Friday, January 26, 2018

A Funny for Friday

I think I might have accidentally made the Glamour magazine's list of "What Not to Wear" today!

I made a quick trip to the grocery store, then to Mother's, and then the final stop to Lowe's.

As I sat in my truck leaving Lowe's. My reading glasses that I was wearing on my head started bothering me, so I took them off. The tips were crashing into my sunshades. AS I pulled them off I bumped into another pair that I seemed to be wearing tucked into the front of my shirt.

Three pairs of glasses y'all AT THE SAME TIME. The question is -did anyone see me? Snap my photo to share for a laugh???

Did I have on the two pair of reading glasses on in Lowe's and the grocery store? Mother wouldn't have noticed because she is not feeling well.

Oh and to top it all off. All that pink goodness with --- wait for it...

a red and black plaid shirt and a black cardigan. I should have at least worn a pair of black reading glasses.

I might need to check myself a little more carefully in the mirror. I am really glad my daughter was not around to scold me.

Pretty in pink, ???


  1. This is so funny, Sandy! Glad I don't need glasses except for cross stitching! Otherwise this would have happened to me by now...

  2. My kids make fun of me because I wear Sunglasses on top of my regular glasses. I got them at Amazon and they are made just for that purpose. I had a white and a red pair but I lost them both.( Someone probably stole them because they are so cool!). Girl, we have to be able to laugh at ourselves as we become little old ladies.:)

  3. LOL!!! This story made my day. I do things like that all the time. You would not want to see me while I'm cross stitching. When I cross stitch over one or use 40 ct. I wear two pairs of reading glasses on purpose to see the small holes. And, I will do it at appointments while I'm waiting to be called. Sometimes I'm looking all over the house for that second pair and they are on top of my head. I do that alot. RJ

  4. I think that is a cute funny and something I would do with my regular glasses and sunglasses.

  5. Such a cute story, Sandy! And believe me--I can imagine myself in that scenario :)

  6. I have done that with my readers too! Two pairs of readers on my head...or a pair on my head and a pair on my eyes. It's crazy!

  7. Sandy... I do that at least twice a week! Then I usually run around asking anyone and everyone if they've seen my glasses. Have a great week.

  8. Once again I have read four or five of your posts. . . when I get started reading here, I just can't stop!

    DO NOT get me started on reading glasses. Ugh! I made it fine without them until I turned 50, but since then--can't do a thing without them! So I think I've had a pair on my head, a pair tucked into my shirt, and a pair on my face all at the same time. I get you, girl!

    As for being color-coordinated, didn't you recently decide that you need more pink in your life? I think we can declare pink a neutral for you!

    1. I did need more pink. I think I got it!!! I like the idea of it being a neutral though.


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