Saturday, February 29, 2020

10 Things about Winter

Every season this blogger and author does a post on 10 things she learned in that season. I have never read any of her books and only occasionally read her blog, but these posts ALWAYS catch my eye. I decided that this time I would try that idea. I am not linking up with her blog, because I rarely ever do that. However, I am going to share my ten things here.

Here are my 10 things learned in winter....

My first one is that winter definitely has a purpose in the balance of nature but also in my body and mind. Winter keeps the seasons in balance by keeping everything budding at the appropriate time and cooling the Gulf waters down which is very important in our neck of the woods. I didn't always like winter and dreaded it. I now see it is a chance to do a little less and go to bed earlier and just stay in. I now see the value in those things for physical and spiritual health. It still isn't my favorite season because of the lack of light, but I don't dread it like I once did.

#2 - I really really really need to try and slowly rearrange some of the winter appointments. I think there are just too many that come at once and it wears me out. Not just mine, but Mom's. It seems every winter we are going to something two and three times a week which just throws me off for some reason. Knowing that--- I am going to try and move some of them to later times and maybe not have SO many at one time.

#3 - Housekeeping is different either with age or not working outside the home. I think it is most likely a combination. Slow and steady is the winner rather than all out going for it on Saturday or any day of the week for that manner. I might not get that all at once clean feel but I get a good enough and everything picked up not so stressed feeling.

#4 - I simply must be more disciplined with diet. There are really no shortcuts for me. It is either follow the plan or feel less than. Now, I am not sure diet was the entire reason for my crash in thyroid this winter. I think that had to do with some other factors, but I am realizing that diet is HUGE! I didn't grow up with Lent as something we followed at our church, but I do love it for two reasons. It is a time to think about the upcoming Easter season rather than it popping up on you quickly. Same with Advent. AND...I like to focus on a reset of sorts as in this year making sure I eat correctly. Sometimes the reset is just to focus on something like prayer or a special reading in my Bible.

#5 - Decluttering is a process and there can come a time when you feel much better about you really have achieved a better place.

#6 - With number 5 said, it going to be a reminder that I need to be very mindful about what I bring in whether it is home decor, clothes, crafts, etc. I will just go ahead and admit I was doing so good and then I didn't! I made a very poor impulse purchase last week. Yep! A poor one! I am not going to beat myself up, but it was way too expensive, didn't need it, and it didn't bring me joy at all. I am going to keep it out as a reminder of doing better. The purchase was a seasonal purchase, but it is probably going to stay out well past spring. We have a basket called the $40 basket at our house. This purchase is going to be similar to that. It might get a similar name. One time when we were first married and money was tight I got invited to a Longaberger basket party. I didn't have money to buy those at that point in my life and the cheapest one was $40. Y'all that was over 30 years ago. I felt awful not to get anything, so that was the cheapest purchase. Jeff wasn't mad but couldn't believe when it came in that it was so small. It was dubbed the $40 basket and still sits in our living room. Still called that:)

#7 - Watching dogs age is hard. Lemony has reached 11 years of age and apparently that is old for a Golden in this day and age. She is precious and lovable, but it is slowing down quickly. She has a bum hip and can't run anymore. Her heart wants to run, but her body says no. I am not enjoying the struggle for her. She is taking to her new bed a bit better.
Speaking of dogs...our first Springer Spaniel, Sally was a leap year dog born in 1984. We got her right after we married. She was about 10 months old. She was my first born. She welcomed home the real kiddos and lived to the ripe old age of 15. I had hoped she would make it to 16 but she said no. She succumbed just after her 15 birthday which we always celebrated on the 28th.

#8 - I am looking forward to spring gardening and yard work mainly because of some decisions I made last fall to downsize my load outside. It was such a wise decision. Less pots to maintain and try to water is going to be a BIG yes and getting rid of the roses was a winner. I actually don't miss the work that would have gone with them starting already. I can just stop in at the grocery store occasionally and pick up a few with a lot less work. The work outside now seems manageable and I find myself looking forward to the change.

#9 - I am so ready for light! Winter has its place and I am fortunate for a girl who is not a winter girl to live in an area where it is shorter lived. I am ready for the coming time change. I am ready and feel it will be a good thing for me.

#10 - I might be running out of ideas, but I am glad that I can see the benefits of winter EVEN though I am ready for spring.

And that my friends is 10 things I learned in winter.


  1. I'm a sucker for those ten things type of features. Six ways to tie your scarf. Or eight shortcuts to a perfect house..yeah.

    That said, yes, the change of seasons has its advantages, especially if we don't try to defy the weather and our needs and just push on as if. I think you're wise to do just enough, study what you need rather than what you got roped into -- that can happen before you know it.

    You do an enjoyable thing once then the group says oh let's do this every single week till we drop. And it's tricky backing off without upsetting people that you like.

    But I think you'll feel wonderful when you get your food and garden and obligations to the right size.

    That's part of the downsizing I did, harder than parting with objects, but my artlife and spirits are thanking me now.

  2. I enjoyed your ten things, Sandy--although living in the north some of mine would be a bit different. I, like you, have totally changed the way I clean--I used to do the entire upstairs one day and the entire downstairs the next. Now, I just clean here and there. The house really doesn't get too messy with just two of us here and no pets. It's not perfect, but certainly good enough.

    When it comes to purchasing, I'm pretty good about not buying impulsively. A lot of times I'll put things in my shopping cart online and just let them sit (on 123 Stitch, Amazon, Target, etc.) Then I'll go back and look at them and decide if I really want to order them in a week or so. I'd say 98% of the time I don't want them any more and just delete them :)

    Hope your weather is becoming more spring-like and I hope this is a week when you can sit back and not have to rush out for appointments. Happy March ♣

  3. It is always hard when our sweet pets get older. I enjoyed your winter lessons!

  4. Sandy, Even at our age we are still learning about ourselves. I enjoyed reading your post. I like having the change of seasons, this was a difficult winter in that it was a very gloomy one and I feel my energy sap out of me as soon as it gets dark. I'm really looking forward to the extra daylight in the evening. I went for one month without any wheat product, felt so much better and a dinner out and eating wheat took me down the path of overeating... For some reason anything with wheat increases my appetite. I do fine when I eliminate it from my diet. Hope your thyroid issues get corrected with proper meds.

  5. Great post! I was beginning to think some of the same things as you! The downsizing of the garden...the decluttering of hobby supplies...the change in housework...and it was just this year that I began appreciating Winter for the "slow down"! lol! really does feel good to sleep in a little extra... and get lost in a relaxing stitching project or book...which I am going to enjoy today...Sunday, a day of rest! :-)

  6. Yes, winter has taught me a few things as well Sandy. I love the picture of your children with the doggies.

  7. "either follow the plan or feel less than."

    So true!

    Sweet puppy. ☺️

  8. Your list of ten things you learned in winter was a super read. I definitely relate to some of them and I am working hard on a few of them (the decluttering mainly). Thank you for the chuckle about the $40 basket! I, too, attended a Longaberger party and also felt I needed to buy something. I ended up buying the small picnic basket (I think it was $40-50) thinking I would use it for my current WIPs. Except when it arrived, it sat on the shelf in the closet for a period of time before I could bring myself to actually use the expensive basket. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your kids with the pup! Have a day filled with blessings!

  9. I liked reading your list of 10 things you learned in winter, as well as everyone's comments here. I also appreciate the link to a site I've never been to before. I wonder how many of have our version(s) of the $40 basket. :) I can think of one (actually 2 - they make a set) that's been in my living room for the 21+ years we've lived here - and I'm not sure how many years before that!

  10. This is a really fun and interesting post, Sandy! I loved reading all of your lessons learned.

    I agree, I think we all have our version of the $40 basket. I avoided Longaberger parties for that reason, and I think I may have only ever been invited to one or two. I finally have come to the point of not ever going to parties for things like that.

    Mr. T and I are both finding that we feel much more energetic without sugar. Very interesting. We are thinking we will keep this up indefinitely after the 40 days are up, with just an occasional splurge like a grandchild's birthday. I do hope to blog soon about how the sugar fast is going.

  11. I could relate to so many of your ten things, all of them really. I think my most important lesson is that it goes by so quickly, be mindful of how you choose to spend your time and enjoy it.

  12. I am glad you wrote this post, Sandy. It is FULL of wisdom for all of us. I especially enjoyed your insights on the purpose of winter (#1). It is brilliant and should be so obvious to all of us but instead we resort to complaining about it.

    As for the $40 basket -- yes, I remember those days when so many of us young wives were invited to parties to spend money we didn't have on things we really didn't need, and had to deal with feelings of guilt for not making a purchase. At some point (after money was spent) I made the choice to not attend any of those parties any more. Often I wouldn't even do an RSPV because I didn't want the conversation of "why not", or "just come to be with the girls", etc.

    You are one wise woman.


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