Sunday, March 3, 2019

Last Week's Wrap-up

March has arrived and seems to be coming in like a lion. This winter has been quite cloudy and warm, but a cold front is moving in today. The highs are expected to be in the 50s this week, but sun is coming. The high today was 74 and tomorrow it is supposed to be 58. I am very happy about the sun shining. I am a sun seeker!!!

I also am expecting a very busy week, so thought I better pop in and wrap up last week's goings on.

The pups are doing their thing in the next two pictures.
Well, the first one might not be his entire day. This is a quick nap followed by running around and hoping we are going outside to romp. Gus has decided my stitching chair is his nap chair so I have to keep a blanket on it.

Lemony is in her usual spot.

This is their nap time routine.

Tucker is growing like a weed. He doesn't exactly love this new toy yet, but we try it out for just a bit each day. I think he is very close to liking it.

I love everything about this little bundle of love.

He has been so good for Mama. She comes over all most everyday to visit with him. She has felt bad this week, but I really think he has lifted her up a ton.

My Christmas cactus is blooming again. Don't know what to make of that, but I like it.

I finished my May word play.

I like the 36 count linen I did it on, but I think the pattern is definitely designed for a darker linen. I had a long chat with Arlene from Nanaland via texts about how hard it is to pick linens. That is the advantage of having a local needlework shop. 
Anyway, I had to change the color of the picket fence. It was supposed to be done with Classic Colorworks Picket Fence. I tried that and then a bright white and even an Ecru. I settled on a lavender to get it to show up.

Of course, I had started on the other side and the fence was the last thing I stitched, so I had to make it work.

I fully finished my spring bird.

Here it is in my sewing room on my letter box turned sewing notions holder.

I literally loved it there and think it will find a home all year round in there eventually.

I used the seam tape ribbon that I purchased from Brenda Gervais's store to put on the edge. 
I hate using regular ribbon for this technique, but this stuff is easy peasy.

This is the backing fabric which I have had for a couple of years in my stash. It is a Moda fabric entitled Grant Park. I am hoping to use it when I finish the Schoolhouse series.

For now it is sitting in the living room bookcases. 

One last note. I wanted to get a rug to go under my ironing board. I don't know why, but it always seems to be a little messy there. I didn't want it to go all the way to my rolling chair that I use for my sewing machine or the counter where I do my Bible study, so it has an odd placement.

Off to TJ Maxx I went. I think it worked perfectly and Gus seems to like it as well.

Speaking of Gus, our great niece loves Gus like crazy. She has been after her mama to get a "Gus." I was on the phone this afternoon educating her on what to look for in choosing a Springer. Apparently Katelyn has her caving. 
When I got off I was talking to Lindsay. We just sort of chuckled because we can't see Kristan with a high energy dog. I was honest, so we will see what happens. I love my little doggies...both of them.
I always had a special place for Springers, but Lemony is the best Golden EVER! She has trained Gus better than I could ever. Maybe Kristan needs to borrow her to train a new pup.

I have a busy week coming with a party on Tuesday evening here and my usual small group on Wednesday evening, so I have to get my house all spiffy.


  1. Love the pictures of Lemony and Gus snoozing! Tucker looks very content with his toy. Your Christmas cactus is gorgeous. Congratulations on getting spring bird finished! It turned out lovely. Have a wonderful week, Sandy!

  2. Your pups are precious! I love how they have taken over those two chairs! I always love seeing stitching projects and yours are so nice! I'm in awe of anyone who has the patience for it and does it so well!

  3. I love your stitching! Do you use kits or do you make your own patterns? I especially love the gardening one. Chy

  4. I love the ruching on the pillow. I need to purchase some different ribbons and keep some on hand to ruch when I am watching tv. By the time I get to finishing, I am too lazy to do it!! We had a toy like that when our grands were babies and they do get to the point of liking it and it gave me some free

  5. Sandy, your pups are so adorable. You know I'm partial to Goldens because like Lemony I thought our Sunny was the best dog ever. I miss her terribly. But, Gus is very special too. They both look so content in their napping chairs.

    Little Tucker is always adorable. I think he is very close to loving his new toy.

    I love how Springtime Messenger turned out. Love the ribbon you used for the ruching. And the back fabric is so pretty too. I would leave it out all year too. I need to finish mine. It's all stitched but never got its final finishing.

    Your May word play got done so quickly and it looks GREAT! It is my very favorite of all the word plays. I collect vintage garden items so this one was me. Have a great week. RJ

  6. Wonderful stitching finishes.
    I like the ribbon on the little pillow.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  7. Sandy, your pups are adorable! Oh, they both look so at home and comfy in your chairs. I bought my little rat terrier two fluffy, comfy beds - one for the living room and one for the bedroom, but if I leave my bedroom door open, guess whose bed he sleeps in? Yup. MINE. He sheds like crazy so I have to keep the door closed when I can't keep an eye on him.

    My mom had a Christmas cactus that would bloom any time of year, except Christmas. Maybe they named it "Christmas cactus" in jest...?

    Your stitching is gorgeous! I never would have guessed that the fence in word play was charted in any color but lilac. Nice choice. I agree, though, it is hard choosing linen from a tiny picture on a website, but alas, with no LNS, that's all I have. The bird pillow is divine. I have a few colors of seam tape ribbon in my stash - I will have to keep that in mind next time I try a ruched ribbon trim.

    Have a great week!

  8. Tucker is just so adorable, I can see why your over the moon in love with him. What a joy for your Mom too. this is the first year my 2 Christmas cactus's have not bloomed at Christmas, maybe they are running late like yours! I just love Springtime Messenger. RJ stitched it for me and used it as a creative finish, I stitched it for a friend and it hangs in her bathroom. I smile when I see each of them! Yours came out wonderful and don't you just love Moda fabrics? they are my favorites. Great photos of your sleepy pets!!!

  9. Sandy, aren't those bouncer/walker baby seats wonderful? I love all the little attached animals etc. My grandchildren loved theirs! Your pups certainly are enjoying life and their naps! :-)

  10. First off--you are a winner in my 10th blog anniversary party--
    so can you email me you snail mail address--if you want that is!!
    and I see we both got our May --word plays finished--I changed alot of the colors on mine!!
    this time--the other 4 months I did pretty much what they called for--but I am braver these days--
    and wanted it brighter!!!
    love those pups and that Tucker--I could just hug and kiss him--
    luv, di

  11. I love the sunrise photo above! And I didn't even know there were different size needles for cross stitch...I really AM a beginner! Have a fabulous weekend. Our weather is beautiful and we'll try to get a hike in! Hugs, Diane

  12. The spring bird is adorable, the nappers are adorable, and the baby! Adorable!


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