Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I am indeed blessed to be a mother. I think of it as my greatest accomplishment. My two children are very different in how they express their love. My daughter, Lindsay and I talk daily, and she freely expresses her love for me. I know my son, Paul Allen loves me, but he is not so forthcoming with his communication. He replies with, "I love you," when I say it, but he doesn't think to tell me that often.  Last week, as my own mother and I were going through a horrible time with my step dad dying of cancer ---out of the blue, I received a text message from my son at 1:29 in the afternoon, that said, "Love you mom". Yes, I teared up! He knew I was miserable, and he thought of me. 

He had these roses for me. He listens to what I like far more than I realized.

And this card...quite cute.

Lindsay drove over from Jacksonville and brought my pound cake recipe all baked up. I told her I knew that she had to have been stressed making that while getting ready to get on the road. I was very touched by her gift of love. I should have taken a picture, but trust me it was very good.

She did bring my new grand-dog, Hallie, the cutest little Boykin Spaniel ever. Of course, Lucy, our Springer is not speaking to her. Very jealous indeed.

I hope to be a fraction of the mother that I have been blessed with. My mom has been the greatest source of inspiration.

I lost my dad to colon cancer. We have always had a special bond. She did a great job of raising me and making sure she kept his memory alive for both of us. I was blessed to have a great step dad too. We lost him last week to the same disease. It has been a tough year, but as Mama always reminds me...


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