decorated seasonally with pillow and throw. Congratulations on your LK finish! You could always have the frame shop "build" a frame and you do the framing yourself.

Sandy said...

I ended up framing it myself. I will share soon:)

Mary said...

Me too Sandy!! I can't read on a kindle and always prefer the book to the movie.

Mrs.T said...

I love that church pew and it looks so nice next to the door with the stained glass in it. Like your cross stitch too!

RJ said...

Great stitching you have started Sandy. Love your LK's perfect. Your church pew is so are lucky to have such lovely pieces of furniture. RJ

Halland House Gifts said...

Congratulations on your new finish. Your finds are just beautiful. I’m especially drawn to pews as my father pastored for years. I’m grateful for padded pews these days.