Sunday, February 23, 2020

A New Start and Some Small Finishes

As we were traveling back from Auburn last Monday I stitched a freebie pattern that Arlene at Nanaland had sent me a copy of. I didn't really expect to have time to stitch anything other than just finishing up Tucker's name that I took very little with me. I quickly threw in some floss and a small piece of linen.

Freebie is from Heart and Hand

It has subdued colors and I think some happy popping colors would have been a little bit better. I may even do it again at some point. I put a quick finish on it earlier in the week. I had a button with an old watch face on it that I thought matched it so it turned out cute. I thought about putting a ribbon around it, but I think I will leave it plain and maybe next year will be the year of the smalls. I can add it to a basket of smalls.

I ordered some ribbons from an Etsy shop. Pretty colors. I think I will put them to good use even though I didn't use them on this pillow.

This is the shop these came from.
Arlene also shared her With Thy Needle and Thread hoopla pattern with me. I was determined to stitch this over the weekend.

I had no linen dark enough for the sheep, so I tried tea dying some for the first time ever. It worked!
On the left is the linen and after an hour of sitting in tea is the version on the right.

I hope to put a circle finish on it this week sometime.

Now, for my newest start.

I am hoping to add blue jays to my bedroom wall in Auburn. The mockingbird is lonely.

I want to do more of these. I have another leaflet with my next project after the blue jays....chickadees.

For now, I started the blue jays this week so here is my nightly stitching progress. I started with the mama's tail feathers. This stitch will be my main focus for the future weeks. 

Spring does seem to be arriving early in the south. It was sunny this weekend which was nice although a bit chilly. Everything is beginning to bloom early. 

We started laying out fresh pine straw in the beds. Didn't quite finish so we will have to finish next weekend.

Florida lawn art...aka...concrete statues!
Groceries have been bought, meals have been planned, calendar filled out for the week so I am hoping to feel a bit better this week. A higher strength of thyroid medicine is now a week in so hopefully I am popping back to life again.

Hoping for sunshine this week,


  1. I am just in love with the bird designs from Crossed Wing Collection - thanks to you, Sandy. Someday, I hope to graduate to one of the larger designs. I am so looking forward to watching your blue jay take form. It looks like a painting as is. Painting with floss - isn't that such a pretty thought...

    I also love your little sheep and the tulip pillow. I embiggened the photo (before reading on) to take a closer look at the button was tickled to see that it covered with a little watch face. That is super clever. And very cute. :)

  2. I like your tulips and I love the finish!! I also like how you back stitched the shamrock. I wish I had thought of that. Hope your old thyroid roars back to life. I find with mine it can get out of whack so slowly that I do not realize how it is affecting me. Have a good week.

  3. Whew. Thyroid stuff can really mess you up so I'm glad you are feeling better!! Love the projects you shared with us today! I am always in awe of you talented needle crafters!

  4. So beautiful the little tulip finish. Wonderful new stitching projekts.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  5. Oh Sandy, I am in love with your finishing on tulip time!! The pretty blue trim on the lace and watchface are just perfect together. The fabric and your dyed linen all work so perfectly together. I just love the softer colors. I printed out this pattern and thought I would get to it next year but I'm going to try and squeeze it in now...If you don't mind I'm going to copy your tulip colors.
    I hope to stitch the St Patricks hoopla too. One of the nicest St Patrick pieces I have found in cross stitch. Doesn't it feel good to get out and work outside? I hope to start soon, we have had the weather for it but I haven't had the time. The blue jay is going to be stunning. This is a gorgeous series and will look beautiful with your Mockingbird.

  6. Your HOD finish is super and I love how you finished it. That St. Patrick's Hoopla is sweet and good for you on tea-dying your fabric. What pretty ribbons you ordered! Thank you for sharing the web site address. You are off to a good start on the blue jays piece. Hope your thyroid gets back in gear! Have a super week.

  7. "Tulip Time" is such a sweet finish, Sandy! I love the ribbon/lace combo trim and the button with the clock face is perfect. Thanks for pointing that out - I don't think I would have noticed the clock face if you hadn't. I think the finish is perfect as is - no need to add ribbon, although the ribbons you ordered from Etsy are gorgeous. Look like great ribbons for ruching.

    Sweet finish for St. Pattie's Day! Glad you enjoyed tea-dyeing the fabric and that it worked out. I've had great fun dyeing linen, especially if it's a color I don't care for to begin with. You can't go wrong! The only time I dyed linen and didn't like the result was using tan Rit dye. I tried to keep the dye water hot, but the finished product ended up tan with pink undertones. I will probably dye it again using a coffee/tea mixture to subdue the pink hue.

    Still cold here in Idaho, and at my mother-in-law's ranch in central Idaho, they are struggling to plow through the pastures and lots to find places to feed the cows. They have a lot of snow on the ground at the ranch but the mountains around them did not get enough, so it may be a dry summer. Such is life in the arid high-mountain desert.

    Hope your new dose of thyroid medicine gives you wings!

  8. Good Morning Sandy! I love seeing all your darling projects!You must have more than 24 hours in a day! Have a good week!

  9. Hi Sandy--so happy to read that you are on a new dosage and I'm hoping your thyroid calms down soon. Love your sweet little tulip finish--it's so rewarding to stitch and finish these little pillows, isn't it? And your blue jay--wow! He will be stunning. I love watching them, but they are real bullies at our bird feeders.

    Your little Shamrock Hoopla piece is so sweet--I just love those designs, too. I've been working on some other St. Patrick's Day pieces for next month and really enjoying them. I don't think I have an ounce of Irish blood in me, but it is just a fun bright holiday in the beginning of spring :)

    Enjoy the rest of your week ♥

  10. It is, indeed, time to think about displaying our spring stitched designs. Yours are lovely. The tulips and the sheep are especially pretty.

    I've thought about getting a concrete statue for my front bush bed but haven't found anything yet that really sings to me. Your deer is very nice. So many of my neighbors have birds (metal) that are quite nice, but I don't want to mimic them. (too much of a good thing)

    I hope your medication change helps. It sounds like you are feeling more peppy!


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