Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sneak Peek / Bedroom Redo

I have been working on my daughter's former bedroom, now the bedroom that my mom stays in when she is visiting. I shared it a week ago, and then looked at those pictures and realized how much I didn't like it.

That led me to think of small changes I could do to improve the situation. 

One thing was paint.

Throughout the home, I only have two paint colors. The majority is Cliveden Sandstone (a Lowe's Valspar) color. The only rooms that don't have this color are the kitchen, dining room, and sewing room. Lindsay's room had a brighter blue that definitely matched her teen years bedspread.

I realized how much it wasn't working with the more toned down room that I was aiming for.

So, the bedroom got a paint job yesterday. I finished up last night. I might add that I painted in a very hot environment yesterday. I got started, and then the trash truck took out the big transformer box in our cul de sac. I was already committed, so I worked through the heat. I was pooped last night. 

Realized one of the lights was out, but I am out of the bulbs that go in that.

I definitely think the paint color now works to give some contrast in there.

I started putting back things up, but I also have piles of stuff everywhere, so the full reveal will be later. I rearranged some things too.

Stay tuned,

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