Thursday, July 13, 2017

Decluttering Day 2 and Working on My Hotspots

Yesterday I spent day two on my decluttering.

I have been on a mission since retirement to downsize my stuff even though we aren't planning to move.

As I have shared before clearing out things after parents have passed has really made me think of how much we have and will have to be dealt with by our kids. While that is just a reality, it is so magnified in this day and age of "buy, buy, and materialism".

My parents were from the Depression Age and saved things because they thought they might need it.

I have the closets done, so now it is time to do the stuff that is out in front of me. The goal is a little more simplified and easier to clean.

On my second day, I got rid of some vases and knick knacks in my formal rooms. I don't necessarily dislike any of it, but it is not special or a story behind any of it. I feel like it just makes the rooms more breathable. It will give me room to put out some seasonal things in the fall and Christmas and then breathe with the remainder of the year.

I also moved some houseplants around and actually removed one from the house altogether. It had just not faired well in the foyer where it gets almost too hot in the summer.

Next week, I plan to tackle the sentimental items in two of the closets again, and my sewing room. I have a lot of craft stuff that I need to purge. I have gone through it once, but I think it needs to have a second round.

Then I want to tackle the garage by the summer's end. My goal is to go into the fall with a lighter load.

When I have been though it all, then it will be just trying to take note when things are getting to full looking again and address it at that moment.

I also need to stay diligent on my zone cleaning so I don't have to do all out deep cleaning. I ought to be able to handle that better now than when I was working. I need to apply a bit more discipline to that.

One thing I have been mindful of is my hot spots. I have three that still can get out of control quickly.
-the kitchen island
-my desk in the sewing room
-my basket by my chair.

Clear for now.

More space doesn't always equate with being more organized. It just gives you more room to add junk.

I think I have done much better by my chair since I changed to a smaller basket.

I had a bigger basket here, and honestly it filled up with junk so that the basket wasn't even useful. I started thinking about what I really needed there and moved a smaller basket to house those things. I had to be pretty deliberate for awhile to put nothing else there, but I think I have got there area under control.

The new smaller basket contains my Bible, the two books I am reading (I almost always have two going at the same time), my journal, and my iPad. I keep my cross stitching in a bag. That has worked out very well.

I have got to tackle the desk and be just that deliberate with that area.

The kitchen island is just so hard. It is a clutter magnet. I have tried to make sure I clear it twice a day.

I have to do a few things for mom today, some ironing, and a little outdoor flower work. I will say I have bought so much less this year, but I am really thinking I am going to cave on some new candles for dining room. It is hard to find tapers locally, and I have seen the most perfect color on a website, so I may allow myself an indulgence.

One more note... I think the reason I have so much decor is the simple reason of materialism. Not in an all out bad way, but just you go out and see the cutest stuff and purchase it with no thought to where you will put it. Bam, you are staring at so much. I know I am not the only one, so these minimalists have thinking about it at least... Now, I just can't go with all bare, I need some "treasures."

Speaking of treasures, I am going to link a video that I just found simply fascinating. It is kind of slow, but while they are talking about how all these people ended up with stuff, they show pictures of their homes. While it is not straight up hoarding, it is what I have seen people do in some part to the busy lives we lead and the sentimentality of things. It is about 20 minutes if you are interested. Like I said, I found it fascinating.



  1. I am gong to watch the video later Sandy but I have always said that your mental health is very much affected by what surrounds you. A cluttered home equals a cluttered mind. I got my garage cleaned out early in the summer. I made the children take some things that they had stored there. It is theirs and if they want to toss it, they are welcome to do so!! My kitchen is my cluttered area. I have purged once but may have to purge and re arrange one more time. I have tried to stop going to TJ Maxx so much. There is really nothing I need there but I am always tempted by STUFF. Thanks for the encouragement to deal with clutter. I think I am like you, most people would say we have a tidy house but there is always room for improvement.

    1. A messy house has always made me crazy. Now, that I am doing this I MUST stay out of Pier 1 and all those kinds of places, because you know everything I see I will want.
      Thinking of y'all tomorrow. Hope all goes well.

  2. I am decluttering right now too. Well actually, as I unpack boxes I'm purging...ruthlessly!! It feels great to take the burden of too many things away. I've found several decluttering and organizing videos on youtube that I really enjoy.

    1. I have been watching videos and am now trying to put it into practice. Since I am pretty sure we will be in our home now for the foreseeable future, it is time to get it just like I like it. Can't wait to see yours!!!

  3. I am going to borrow a page from your decluttering "book" and begin again. There is a place in New York (I think) that runs a craft only thrift shop. If you are interested in their information, send me an email. I have already started to purge and fill a box for them. Enjoy your day!

    1. Sending it to you in just a bit. I need to clear out some stuff in there.

  4. I know just what you mean as I went through the same thing when we cleaned out my parents' home in 2012. It was a big old turn of the century 1912 era house with a large barn, a full attic, and basement. Oh, my! What a job--and one I swore I would never leave for my sons... Like you, I'm starting with closets and drawers and moving on to the larger attic and basement areas. It's really amazing at how much stuff we've collected in our 40-year marriage and we are both very neat people :) Good luck with your continued decluttering, Sandy!

    1. I am even organized Carol, so most of mine is labeled and placed in tubs. The old school teacher in me can make it look good, but it was a lot of stuff in tubs that I was never going to need, so I am slowly going to remedy this and then vow to do better.

  5. Hi, I didn't watch the video, but I can appreciate your ideas and goals. i do love having my little things that do seem to say this is your personality. But as you said we all just have way too much stuff. My Hubby always says if something comes in something else has to go LOL
    Blessings, hope you're enjoying this wonderful summer! We had all the grand kids for a week WOW it was fun and so busy...
    Always, Roxy

    1. That is going to hopefully be my new mantra...if something new comes in something has to leave.
      Rest up after the kids.

  6. Hi Sandy, I'm so glad you found our blog! I signed up for email updates on your blog also. I'm heading out for a hike but I'm going to watch the video tonight, thanks for the link. I'm constantly dealing with clutter!! I retired and thought I would have a sparkling clean, organized home after retirement!! I only wish!! I'm trying though! I wish you luck on your organization. I see your a fan of LHN too, we will be showing those as they were the first designs we found on line and bought so many of them.
    I love your antique table and peacock lamp in your entryway!! Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

    1. I thought life would be so different when I retired, but I am very busy with new things. I have my mom who I moved down here right after I retired. I have been trying to order my home since too. I collected far too much hand organized it in tubs in my closets. Now, I am trying to let go of it all.


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