Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sewing Room Reveal

I am beyond excited to share my new sewing room. It has been in the works since my retirement in June, after 31 years of teaching. I just simply wanted to spruce up my junk room and had looked around Pinterest for ideas to use my existing furniture. Almost all of my beginning posts on this blog had to do with looking forward to retirement and having time to sew and stitch. Those are my hobbies that took a back seat to teaching and raising a family.

My dear daughter planted the seed in my husband's ear that I needed some updates in the sewing room. My hubby who is the greatest gift giver in the world took her idea and set out to give me a sewing room.

There are a few small things left to be done, a rod for hanging ribbon, drawer and cabinet pulls, touch up painting, and new switch plates over some new outlets, but I am dying to share.

The reveal....

The most dramatic change was opening up the closet. I can't believe how much larger this made the room.

I am still waiting for the wrapping paper and ribbon holder that will go across part of the wall between the cabinets and workspace., new switch plates, and drawer pulls.
I have already loved this space. All my crafting tools are hidden away and I plan to move the items on top as soon as the final pieces are in place. I want it free on the workspace.

Next up, is the sewing area. This space used to just house my sewing machine table. I was very unsure about this part of the drawing, but I absolutely love it.

 My sewing machine is actually sitting on my mama's sewing machine and table. This used to sit in the window. I love the addition of the counter space. I can work sitting or standing there to cut out a pattern or lay the work in progress. My garbage can fits nicely underneath to hopefully keep me neat. The view is out of this world. I never take it for granted. The sun rises over that bayou. I can pull the blinds down still as the counter leaves room for that. I also love that when I am cutting fabric, that it can fall down over the side easily. 

The next wall has cabinets up top. The original drawings had the center without doors. I decided I wanted doors, so that if I am messy, it can be hidden. My ironing board fits nicely underneath and is easily accessible to the sewing area.

I can easily slide the ironing board back underneath the cabinet and there is a spot to the left of the plug in that holds the iron and distilled water, starch, tailors' clapper, etc.
The ironing board is quite special to me. I nabbed it away from my mom years ago. It is at least 54 years old, because that is my age. They don't make them like that anymore. The ironing board cover minus that blue thing hanging down is wonderful too.  I purchased it from Cheryl Matis runs this blog and has an Etsy shop. The ironing board covers are super duper.

 This is the cabinets opened. I love that I can shop my fabric, since I have been a hoarder for the last couple of years. I so wanted to have time to sew, but not when you are working full time. Only the occasional summer project.

Moving around to the fourth wall is my storage dream. Hubby told them make it go to the ceiling. I know I could probably make it neater with wicker baskets, but I wouldn't be able to see the stuff in them. I really want it to be useful, not just a pretty room.

The top half.

The bottom half.

 One more photo of where I can sew to my heart's delight.

Yes, I am in love. Now, for a few before pictures.

This was on a good day. To be honest, there was always a row of school stuff that I would be working on in front of the shelves.

I loved this furniture. I plan to use it in another room. It just wasn't the most functional for my needs.
My sewing table sat in the window matched the furniture pretty well.

Now, for the disaster. AKA, sewing closet.

This was just a mess. I couldn't get to anything and always had to pull out tubs to get to the one I needed. Good thing it had closet doors.

Now, for just a few details that speak volumes to me. The room is full of ME. It has some of my favorite things. I am a pack rat and very sentimental. Choosing the things that I put in here was hard. I am having a very hard time decluttering my home.

The photo on the left has my Dick and Jane collection. These are the books I learned to read and love as an elementary student. I loved Spot and all the other characters. When Jeff and I married, I said I wanted a Springer Spaniel like Spot. We have had three of those lovely dogs over our 30 years. I also have a great love of space and science. The top row is the actual science books from my elementary years as well.

The globe was my childhood globe purchased with S&H green stamps. Remember those?! The skates are about 60 years old at least. They were my mama's. They have wooden wheels. I used them as a teen. They were wonderful.

Then there a few things from my teaching career. One of the plaques was given to me by students. I treasure it. They are the real test of whether you have done a good job.

The top photo is something I stitched for my classroom. The geranium was painted by someone very special to me in my walk with Christ. I love my stitched laundry piece. My laundry area is right outside the sewing room. I love this picture of my dad. I want to have him with me as I sew. I lost him early in life. Miss him...he would have been proud of me.

The plan...
I think it has turned out wonderfully.

Well, if I can't have fun in this room, then something is wrong with me. I want to learn to sew well. It was always a great love. My favorite classes in college were my sewing classes. I was always a little unsure of myself, but I am going to practice bunches.

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  1. What a great make-over! You must have the prettiest sewing spot in the world with the counter in front of those windows.

  2. Thanks Dawn, I am loving my new room and very grateful.


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