Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What I Wore

I met my daughter for lunch today and then did a little shopping. Since retirement, my wardrobe consists of shorts, t-shirts, jeans, and more t-shirts with a few sweats thrown in for working around the house. I love it! Probably a bit too much. I have to remind myself to try and make myself look a little nice for the hubby sometimes.

Anyway, I decided to dress up a bit more for the trip shopping. It was cold, and I was going to have to layer up anyway. My daughter suggested I share my outfit on the blog, so I am doing just that.

Brace yourselves for fat, silver hair, and aging....

Keeping it real with messy counter behind. I have to keep the trash can on the counter because I am grand puppy sitting for my daughter and son-in-law during the day. She is too young too leave alone for as long as she has to be there.

Now, for the fat, silver, and aging woman that I am.  54 years old...time does fly!

I'd rather say silver than gray, because it sounds much nicer. I love seeing what women my age are wearing, so if I am going to view others, then I guess I have to be brave enough to share myself. I think we can get too focused on all our flaws sometimes. I have plenty of them, but I am trying not to see the flaws only. I want to be healthier, because I have rheumatoid arthritis and hypothyroidism, so I have been trying to eat better since retirement.

The jeans and sweater are from Talbot's, the checked shirt from Tog, and the boots are from the Shoe Department.

Hmmm, maybe I will do this again sometime.

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