Thursday, March 5, 2020

Nothing New Under the Sun

Spring is very slowly popping out in the house. Keeping Tucker slows me down on the "bring out the box and put it all out at once" I suppose is my excuse. The more likely truth is I don't enjoy bringing out the seasonal decor as much as I did a couple of years ago. There is nothing wrong with me or the decor. I am just in a phase of liking stuff to stay the same!

My foyer remains decorated the same except from October to December. It gets some fall for two months and then Christmas for one month. The remainder of the year it is the same regardless of the season.

Do you see my neighbors pretty azaleas in the mirror?

The book stack has orange in the fall and red at Christmas, but otherwise it has the blues stacked there. The day lilies and butterfly piece were from my mother-in-law and I love it so much that I literally have a hard time putting it away in fall and can't wait for January to put it out again. I have said it many times here since winter is semi mild here I just can't decorate with snowmen. IT might be more than I am just simply not a SNOW person. That is most likely the truer story there. Those of you who are---don't hate me.

My Christmas cactus did this last year as well. I got a second bloom. I think it has more to do with the lighting in the foyer and the winter season rather than anything I might be doing to it. I also added the little goose in the foyer. It was given to me by my mother-in-law way back in the 1980s. The little hanging hearts have mine and Jeff's names on them. It was tucked away in a closet and in my January clean out I decided to let it sit out again.

Inside the foyer in my front door hallway stands a bunny who is out year round. It got a pink checked bow. It gets a red bow at Christmas, but otherwise no bows. The church pew got her Spring pillow out a little early. I did NOT make the Springer Spaniel pillow.

I do enjoy decorating the kitchen table with linens and candles according to the seasons.

The flowers have a cute and sweet story with them. On Sundays, Jeff gets up earlier than me (no surprise there) and heads to church to do his serving chores. He sets up things in the parking lot, gets the golf carts out of storage for driving families right up to the door from our long parking lot. Stuff like that. 
I sleep in a bit and then get dressed. He arrives home and we attend a service along with Mom and kids. Then I stay to teach my girls (4th and 5th grade) while he usually comes on home and starts lunch for me. Yep, the man is a definite keeper!!! 
We had talked Saturday evening about upcoming meals for the week and I made a grocery list. I usually shop on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings. I had written flowers on it because with the new month I thought I would get some grocery store flowers. They have $3 bunches and I usually snip some greenery from outside and do a once a month arrangement. He told me as he was leaving church he would go ahead and get groceries. I always say yes to that as I don't particularly like to grocery shop.
I arrived home from church to my lunch and flowers on tulips on the table in a stainless steel tumbler from the glasses cabinet. He had chosen some for me:) I have since cut them down as they are not wanting to open. 

The kitchen table picture was taken this morning with another cloudy day. Florida or at least north Florida has forgotten we are known as the "Sunshine State."
And most times the cloth napkins are in one pile rather than out because real life happens at the kitchen table multiple times a day.

When the flowers have expired, I will add a bunny to the table rather than flowers for April. I have a cute bunny and some adorable bunny dessert plates. I will share again because why not?!

Almost always, I put out something seasonal on the kitchen counter. The bunny came early there.

Up close view.

I will share the dining room when I add some bunnies in there later and maybe the living room and sewing room as I add some spring with stitching there.

Speaking of STITCHING!

I have steadily working on my blue jays.

I am also working on Redbird by Heart in Hand. Bluebird is due out soon and I decided that would be a new purchase when it is released, so I needed to get the redbird done. I hope to finish both sometime this spring with a pillow finish.

We have had some very warm weather hence storms too. None bad here, but we are back to cloudy weather. I got two days of sunshine and it was GLORIOUS!

Other than that nothing new under the sun much. I kind of like that!
I rather like being home, just walking down the neighborhood street, playing with Tucker, checking on Mom, cooking supper, laundry, etc.
Looking forward to the time change this weekend,

And...most of the time this is what is happening. Tucker!

Oh and one more thing.... It seems as if we all had a basket story. I felt better about it just telling y'all and knowing we had all been there. I came up with a solution for my failed impulse purchase. I will share it one day. Life is just full of fun lessons!


  1. I loved your tour, Sandy! I really like the bunny in your foyer. I need to get it in gear and take down the February stuff and get my tree decked out for March/spring. Both of your stitches are looking good!

  2. Hey, when life is in a busy season, we can forego all the frills. I love your tulip pillow with the bunny and the majolica plate. I have really gotten rid of a lot and plan to get rid of more as I spring clean. It is best to keep the things you truly cherish!!

  3. I love your house. In fact I'd like a video tour. It's beautiful, with touches of humor here and there. I really enjoyed the details.

  4. You do have a beautiful home! Your spring decorations all look great.

  5. Wonderful progress on your stitching progress.
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. I enjoyed the tour, too! Your house is beautiful and your spring touches are perfect, IMO (says she who hasn't even thought of getting the Easter things out of the attic). Those tulips are gorgeous. What a sweet hubby!

  7. Your home is so bright and cheerful..I have a family of ceramic bunnies (I made years ago) that stay out all year in my living room, plus a small concrete one on my porch. The Christmas cactus is beautiful! And I always admire your stitching. Do you order patterns online?
    Blessings, Linda

  8. You have such a beautiful home and your decorating is lovely and tasteful. The woodwork reminds me of a house we built in Colorado Springs in 1988. Really warm and beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your Sunday morning routines and just in general about how you do life. I enjoy stuff like that.

    And your stitching. You know I love it all!!!!

    The sun is shining here today!!!

  9. I love both of your stitches being the bird nut that I am! Love your entry and all you need for that table is your gorgeous lamp. Your cactus plant is amazing, you have the perfect light for it.
    My husband does 95% of the grocery shopping, I dislike going. The past 2 weeks I have picked up tulips from Trader Joe's and they have lasted so long, having fresh flowers in the house certainly lifts your spirits. Your tulips are so pretty!!

  10. Really enjoyed your home tour, Sandy! I am with you and am putting less and less seasonal decor out each year. For me, it just seems like too much effort to put it out and then pack it away :) I do like to change up my corner kitchen cupboard, sideboard and island with each season or holiday, but that's it.

    So sweet that your husband got you those pretty flowers and put them in a vase! Mine would buy the flowers and leave them laying on the kitchen counter most likely--ha ha!

    Hurricane Tucker certainly keeps you hopping! Too cute. I'm amazed that you find any time at all for your pretty stitching :) Hope you are having a wonderful week, Sandy! ♥


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