Friday, February 8, 2019

Stitching, Books, and Cuteness

I completed the space shuttle stitch last night, and I am totally in love with it. I can't wait to pull the Q Snaps off and get it framed. I am going to try a new place here in town. I was there the other day and they said they had hired a new lady that was good at framing stitching. She is supposedly a stitcher herself, so we will see.

I know there are more of these in my future plans. I have quite a list to do and finish for the immediate future, but I would like to do at least two more and make a trio of them. Maybe the Voyager one with the planets when I get a chance to come back to it. I have never stitched on black. Maybe I should do a small one on black to practice before I tackle the planets.

I finished this book on January 31st, but am just now getting to tell you about how much I liked it. IT was a delightful read. I met my goal for January reading.

I have always been a Jackie O and Barbara Bush fan. I always loved Jackie because she was so pretty and the kids were similarly aged to me, therefore I love looking at old photos of them. Barbara Bush captured me when they were running for White House. My mother-in-law had a book about her and I read it. I don't remember who wrote it or a title. I have always loved her because I think she represented how to age gracefully well.

I remember a portion of that book where she is talking about trying to keep herself young looking and fighting that early gray hair. She had used Fanci-Full Chocolate Kisses to darken it up on a hot day of campaigning. IT begins to melt so to speak and she gets a chocolate drip line running down her neck. She decided that day to never color again. She endured those who said she looked older than George. I guess I totally resonated with this because I was graying so early myself. Oh and what is not love about a woman who wears pearls?!

Does anyone else remember Chocolate Kisses Fanciful rinse? I used it quite a bit myself, but I don't think my peers used it. I think it might have been a bit older than me and came from my rural background. Beauty shop days!
Back to the book I said was good.
I just thought it was the sweetest book. I learned a few things. It is a very quick read as it has tons of pictures and primary sources. A story with letters and memories from the granddaughter too. I hope my little Tucker and any other grands will view me as warmly. 

I only had one set of grandparents alive when I was born. One set died so very early. I adored my grandparents, so I feel honored to have this time with Tucker.

Here are a few pictures from the book so you can see how quickly it would read.

I loved the next picture. The purse is a needlepoint purse she made. She was an avid needlepointer. I learned that she has a rug in the Houston house that she has every grandchild's initials stitched in the rug.

She stitched the bags while on the campaign trail back in the Texas days and gave them out. I wonder if anyone still has one.

I did enjoy the book. Y'all know I love my biographies.

Next up is several bloggers have beat me to talking about Marie Kondo. I didn't read the book when it came out because honestly there was so much hullabaloo about it on blogs that I was pretty sure I knew was in there. 

ALL OF MY BOOKS spark joy!!! 
I could have a problem!

Anyway, she is popping up again with the Netflix series. I went out to my daughter's one day while she was still out for work with Tucker and she was folding clothes in her drawer. She had just watched an episode on Netflix. I couldn't believe she had never heard of her. 

I have to tell you I am not a konmaried my whole house and don't plan on it. I have decluttered for the past four years and feel almost guilty about how much stuff we have accumulated and I do want less. I will never be a minimalist because I like a house that tells your story when guests walk in. 

I will tell you I changed the way I dealt with my t-shirts and shorts drawers after all the stuff came out. I hate the stacks of stuff and you try to pull out something and all comes with it.

I have two very not deep drawers in my dresser. I ended up rolling my t-shirts and shorts. They don't wrinkle and haven't been any trouble to do while folding. I love it and have kept that way for over a year.

I have run on long enough for one post, so I will leave you with a Tucker post. I stopped in at a secondhand store and added to Grammie's Daycare. He is a bit young for it just yet, but I think he liked it.
I also got mine own stroller as we are loving to get out and walk down the street.


Lindsay after work chatting with her dad.

I have been sewing too. More later.
Busy Busy Busy,


  1. Cant wait to see that shuttle will be spectacular. I have the George and Barbara book on my TBR list. I agree with you about the gray hair. I colored mine for years but when Kendall was born, I decided to just stop. Tucker is going to love his play pod and it will help you out too. We had one of those for our grands when they were babies. I am off to Cullman to meet Ben and pick up Margaret for the weekend. I haven't seen her since Christmas and I sure to miss her.

  2. First, congratulations on your Shuttle finish! It looks great. Thank you for the book recommendation as well. I remember that hair color stuff from the times I went to the beauty parlor with my Gram. I hope Tucker enjoys his play thing at Grammie's Daycare. Enjoy your weekend, Sandy!

  3. Hello sweet Tucker! Grammie Daycare is the best!! That chocolate kiss rinse threw me for a loop. I was thinking it was real chocolate! :-)

  4. Sandy: This is one book in my pile to read, I have visited the Bush Compound in Maine, it is beautiful, I was able to eat blueberry pie in Barbara's favorite pie shop in Kennebunkport Maine.
    Barbara was so graceful and such a Lady.
    Tucker has such beautiful eyes what a sweet heart he is, thank-you for sharing his cute little self with us.
    The Shuttle is beautiful I am waiting to see which others you choose to stitch, I have done designs on black and use a light with a dim bulb below to help find the holes in the fabric.


  5. Hi Sandy,
    Your Space Shuttle looks really class.
    I also really liked Jackie O and have seen many reports about the presidential couple. A beautiful woman. I only heard from Barbara in a few reports that she must have been a great woman.
    Oh and Tucker has grown that way, a pretty little boy who will certainly give you a lot of pleasure.
    Have a nice weekend, Martina

  6. Hello Sandy,
    your Space Shuttle looks great. A wonderful finish. Can't wait to see it in a frame.
    Thanks for sharing the nice photos vorm Tucker. He is very cute.
    I wish you a Happy Stitching Weekend.
    Hugs, Manuela

  7. Your Apollo stitch is so neat. Good luck stitching on black, some people have no problems with it but it took me 4x the normal time for a stitch so I won't be trying black again anytime soon. I hope your able to do it because it is such a neat look.

    I went to the movies last night and a new Apollo movie will be coming out this spring, have you heard about that?

    I was so fortunate to have my 4 grandparents as a child and it is truly a special relationship, I adored all 4 of them. Enjoy every minute with sweet Tucker, he is just adorable and growing so fast!!

  8. Oh, how cute is little Tucker!! He is just precious, Sandy, and I know you know how blessed you are to have him nearby and able to see him often :) I can't believe how much your daughter looks like you--amazing! Pretty girls--both of you...

    Great job on the shuttle finish. As for stitching on black, you know I love it :) I do it in good light--not at night. It helps to have a lighter color on (like my comfy white terrycloth robe!), too. Good luck!

    I had never heard of the chocolate kiss coloring and was pictured Barbara rubbing real Hershey kisses on her hair to hide the grey!! Too funny...

  9. I love how your shuttle stitch came out Sandy...really striking. I hope the lady does a wonderful job with the framing for you.

    I'm ordering the book tomorrow. I absolutely admire the Bush family so much. My son bought me the book that President George W wrote about his Dad. He loved his Dad so much and each page just made me smile. And all that man accomplished is amazing. Alot of my friends were stationed at the Pentagon while the Bush seniors were in office and I was told over and over again how down to earth and wonderful Barbara was. She had quite a few coffees for military wives at the White House and they all just loved her. RJ


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