Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Second Time Around for the Guest Bedroom

After sharing my guest bedroom, I shared how the pictures told the story. I realized I just wasn't happy with it, and it needed some changes.

I decided to paint the walls first. I felt it needed some contrast. The blue had worked in the daughter's teen years, but wasn't giving me that calmer feeling I was seeking.

I think the new color goes much better with the blue drapes. It gives some much needed contrast.

There were some things that I just had to live with for the time being. The biggest thing was the white bookcases, so that was the reason for changing the paint. I felt that would give me the biggest bang for my buck in making those bookcases appear less as the unintended focal point of the room.

I also pulled a few things off of the bookcases and changed out the baskets. 

I don't want to get rid of the shelving for now. I know that changing them out to something else would be my best bet and make the room much better, but it is just not gonna happen yet.

I added the driftwood and shell to the top instead of the Christmas moose (story behind her).
I also moved some of the pictures around on the walls, namely the one over the bed and my bird picture. That choice really made a big difference to me. 

Getting rid of the red pillows and the colorful baskets on the bookcases were also good choices.

I moved the birds to this side of the room instead of over the bed. I love it here. I might look for some twigs for the vase.

The final piece was the bedspread. Originally my daughter had a very colorful comforter during her teen years that led to the choice of paint color and barrel chair color. Her comforter was done for, so while she was in college I purchased the other paisley comforter. It was at that time that I took down her bright picture above the bed, and then recently took a heaping ton of stuff down from the shelves, dresser, etc.

I moved the landscape to above the bed. I think the colors go well with the bedspread, and the size gives some space between the bookcases.
I liked the comforter, but I must say it wasn't working for me, and...that green chair had no purpose in there anymore. There is no where else to place it in the home. It has sentimental value, so I was toughing it out. I was at Dillard's when I saw the new comforter. I had spied it back in the fall and really liked it. It has a touch of green in the paisley, thus really tying that chair in. 

It was on sale! 
The last one and the right size. 

Who could pass it up?

I am much happier with the look. 

The big changes were: new paint, new bedspread, new baskets on shelves, ditching red pillows, and removing a few items on the shelves.

Future plan: Pass on the bookcases to someone else, and purchase something more grownup to hold the treasures.

That is for now...

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