Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Details of the Name Stitch

I am sharing close ups and details of the Tucker piece I stitched.

I made Lindsay one from this pattern book back in the early 1990s. It is still hanging in her old bedroom. She requested that I do his name in a navy with a nautical theme. I wonder if she has thought about that Tucker's piece will still be hanging in her house long after he is grown. I mentioned this and some of you graciously gave me ideas.

Let's look at the letters up close and see what I used to do the stitch.

For the T, I used bird from the following pattern that Mary at Stitching Friends Forever sent me. I want to stitch these smaller patterns later for the summer after the patriotic season is over. I mean I simply must stitch that flamingo. Thanks Mary. The heron and sandpiper are regular visitors to our local beaches.

The U came from the original pattern book that I had done Lindsay's name with. It has a boy or girl in each letter. I knew I would only do one boy and U was perfect as is for this piece. The only thing I changed was the dog. The dog is personalized to be their Hallie, a Boykin Spaniel. I used the book to make all of the letters. The book calls for a lighter blue, but navy was just perfect for this stitch.

Next up, the C came directly from a pattern that Arlene at Nanaland had sent me and I have been holding onto for some time. I still really want to stitch it for my downstairs which may or may not happen anytime soon. I had to outline the sand dollar to get her to show up on the light blue.

Here is the pattern Arlene sent me. You will need to go ahead and notice the E as well. 

Let's talk K. I was stumped for awhile as to what to do. I even stitched the E first and then it hit me. The anchor. Could it be any more perfect?!
The anchor came from the following pattern which I ordered and will use many times. Keep this in mind again later for the water under that ship and a dolphin

I am thinking of some smalls inspired by many of you, so we will wait and see what happens with these ideas too. You should have seen me trying to turn the pattern to make it fit into the K. I am not one of those visually talented people who sees puzzle pieces and knows exactly where they fit.

Now, back to E and R. The E comes directly from the above BEACH pattern. Again I had to outline to get it to show up against the light blue.

When I got to the R, I really wanted to use a dolphin. Another regular sight around our parts of the country. Over half the elementary schools in our district have it as their mascot:)

I counted and realized the dolphin would go into the upper part of the R. I was planning on water all along for the bottom. First I was thinking of this pattern from Mary for waves. 

I am pretty sure at some point you will see this done on the blog. I adore this one.

It turned out I just added water myself inspired by the colors and pattern under the ship on the above pattern that had the dolphin and anchor. I just played with the stitch and let it come to pass. I then added a piling post to the side of the R from one of Mary's patterns that had the dock. Oh and some water splashes under the dolphin as prompted by my husband. 

I love how it turned out. I can't wait to see it framed, so you will get to see it once more later.

Now, let's talk stash. I was watching Carol at Saltbox Stitcher last week and she used an acronym I hadn't heard before. 
Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy. 
I just had to chuckle. Do we ever stop wanting new stuff?
Now, I hope I have lots of time left. I am only 59.

However, I have lots and lots in my stash and a list of things I want. I just need more stitching time in a day and maybe wall space. 
I will be using some of these above patterns this summer.

I am trying not to look too hard at Instagram where people are showing cute stuff daily.
I mean how cute is this by With Thy Needle and Thread that Brenda displayed for market.

Good grief! I love everything about this...would want to display it just like this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead of punching the purchase key on 123Stitch and others I am keeping a list in the back of my planner of things I might like. I never showed y'all my new planner this year. It is so cute and just makes me smile every time I look at it.  I will share it one day.

I do have a freebie to share soon. I needed a quick small.

Almost finished. 
I came across another Floss Tuber to share. I am not a huge Floss Tube watcher. I am just going to be honest. I am busy and can't sit for long periods of time, but I have learned to watch those that I like in 20 minute increments. 
I missed this girl on Instagram as well. She did her first Floss Tube recently and just had some adorable stuff on it.
Crosshatch Quilts is also know by the same name on Instagram. I wrote down some patterns ON MY LIST!

I will see y'all soon hopefully with a new small to share AND some outdoor pics. They are trimming trees (the live oaks) in the circle outside. Kind of noisy.



  1. Sandy, I'm so impressed how you took so many patterns and combined them into something really special for Tucker. I know I mentioned it before, but that letter K with the anchor was just brilliant!!! The bird lover that I am loves seeing the birds and how darn cute is the little boy fishing!!! This was truly a gift of love and I'm sure it will hang proudly on Tucker's wall for years to come!
    Oh, Brenda has done it again, have you seen the blue and gold tone stitch that sits into a little chest?? That is on my have to have list. I pretty much only watch 2 floss tubers, I don't have time for it and if I try to watch while I stitch I get distracted and make a mistake. SABLE most definitely applies to me. I am going to a cross stitch store tomorrow, I don't have one near me and this will be my 3rd trip to this one. I'm going for JUST linen...or so I tell myself!!!

  2. I love Tucker's piece. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on what went into the making of each letter. What a truly meaningful piece and one he will always love.

  3. This post was a keeper. Such attention to the process,and generosity in giving us the step by step. I really enjoyed seeing the ideas and then the execution.

  4. I love your creativity in coming up with the perfect theme for a little boy who lives near the ocean!( Or Gulf as Marvin always corrects me.) And it looks so added the extras in jus the right places, that is a gift and you have it. I have only seen one Market release I am going to order and that is Bluebird by Heart in Hand. I have done all her other birds and this one is stitched with a special overdyed floss so I guess I will order that as well. Cecilia also had a Christmas square dance that appealed to me. Oh I loved the SABLe true. I am trying to be more intentional...I really am!! I subscribe to Crosshatch Quilts on Floss Tube. I have whittled my list of Floss Tubers to the ones I really enjoy. Have a great day....hope the sun is shining there.

  5. This is so beautiful, Sandy! I love how you took bits and pieces from many sources to create just the right name sampler for Tucker. Beautiful work and amazing creativity!

    I have heard of SABLE (via my friend DJ on the Christmas craft forum) and I must admit that it definitely applies to me.

    Brenda's display that you shared is gorgeous. I must say I am also interested in those stars in the bowl with the stitchery.

    I haven't gotten into Floss Tube at all. I'm sure it is fun and inspiring but I don't have time to sit and watch anything at this point in life.

    Thanks so much for sharing. A fun and most interesting post!

  6. I loved seeing how you decided on what to do for each letter, Sandy! You chose well and the entire piece is just adorable... I'm with you on Floss Tube--I watch one or two, but find many of them to be just so boring as their pets walk through the videos and they go off on tangents that I turn them right off. So glad there are still blogs to enjoy :)

    I have heard of SABLE and suffer from it, sadly :) I really need to pare down my stash--and soon! Have been thinking about trying to sell some charts on my blog. We'll see. I just love so many of Brenda's new designs--I will probably break down and get them. She never disappoints!

    Enjoy your day--give little Tucker a hug ♥

  7. The stitching talk is foreign to me but I know what I like and your finished TUCKER is awesome!!

  8. Tucker's piece came out so beautiful (handsome, for a boy). You really put some clever thought into that one, for sure!

  9. That is just adorable! What a treasure!

    1. Mandy, Don't know if you will see this or not. I liked your blog and tried to comment, but I couldn't comment on it. I have trouble commenting on Word Press blogs sometimes. I need to figure it out.

  10. Hello Sandy,
    you created a wonderful piece with Tucker's name. It is gorgeous.
    Have a nice day. Manuela

  11. Amazing! You seemingly found the perfect motifs to compliment Tucker! This is an heirloom original for sure!
    I was on the fence about flosstube as well...then I realized that I could have the flosstube playing in the background WHILE I'm stitching! Not only did that help with time, but it also made stitching that much more enjoyable!
    Don't get me started with Nashville previews...Brenda Gervais has pretty much drained my stitching budget for the year with her new releases! lol!
    So much fun, no? :-)

  12. Sandy: You did such a beautiful job on Tucker, I would have never guessed you used several designs to take letters from, very nice.
    I love the idea.
    The Patriotic display is lovely.
    I have never heard of SABLE before, I like it.


  13. I enjoyed reading how you came up with and put together all the components of this picture. It is just beautiful. And I am more in awe than before (if that's possible). In case the internet breaks, or your blog disappear (Heaven forbid!) I suggest printing out this post and saving it for Tucker. He (and maybe his someday spouse) will surely enjoy reading it and admiring just how clever Grandma is!


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