Monday, February 25, 2019

A Random Assortment of Things to Document

 I need to record quite a few things, and yet I wonder if I really do. You see I have been thinking about this blog for awhile. I won't get into that too much tonight, but seeing as how dear friend Diane had her blog removed without warning and for no good reason, it has made me even more contemplative.

Diane's story is here.

AS I typed the above it seems her old blog has been restored as seen here.
How could blogging about hikes and crafting be wrong?

I will write more about my thoughts on the blog on another day. For tonight...I am just recording my usual things.

I got my shuttle back from the framers. The photo doesn't do it justice. I love it.

My progress on my May wordplay.

Speaking of flowers and gardens I have started to putter.

The roses have been pruned and fertilized. I need to redo my straw in all my beds. That will hopefully get done this week or next.

New leaves are popping. Daylillies have broken ground. I get excited just seeing those leaves poke their pretty little selves up.

Azaleas are beginning to bud around here, so it looks like March will be the month for the show. Around here that can happen anywhere from late February to April. With the mild winter it looks like it will be an early show.

I have been puttering with my potted plants all around.

The dianthus and dusty miller are still going strong. I will have to change them out later.

This may be my last year for pansies in my pots. They just don't do well. One year as I almost gave up and sat them down on the ground behind the wall they bloomed like crazy until it got too hot for them. I think they just don't like the wind that hits them on the wall.

I may just go with geraniums instead of the pansies. They are a winner in my zone pretty much year round.

I never recorded these sweet flowers my mom brought me on Valentine's Day. I should have been getting her some and bless her heart she came and brought me some. Of course, she likes yellow and she knows I like pink, so she bought yellow. I had to chuckle. She stopped at Goodwill to get a glass to put them in. 
I thought it turned out quite cute.

I was digging in some boxes looking for something else and thought I would share these Valentine's cards from my 5th grade year.

The large one folded four times rather than two like the above ones. I remember I was so excited to get this one. The boy that gave this to me actually went onto Auburn and lived in the same apartment complex as me our senior year. We remained good friends. I was pretty smitten though in 5th grade.

Lindsay had a baby shower at her home on Saturday for one of her friends. I thought she and the girls had everything looking so pretty, but I only took this picture.

After I left the shower I headed to my hometown of Range, Alabama to my aunt and uncle's 60th wedding anniversary. It was so much fun to see all my family at a fun event rather than a funeral. 

I have to share the old and new pictures. My mother had the first reception all ready at their home 60 years ago. She and my dad were married in December after this so had he lived they would be celebrating 60 this year as well. Mother was always the doer in the family. I don't think she remembers where she got the cake, but she had everything looking great.

This is my Aunt Faye and Uncle Muncie 60 years ago.

This was Saturday. My cousins Tim and Mitch put together a great party with the help of their wives.

I think the couple didn't quite understand they were supposed to drink the punch from the Mr. and Mrs. cups with arms intertwined.

Anyway the reception was a surprise and a hit.
My Uncle Munsie was in the hospital just a few months ago and didn't think he would make it to the 60th anniversary. I think that is when my cousins knew they needed to celebrate it in a big way. 

That is what I have been up to the past few days. 
Hopefully more garden puttering this week.


  1. Hi Sandy,
    Yes, some blogs have disappeared, and that's a pity.
    Great looks your shuttles - the frame fits perfectly.
    We also have a big party on the weekend, my parents-in-law are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary - I've designed and stitched something for them. I'm curious if they like it.

  2. Hello Sandy,
    your stitching is wonderful and the shuttle looks great.

  3. Thanks for letting me know Diane's blog was restored. I will add it back to my blog list. Yes, it is a shame that things like that can happen and cause so much distress. Your Shuttle is just GORGEOUS as I knew it would be. And I am hoping that I will get my word plays soon. My LNS owner is hopeful. She placed the order in the summer. Of course, I am in no hurry but I will be happy to have them. Loved seeing all your pretty flowers. Not to brag but I have a few dandelions that are sprouting up in my garden. :) I agree with to celebrate with family when it is not a funeral. Hope you are enjoying the sunny weather as we are.

  4. Regarding that drinking the punch thing with arms intertwined, that is pretty tricky at best, and in advanced age, well, they did well enough, didn't they?!

    I love geraniums and have one bright pink one that's being 'baby sat' at daughter's home right now until the move is behind us. Then I will get it back. I'm so glad to read they are hardy just about year-round here.

    Your space shuttle cross stitch is really, really good. You did a fine job of it.

  5. A wonderful and worthy celebration for your aunt & uncle!! Praise God! Your needlework looks great!! I so envy anyone who has the patience to do close work like that!

  6. Hi Sandy: I have heard that if there is little or no traffic on some blogs they do just disappear sadly, I sometime go back and look at some blogs that are no longer active.
    I am in love with the Shuttle framing so nice.
    Your word play is a great design.
    Congratulations to your Aunt and Uncle, wow 60 years is a great number of years to be together.
    I remember my Mother curling my hair like your Aunts.
    I prefer the old Valentine cards to todays cards, I do not like seeing Ninja turtles and batman and other cartoon figures on Valentine cards, oh well its just my feelings.
    I think the vase your Mother picked out is perfect.


  7. I love seeing your Aunt and Uncle...the long ago photo is so wonderful to have! And the Valentines are very sweet. I've tried to collect a few of the old ones over the years. WELL...I'm back at lavender dreams too and thrilled to be sitting here visiting friends. Thanks so much for sharing my story here. I know you've been concerned and I appreciate your support and friendship! We're getting a little light rain so I'm catching up on my visitin'! Give that baby some hugs for me!

  8. So many fun things in this one post, Sandy, great to catch up on all your doings. I love the May sampler, can't wait to see it done.

  9. Happy to hear Diane's blog was restored but sorry it caused so much grief. That must have been horrible to go through.

    I truly love your shuttle stitch. It is beautiful. You are coming along so quickly with the May word play. That one is my very favorite. I've done 11 now and just have November left to do.

    That is a huge achievement...60 years of wedded bliss. May they enjoy many more. Your Mom did a great job with that pretty cake. RJ

  10. Your framed shuttle looks fabulous, Sandy! That looks like it was a lot of solid stitching in that one. And, I love the May Word Play--still need to stitch that month (along with 8 others :)

    How nice that your aunt and uncle were able to celebrate 60 years... Not many make it that far, do they--either due to death or divorce. My parents were married 61 years, but with dad's dementia so bad nothing was celebrated. It was just so sad.

    Enjoy your puttering in the garden! Still cold up here, but I'll be in Daytona Beach visiting my sister for a few days and I'm so looking forward to the warm, sunny weather! Enjoy your week, Sandy!

  11. Sandy, what gorgeous flowers! And what adorable "wedding" photographs. Time certainly flies. ♥

  12. Sandy, I toured the Intrepid museum last week and they had a great display about the space shuttle Enterprise, I thought how much you would enjoy that! Lots of info about the astronauts too. The tiny space that they sat in the capsule was mind boggling. Your shuttle stitch is great and how wonderful your aunt and Uncle celebrated 60 years, what a milestone! I'm enjoying your flowers too, we had another 8 inches of snow last night so it will be awhile for Spring to come here.


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