Monday, March 18, 2019

A Little Planning

Popping in today with some goings on in my world. The past week was a very busy week in many ways. In fact, the past two have been busy busy which has resulted in not so much to share in terms of stitching.

I was working on my CCN "Bless Our House" when I had to stop because the colors were not showing up on the linen. Not having a place to go purchase something else stumped me for the better part of a week. I pulled out linens in my stash to look at and then to make a long story short I have decided to simply doing some ripping and use a different color. I like the linen and it is not a ton to rip out, but all of it kind of made lose some mojo and then coupled with busy I didn't accomplish much.

While stumped on my house above I pulled out the Schoolhouse series. I worked on it a couple of days when I simply could not go any further!!! It is supposed to be stitched on 28 count but one over one. That ain't happening here. I w-i-s-h it could happen, but I have tried and even if I can see it I can't pull off stitches that I am pleased with enough to struggle with the vision problem. I will tell you what I decided in a minute.

I also stitched on my Lizzie Kate "Things Unseen" piece which is a Helen Keller quote. I started it a while back. It is to be done in pieces. I am almost finished with Part 1. I really love the pattern and want to finish it, but it is 32 count. That is not my happy count linen. To me 32 is that gray area where depending on the linen and the amount of stitches it can look clumpy with 2 strands but not at all like cross stitching with only one strand of floss.

All that led to not much getting done in the stitching department. Now, I did work in my flowers and houseplants so all was not lost. I love digging in the dirt.

I had planned to go to Auburn after church yesterday. Spring break is this week for our school system. Paul Allen and Katie are off and Lindsay and Jeff have to take off, but they're taking off some, so I was going to steal away.

That didn't pan out as I am keeping Dansby, Paul Allen's dog. I didn't think I could handle Mama and three dogs when she is not a dog person. I am keeping Dansby because Jeff, Paul Allen, and Katie left for the Everglades this morning to fish this week.

Back to Auburn! What fun it would have been to be in Auburn last night. I would have been able to walk up to Toomer's Corner to see the basketball team come in after having won the SEC championship. Wow! It has been a VERY LONG time since that happened. IT was rocking there last night and of course the trees were rolled

Lindsay's friend that was pictured a few posts back at the baby shower Lindsay gave for her delivered early and the baby is in the neonatal unit in Pensacola. Lindsay is headed over there today to see them, so I wasn't sure I wouldn't have to keep Tucker after all. Lindsay however couldn't bear to leave him since she is off and only has a few days with him, so she took him with her today. The baby  should be fine, but she was needed the special care offered by the larger hospital over there for a couple of weeks. We are praying she grows and gets to come home soon.

Anyway, I am at home at all is not lost. I am by myself today with three dogs, but spent some time in the sewing room rethinking my stitching plan. I made a new plan and put some stitches back in the long time away box and pulled out some other ones to start soon.

ONE THING FOR SURE is that that I don't need to buy any new patterns and I need to shop my stash!!! I did and have some new plans all made and lined up.

I decided to put away the schoolhouse series until next year when I will do them on 40 count. I am going to work on some patriotic stitches and summery things for now.
I made a 123Stitch order for linen and floss so I am feeling better now.
The dogs are all good.

Dansby and Gus have already made a mess with unstuffing some dog toys. 

Lemony is parked by Mama in the kitchen.

The sun is partly shining so that is real good.

I will be back at the end of the week because I think I have my blogging mojo back and have lots to talk about!
Watch out!

Come on spring!


  1. You have been missed-
    but I know about those Cross stitching problems--wrong sized cloth and colors not working out--
    I have found that I am most comfortable with 28 count linen--so that is what I am sticking with!!
    Working on a set of simple bunnies right now--
    luv, di

  2. Well I will not admit I got three patterns in the mail today...oh wait. four! I am blaming it on the Lost in Floss gals, Barb and Leanne. They showed those cute little snowmen, Henry, Harry and Jack. They were on sale at 123 Stitch. Then I also purchases a Jane Austen quote from Plum Street Samplers. I am curating my collection. I say I am purchasing things because my money will be more limited next year and I will have to stitch from stash. Or at least that is the plan. I did finish some things today and My craft closet is a complete mess so I hope to work on it tomorrow. Prayers for the sweet baby girl to grow and gain so she can come home.

  3. Dansby is a cutie and Lemony looks worn out. Gus must be getting into more mischief or bypassed having his picture made. Adding my prayers for the little one to grow and gain so she can go home. Good for you on revamping your stitching plans! Wishing you a great rest of the week, Sandy!

  4. I like your stitching projects.
    Enjoy the week.

  5. Three dogs to care for! I would love that (at least temporarily!). I miss having a dog, but cats suit us now. I enjoy reading about your projects and envy those of you who have the patience for such close work. Prayers for your friend's little one in NICU!

  6. Sorry about all of the cross stitch frustrations, Sandy! I, like you, have no local needlework shop and I am so envious of those who do. I have to order everything online, too. That is fine for charts, but I would really rather see the fabric and threads in person. Looks like you've made some good progress in the planning department. I have been trying to stitch from stash this year, too, (aside from buying those beautiful bird charts!).

    I sure hope Lindsay's friend's baby does well in the neonatal unit and is released soon. That must be so hard for a young first-time mother to deal with.

    Enjoy your evening--hope your fabric and floss arrive soon :)

  7. Oh, some days (and some WEEKS) just go like that, don't they? I recently had a similar experience with a new kit called "Whale Watch" by Chessie & Me. Between trying to stitch part of it over one on 36-count linen, which I totally screwed up, and losing my place and REALLY messing up, I decided to chuck the whole thing and start over - someday. When I get my nerve back, I will chart the over-one part to be over-two, and I will use my own threads/color choices since the kit barely came with enough to stitch the thing once.

    Experiences like that tend to sour my mood. Best to walk away and do something else for a while.

    This comment is late - you've posted again since then, so I see you have your mojo back! Yay! I hope you're able to go back to the Summer Schoolhouse series again - this time on your own terms - as well as the "Bless Our Home" pattern. When I stitched the Bless Our Home pattern, I don't think my colors showed up as well as I would have liked on my linen, either, but it's OK, and I think I'm going to be "OK with OK" this time. (If that makes sense.)

    Have a lovely week!

  8. Sorry you had to do some pulling out and need supplies you did not have. But I like where you are going on your stitches. They are both going to be wonderful. RJ


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