Monday, September 16, 2019

Some Stitching Plans and a Cute T-shirt

I mentioned I was putting my fall stitching on hold. I had a couple of things all set up to stitch when Lindsay sends me a text asking can I make an ornament. Then two days later she mentions something she thinks would look good in Tucker's big boy room one day. She thought I might need some time to work on it.

She is correct. 
When she was small I stitched her name. It hung above our bed in our previous home.

Here it is in her bedroom here at home.

She was in middle school by the time we moved here, so it was relegated to above the closet doors.
It is still there.

She would like for me to do Tucker's name, but make it sea animal or beach related. I will be doing navy blue letters and adding things around the letters. Mary from Stitching Friends Forever has already sent me some patterns to pull some sea creatures to add. I think I can design something really cute with the patterns she sent. Thanks Mary. You are awesome.

Another example of how wonderful our stitching community is.

The ornament Lindsay wants is a family ornament. She saw some stitched on Etsy with a daddy, mommy, doggie, kid...kind of like the stick people on the back windows of cars except these aren't stick people.

I am going to just wing this and make it. I sort think they are boxy like Legos so I can handle this.

I will be doing that first and then starting the name. 

Once I get it going I think I can stitch on some other stuff then.

When the kids were over the other night I remembered I still had Paul Allen's first Auburn shirt bought in Auburn in his bin of keepsakes. We pulled it out and Tucker is going to wear it for now. 

Here is Tucker in it.

Here is Uncle Paul Allen in it circa 1993.


I completed the Christmas stockings tonight. I will share them in my next post.


  1. Awww. Tucker is so cute! Love that you saved the shirt and have been able to pass it down.

    I feel your excitement at getting stitching requests. That is so cool! Mary and RJ are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your finishes!

  2. There is a definite family resemblance in Paul Allen as a toddler and Tucker. "Good lookin'" runs in your family!

    I enjoyed the flashback picture of Lindsay's room as a little girl (and her stitched name!). I loved Priscilla curtains when we had them in previous homes. That look is seldom seen any more, but I love it anyway.

  3. Tucker is adorable in his Auburn shirt. I enjoyed seeing the photo of your son wearing that shirt as a toddler. What a wonderful idea for Tucker's big boy room! I like Lindsay's name piece. Look forward to seeing the family ornament you create!

  4. Oh I had that Alphabet book years ago and did quite a few projects from it for my kids and nieces and nephews. I wish they would re release it. Cant wait to see Tucker's name all finished. And how sweet that he is wearing his uncle's shirt. You are going to town on your stitching!! You might become a designer with the Christmas ornament.

  5. Paul Allen and Tucker both look cute in that shirt! How terrific that you still had it. Looking forward to seeing Tucker's name done up in stitches and sea animals. :)

  6. I stitched all three of my sons names with a similar alphabet, Sandy. They are up in boxes in the attic now... Not sure what to do with them! I look forward to seeing little Tucker's name stitched up. Can hardly believe how big he has gotten and I love the photos of him and Paul Allen in the same shirt--too cute!


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