Sunday, July 7, 2019

A Stitching Post

The Fourth was pretty quiet around here. A little homemade ice cream, family, and relaxation. Nothing special but special all the same.

Before we get to the stitching update, I really must say thank you to all who participated in my little questions about cleaning.
I most likely need to do a little lightning up in life! Tidy is good, but perfection not so much. Y'all were all very helpful in reminding me of that.

I have another question post coming later, but gotta find time to type it up. Stay tuned!

For now, I am doing a little stitching update.
I stitched two Christmas projects which will be the focus of this post, but I have also been stitching on my larger projects too. I will save that progress for later.

I finished my little chickadee. As I said, I stitched this from a 1992 magazine. I still haven't stitched the project for which I purchased this magazine, but there is really not a bad page in the magazine which is one reason I held onto it for so long.

I have always called my children "my little chickadees" so maybe one of them will recognize it for that one day.

I think he is just adorable!

Now let's view the inspiration for the next project. 

Carol at Saltbox Stitcher on Youtube and here on Instagram posted these little cuties on her IG account.

I instantly fell in love and saved the picture.
This is when you are mad at yourself for not ordering a pattern when it is first out because I really liked it. 
I ended up tracking it down on eBay and so the first one has been stitched. 

The color is way off in the picture as I took them late at night. It is  a lovely green.

I really like them and hope to have all 8 of the carols stitched by Christmas, but I have a lot of things I want stitched by Christmas. 

I will just keep plodding along and we will see.

In other news, it is hot hot hot. 
Does that mean I am old? I remember when I was a young girl thinking older folks talked about the weather a lot. 
I am also feeling a tad anxious about the Gulf this week. Blogger friends, send up prayers that this thing will just fizzle out and bring normal amounts of rain in needed places and nothing more.

Stitching away,


  1. I have three of those Erica Michaels charts but I am thinking of doing one or two in berries. We will see!! I have 5 out of 9 grands ornaments completed. Today I started one for my self, Tiny Modernist. May Your Days Be Merry and Bright. Tomorrow I will work on Joshua's sampler. I think I should have it done by the end of this week. And we harvested 10 frames of honey that I have to process so stitching time will be limited this week.

  2. Sandy, I love your bird stitch. Your little chickadee is adorable. I truly love the pattern you tracked down. It will look wonderful for Christmas.

    Is bad weather coming your way? I will definitely say prayers for you. I thank you for all the prayers you have said for us which mean the world.

    I'm headed to the beach on Saturday so I sure hope it is not a hurricane.

    Can't wait to see this set all stitched up...what color thread are you using? RJ

  3. Very cute your little chickadee. I love it.
    Have a nice day, Manuela

  4. Sweet Chickadee stitching and the Christmas pillows are so nice. I'm going to try 28 count (stitching over 2) again this week. I try it periodically and get discouraged. But I want to be able to do it and enjoy it.

    Something in the Gulf? Didn't know that. I need to turn on my TV and see what's up. Thanks for the word on that.

  5. Sandy, Your little chickadee is just precious!!! I am in love with your new set of Christmas ornaments...Green is my fav color and I just love the simplicity of them...Please share the name of this series...They look doable for one a week. Well, I must be really old because I can't take the heat at all anymore. I complain when it hits 80...anything over 90 I have to be in AC.
    I didn't hear of any bad weather brewing, I surely hope is dissipates.

  6. Love your chickadee Christmas stitch, Sandy! Well done on getting it finished! I must checkout out the Saltbox Stitcher on Instagram; thank you for sharing her basket of stitchy goodness.

    Will be praying about the Gulf thing! I hadn't heard anything about, so will check it out in a few minutes.

  7. We always watch the Gulf and prayers are being lifted. I am not a stitcher but sure do appreciate your talent and creativity! the chickadee is precious and those carols will be so fun to display at Christmas!!

  8. Sandy: I hope you just have rain, sometimes I think the weather in your area is worse then our winter storms.
    I love the Chickadee so sweet.
    I am loving the new designs you are working on, they are going to be beautiful.
    I like the heat, for some reason it does not bother me, nor does the humidity, I am an oddball my Mother would say.


  9. For me, the quiet 'nothing special' celebrations are the best, you get to focus on the little things, relax and enjoy yourself. And well done on the little chickadee, he is adorable indeed. I've been struggling to get back into my routine since coming back from vacation and haven't had much time for crafting. But very soon!

  10. You know I love that little chickadee having stitched it myself :) And your new projects look very tempting! I am truly trying to stitch from stash this year, so I will hold off for now, but I know I'll love watching your progress. I do have a special place in my heart for Christmas Carol stitching. That is why I was named Carol as I was supposed to be born on or near Christmas (instead I was 3 weeks late--my poor mom!!).

  11. Your bird is beautiful, Sandy. Yes, I have definitely missed out for not being quick enough on the draw--sigh. Fortunately, I have stitchy friends out there who are more than willing to help me out. :-) Judy


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