Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Christmas in July Stitching and More

As usual, my stitching for July was less than my plans, but I am delighted with what I did stitch.

I completed 5 carols and am stopping on #6 for tonight. I might get her finished tomorrow, but I am doubtful because of lack of floss. I had to order more tonight and should have already done that. There are 8 total to be done.
I am completely in love with these and am going to get them done by the end of August.

Five carols and the chickadees were my Christmas in July stitches.

In other stitching for July, I have stitched on three other things than Christmas which I will continue until I get them finished. One of them might be soon as it is kind of small and on Aida which makes it go really fast:)

Now, for a little update on the decluttering of some sentimental items. It has gone slowly since I was a bit busier than planned when I first mentioned. I am not pulling out and making a bigger mess. I am going slowly.

I am only sharing the funny tonight....a conversation that occurred via text messaging to just Lindsay and Paul Allen. 

I have quite a collection of tickets to concerts from the late 1970s and early 1980s. Everything from Aerosmith, Boston, Styx to Barry Manilow and then throw in some contemporary Christian like the Imperials and Dallas Holm. It is quite an eclectic collection. I am going to share the convo and how one of them nailed it on the head why it is now difficult to throw them all away.

Sent a few pictures like this one...

In case y'all are not music fans, the Commodores' lead singer was Lionel Richie. They were from Tuskeegee which is just down the road from Auburn.

I inquired of them should I keep or throw away?!
I knew what each would say before I even sent it....Not even kidding!!!!!!!

That was Paul Allen's response...
Here comes the sister....

In two pictures (sorry).

Lindsay is not as sentimental... Paul Allen is more like his mama:)

But wait - it gets worse...

I then sent two more pictures of several cutouts we made in high school to decorate the locker halls during football season. These were placed on lockers. I was always on the team that decorated the school for home games, etc. 

And yes, more tickets.

The conversation continued with Paul Allen thinking those were kind of cool and yes, Lindsay is right when you keep stuff that long it is harder to throw it away. 

One more - the next one caught their eye because of the ticket at the top of the page.

A close up.

They wanted to know what this was. Anyone else remember this TV show. Well, it really was a TV show and it was a competition between three towns somewhere in America. It ran from 1975 through 1976. My little town of Brewton was featured against Andalusia and Opp, Alabama. Andalusia was the winner and the show aired in March of 1976 on ABC. I even found a website that talked about it.

I have been brutal, but I will share what I did with the tickets and some other things in the next post.

More tickets:o)

Where did July go?


  1. Okay, I guess I am with Lindsay....lol I would have tossed those right after the concert. Marvin and I did see John Denver and I would like to have those tickets. I think I did keep them for a while. We used to pin them to the bulletin boards in our dorm rooms....that was Facebook back then. You Know, Bragging!!

  2. Oh...forgot to add that I LOVE those ornaments. I have some of them. I think I will try a strawberry.

  3. Your ornaments are wonderful. I like them.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  4. Your Carols are coming along beautifully!

    In my opinion, KEEP ALL OF THAT! Haha! If nothing else, your local museum might want them.

  5. Sandy, your Carol ornaments are looking super. Sorry you ran out of the thread! Hope it arrives soon. What fun conversations you had with your kids about the tickets! Enjoy your day!

  6. Good stitches! I might have taken the tickets and created a collage in a frame. Nice mementos. Looking forward to reading what you did with them!

  7. Wonderful progress on your Christmas carols, Sandy! It's so funny how different our family members can be when it comes to sentimentality. My husband wants to get rid of everything --and I mean everything... The other day, he came upstairs from the basement with our large coffeemaker in hand ready to put it in our Goodwill pile. I objected and said, what if we need it for a large group? He said we wouldn't be happening (he's probably right, but!) and marched it right to the Goodwill pile! I will sneak it out of the pile and hide it somewhere when he isn't around--ha ha!! I think framing those tickets like my son did with his international money would be a fun and interesting idea.

    And I don't know where July went, but if you find it--let me know! I feel that way about this entire year--how can it possibly be August tomorrow?!

  8. Just noticing how beautiful that linen is. Well, of course it is. It's Ale ;-). I'm with both of your children, and I'm dying to see what you do with your treasures. Oh, that was probably the wrong word to use [grin]. I mean memories. Judy

  9. Oh, I hope you didn't get rid of the tickets!! Putting them in a shadow box would be a neat idea....I had to laugh at your daughter calling them relics!!! Oh my, are we relics too??? lol

    I can't wait to get my Carol series patterns, I think I could manage one of these a week. My stiching is really slow this summer and I need some small projects to give me a sense of accomplishment. I just love how your series is coming out and can't wait to see how you finish them. I never heard of that show either but I was never much of a tv watcher.

  10. Sandy, I love your Christmas Carols. They are going to make such lovely ornaments. I'm so curious your plans for their finish.

    Relics??? LOL!!! Yes, I'm a relic for sure. My two cents is to keep those tickets and find a creative way to display them. I had my yearbooks out the other day and loved going down memory lane. Things I had forgotten about all came back in a flash when you see something on paper.

    My internet has been down (guys working in our neighborhood all week) so I'm just catching up with everyone. Hope you have a great week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  11. Your Christmas in July stitching is so gorgeous and coming along nicely. Will it be done for Christmas in December?


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