Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend and Today's Declutter Session

We made our annual trek to Pensacola on Saturday for the home show of the Blue Angels. It is truly one of my favorite things we do all year. I love watching the Blues, and I think watching them from the bay is the best ever. If you are on the beach side, the main focal point is at the Pensacola Beach ball. Just beyond the ball is where they consider their focal point. However, they fly all up and down the beach and over the bay. They fly right over you in the bay.

Just beyond the beach ball is the Gulf of Mexico.

As you can see we had a great location. We got there later than we normally do, so we were not able to get up to the shallow water, but floating in the water works fine. Mom, Jeff, Paul Allen and Katie went on our boat this year. Lindsay and Tyler took their boat, since Tyler's cousins (brother and sister) were visiting. It was their first time seeing the Blue Angels.

The negative this year was the weather. I realized they flew about 10 minutes ahead of schedule. We knew why soon. A thunderstorm popped up, so we didn't get to hang around leisurely at all after they were done. We were packing and moving out at the same time. That little storm cloud was relentless. It was traveling in the same direction and same speed as home returning home. It was a rough ride and we were all drenched. I never felt we were in danger because we would have stopped and gotten out along the way, but we were like the Minnow in Gilligan's Island. Mom is 82 and I was sure this would be her last year to go, but she was saying today something about next year. Oh my!

I always feel like the weather is crazy about once every 5 years.

In other news, I was lazy after church yesterday, but a busy bee today.

I deep cleaned my bedroom and bathroom along with washing clothes and a few other chores. I have been on a decluttering kick for some time. I am very slow with it, but determined especially after having to move Mom here.

Two things I have worked on in my home decor this year (really starting back in December) is trying not to buy anything new and really liking what I keep.

I am over having a bunch of stuff that is trendy. By this I mean, I want what I have out to really stand the test of time for me. I know we all get the notion to change things out every now and then, but I don't want to find myself wanting to change things every time the latest thing comes along.

I have really stopped and talked myself through anything I see as to whether I really need it and what I am getting rid of to get it. Mostly I have talked myself out of purchases.

Today, I tackled a few things in the bathroom. I don't really like the bathroom, because it is my opinion well over the top, but I can't change the big ticket items. Shoot- if I wait long enough some of will be back in style. Maybe?!

I am also trying to make things simpler and easier to clean which is hard because I don't get rid of things easily, but I am getting much better.

Here are a few things I changed today.

I got rid of the palm tree candle sticks that once sat on the bathroom counter. I truly have no clue why I ever bought them in the first place. I have never really liked them. I have moved them to clean for far too long. I moved them out of the room while I was cleaning and it was like amazing how relieved I felt that they were gone. That led to moving some palm tree towels and thinking ---yep, glad they are gone too. I replaced them with some others I had.  Palm tree overload gone.

This was the only picture I could even find of the palm tree candles and yes, I have a door back on my cabinet now:)

Having less in the middle was so good, because there is a certain amount of real life that just has to be handy in the bathroom. I have a tray for both of us on the sides. I even took the palm tree plate out that housed my makeup and replaced it with a plate that belonged to my grandmother. I love it and will be using it instead of it sitting in a drawer.

Moving on - there is so so so much gold in the bathroom area that I took down the gold vases and greenery. Not only is there too much gold, but too much green also. I shopped the house and did another vignette, and while I like it I still may move it and leave nothing there. Easier to clean. I am going to mull that one over for a few days.

New more toned down look.

That led to moving these bird pictures with the gold and green. I swapped them out with some dog prints that I had in the bedroom.  I love them. There are two more palm trees in there that I think I will move eventually. I think something I have cross stitched would look better there😉

I realized this picture doesn't do the dogs justice..they really did look better.

I had moved the dog prints out of the bedroom which led to me moving something I hadn't found the right spot for up until today. The old dog print location now holds my Books of the Bible stitched piece.

That is a few changes for today, but I am gradually working on decluttering and making it look a little lighter in each room. Easier to clean as well.

Today's declutter session netted a set of bird prints, a trio of palm tree candle sticks, two gold vases and greenery, a coral candle, and a palm tree plate. No new purchases and a set of palm tree towels for just real use, not to look at anymore.


  1. Wow. Could send me a letter with some of that energy included??? I love all the changes. I am with you...tired of trends etc. And tired of moving things to clean. I am in the same mode and I think it is a good thing. Your Books of the Bible piece is just beautiful and you showcased it so nicely. I was gone all day yesterday but I am home today and I plan to do some cleaning. I have Kendall, Landon and Marvin to look after in addition. I would love to see the Thunderbirds. It seems that they never have a show when we are down there. We do occasionally seen them fly over Gulf Shores, practicing I guess. It is thrilling.

    1. I feel as though I have decluttered my closets pretty well, but I still feel like there is stuff everywhere. Could never be a minimalist, but I am bringing the load down.

    2. You inspired me to de clutter the master bathroom as I cleaned yesterday. I hope I can keep it neat.

  2. I'd like some of that energy too, please ... but you know, I have a feeling that a lot of it has to do with your healthy eating/living lifestyle. The decluttering and changes in your house are very inspiring. I am trying to do the same with decluttering, as working at clearing out my dad's home has motivated me not to keep so much stuff. Thanks for sharing all that you are doing.

  3. Don't be hard on yourself. I happen to love your palm tree candle sticks. Very beachy. But I understand your decision to simplify. I'm purging quite a bit this summer too. It feels good and healthy to clean it all out. So glad you got to see the Blue Angels. I love them and grew up watching them practice over my back yard.

    1. That's right ---you did get to see the Blues a lot! They are so cool. The Thunderbirds don't come very often here, but one year while I was teaching at Shalimar they were practicing, so of course I took my class out to watch.
      All of the items in my decluttering session were taken by daughter and son, except the candle sticks, so I guess they will head to Goodwill today.

  4. You have a beautiful bathroom and really could go so many directions with the decor. AND...I just have to say...we are so much alike! I walk into a room sometimes and wonder whey I keep something out when I don't even like it any more! And I don't like cleaning around things. You're on the right track now and it's always nice to 'live with a change' for awhile and see if it's right. I'm going crazy decluttering this summer too and took a big donation to Goodwill yesterday. Happy cleaning! Oh, I'm so glad you got to see the Blue Angels! WOW! How great!

  5. Glad you were able to see the Blue Angels, but sorry you had to go home in a storm. Would you send some of your decluttering mojo this way? I have made a start, but always get bogged down.

    1. Oh, it has been an ongoing process. I have tackled closets over the last two years, but now I working on that more streamlined easier to clean, but keeping my treasures.
      Slow and steady has been my theme.


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