Monday, March 16, 2020

Hippity Hoppity... Here Comes a Bunny

I managed to squeeze in a finish on Saturday morning of my bunny stitch. Hot off the presses before the glue even dried.

The backing fabric was in my stash. The ribbon was from the seam tapes that have been dyed that I purchased last month.

I really like using seam tape to ruche. It is just so much easier to work with and I have ordered from three different places and loved it from all of them. I can make cute bows or ruffle it....definitely like it though.

The previous orders and colors I have used to make some cute bows for ornaments, but this crinkled stuff will be exclusively for ruching.

A closer view.

And... where it will go later in the week after St. Patrick's Day.

I have tried to remain calm through this crazy virus thingie. Mother is in a panic. Lindsay is on alert. Paul Allen immediately started texting me that I couldn't get out and I must start taking Airborne immediately. That is his answer for all sickness. I feel loved by my kids because they have been very attentive to me. I have a compromised immune system with all my autoimmune issues. I took all those biologic drugs for years. I have been off for about 4 years now, but I have some residual problems from taking them for so long.

As I said I was remaining quite calm...trying to be the calm one for Mom and Lindsay and then....

I had an appointment scheduled with my wellness doctor. For those of you have followed a long time and know my health journey he has been a blessing and an immeasurable good thing in my life. Once my mother's neurologist, I strongly value his opinion. 
He says this thing is very serious. I have to be honest. I had chosen to live in a fog. No, I haven't gone anywhere other than that, but more just choosing to tune out the news. I am a closet prepper:) Not really a prepper, but a Nancy Drew sort. I don't have to panic with food and supplies, but with health that is another story.

I am locked down and concerned and hope this thing goes by quickly. I got some solutions to try for my thyroid although I will stay with my current treatment plan to stay out of the doctor's office. He has recommended a new medication for me to ask my doctor about when I go. I have a scheduled appointment in May with her but don't want to go early since I need to isolate myself as much as possible. 

I plan to do some baking tomorrow for freezing and general puttering around the home. I will also be stitching more on the blue jays. I will update soon on that.

Everyone stay home and take care of yourselves.


  1. Your little bunny is beautiful! Such a happy thing to see during this time. Good for you for staying put and not getting out. It's so important to take care of ourselves in a time like this.

  2. I love the cross stitched bunny picture! And I'm so glad you explained the rouching of the ribbon. When I saw it the first time (last week?) I was curious how you use it. Curious no more! That is so cute! I appreciate reading about others' issues as this virus is making us all take stock of our health. I don't have any known "underlying" issues (well, except I know I'm overweight), but I've found myself saying a time or two when talking with hubs, "I don't know what I don't know". Hubs has some issues and I dont know which I wonder about more... my unknowns or his knowns. So we're both trying to stay clear of the virus. And like you experienced, one of our sons called today to make sure we weren't out running around (he knows his dad). It was really quite wonderful to have middle son worry about us. And youngest son came over to set us up for accessing his new Disney Plus account. Not being used to such attention, I have felt loved today. :)

  3. The bunny is very cute and your finish is adorable.
    Take care and best wishes, Manuela

  4. Cute bunny :-)
    This thing is very scary, our doctors have stopped doing face to face appointments now and the supermarkets are rammed with people bulk buying anything and everything!
    I think you are wise not to go out anywhere, we are staying away from my mums other than to take supplies to her, and then we are leaving them in the porch.
    Take care

  5. Sandy, The Holiday hoopla is just adorable. I have yet to stitch any of them but seeing your latest makes me want to start. Love the green rouched ribbon.
    I have no underlying health issues but I'm still staying put. I surely hope this passes quickly but I'm worried we are in it for the long haul. Stay well! Mary

  6. Morning!
    Your bunny is adorable and you finished it perfectly.
    I know you'll continue to take good care of yourself and family. Things have changed or escalated so fast, that's it's almost unbelieveable that it's happening....
    Blessings, Linda

  7. I'm so glad you are staying home....we are too! I hope and pray this helps keep it from spreading. Lots to do around the house and for that I am thankful. I'm going to start some kind of sewing project today....I'm thinking bunnies! lol LOVE your cute bunny and that pretty ribbon border! Have a good day! Stay healthy and happy! Hugs, Diane

  8. Love the bunny!!! Where do you order the seam tape from? I need some. I love the ruching. We are in for the most part. I did go to the grocery store yesterday. I have a hair appt today but our shop is big and there are usually only myself and the stylist there . I plan to go through the drive thru at Chck Fil A and support the Trying to Keep Calm and Carry On. As for my mother, we have explained Corona to her about ten times and she forgets. I guess short term memory loss can be a blessing in times like these.

  9. Your bunny hoopla is adorable, Sandy. Glad you are staying put and hibernating! It sounds like a good plan -- stitching on the blue jays, baking and general puttering around the house. Stay well!

  10. The bunny hoopla is great and I love the finishing. Could you please share the name of the supplier for the trim? I could not read the company name in the photo. Thank you so much.

    1. Absolutely...The crinkled kind came from MyScrapCabinShop on Etsy. I have also ordered from LadyDotCreates on Etsy and loved her products. Both of them are reasonably priced I think compared to some I have seen.

  11. Thank you Sandy, I just placed an order.

  12. That's a clever finish with the ruching. I haven't done any of that and I guess I don't know how. I'll have to look that up. It's a blessing to have such a fun hobby of xstitching when we are keeping to ourselves at home. Thanks for the idea -- I learn so much from you!

  13. Such a darling finish of the Hoopla bunny, Sandy! I am working on him myself right now--just need some bright happy colors in my stitching with all this virus stuff going on around us. I'm such a stay at home person that not much has changed in my life (except my husband is home all day--yikes!!). Take good care, Sandy ♥


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