Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Project Inspiration

Upon retirement, (just a few weeks away), one of my first projects this summer is going to be to organize my sewing/office room. It is not a bad room now, but it has been a warehouse and drop off zone for school stuff for far too long.

I want to get all of that out of there and make it a bit more functional for taking care of these tasks.

  • area for bill paying
  • storing important papers
  • sewing
  • ironing

I found some inspiration on Pinterest. I have been looking for rooms that I though might provide inspiration with the shape and size of my room and with the existing furniture.

I found this on Pinterest.

I love the bookcases. I have a set of bookcases, a side table used for storage, a desk, and a sewing cabinet.

Now, I am not a big fan of white, but love the blue/green color and arrangement of the shelves.

My furniture is all dark wood and that won't change, and I think I have a bit too much to store for my shelves to look that empty, but who knows. I may just have to get ruthless, because I am determined to rid myself of clutter. Another of my goals!

I'll share my results later in June.

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