Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Content and Grateful

Let me start by saying how blessed I am - Jeff and I celebrated 35 years of marriage on Sunday. We decided to ring this one in with a quiet weekend. We didn't even go to a fancy restaurant. We have gone to Acre in Auburn several times over the summer, so I suggested we just go casual this weekend.  We drove up to our Auburn home Friday night and stayed until lunch on Monday. We spent one of the quietest and most laid back weekends in a while and I totally enjoyed ringing in 35 years that way. Does that make us old?

We did a little window shopping Saturday. I guess that is what you call shopping when you don't buy anything. That is what my mother called it anyway when I was a kid. We ate barbecue for a late lunch/supper and sat outside. It was very pretty this weekend. It had a touch of fall in the air even with the heat. I don't know, maybe it was something about the breeze and the tops of the oaks. We watched an Auburn football game on TV Saturday night. The game was away, so it was pretty quiet in orange and blue land. There was nothing calm about the second half though. Nail biter!

On Sunday we drove an hour and 20 minutes south to a canyon. Yes, SOUTH to a canyon. We took the dogs because the website said dogs were allowed. I want to go back to the canyon in the middle of nowhere Georgia to hike down into it WITHOUT the dogs. Gus just wanted off the leash and Lemony got a little tired. I took lots of water and all but at her age it was a bit much for her, so most of our hiking was around the rim. I told Jeff I definitely want to go back when it gets cooler and hike down into it. The story is it was formed because of poor farming. I thought it was quite interesting and want to research it more. It was called Providence Canyon State Park.

Me with Lemony walking around the rim.

Jeff with Gus just wanting to be set free.

Sunday evening we ate pizza and talked about how lucky we were to have gone to Auburn and met and how blessed we are to have each other.

I barely cross stitched or read the book that I took with me. I guess that is not all bad. I looked at lots of leaves. You know how you collect shells when you are the beach. Well, when I travel even that far north I just want to collect leaves. Leaves however don't last like shells. I just love all the different ones around. Even in our yard up there are so many varieties of oaks and maples. I couldn't help myself from picking them as they really were starting to fall. I also collect rocks when I travel. Trust me though I have plenty of shells too.

I acquired some old Southern Livings from 1982 and 1984. Y'all I have had as much fun reading those as anything lately. I love the old home decor and recipes. There are lot more black and white pictures but I have enjoyed these immensely. I have thought a lot about, "Are they better or am I just older?" The truth is I think I am older. The newer magazines have much much better ads and are much better written in some ways. It is the content that I have outgrown. I have pretty much given up all new ones. Many of the ones from a certain publisher just put the same houses in different magazines anyway. They never really have anything new in them. I took some of those with me and that is what I did with my at home time... Looked at old magazines.

Another interesting thing that happened is that the kitchen light above the island went out. It has been acting wonky for over a year. I have said I never really liked my kitchen lights. I changed out many of the light fixtures on the main level of this house when we moved in because many of them were very bright brass and very Victorian. They were just way over the top fancy for my taste. Finally I have an opportunity to change them out AND---

I went looking and told Jeff I really needed to think on it.

WELL, guess what?!!!! I saw nothing out there that I loved either. I think I am going to keep what I have. I have Tiffany shades. The one over the island had a ceiling fan with it. I don't think I EVER use it, so Jeff and a friend were taking it down yesterday and the friend said it would be very easy to just redo the guts to the actual light, leave off the fan and make it match the table one, so people all that to say I am keeping what I have.
Here are pictures of them.
I had to go way back in the blog to find pictures of them. Maybe I didn't like them so they were always missing from the pictures.

I miss that little Lucy girl there.

I didn't want anything too trendy and Jeff doesn't like anything that doesn't have a shade over the bulb so that ruled out anything with a candelabra bulb. We usually agree on things and if he is adamant about it "I usually" know he is right about it. That led to accepting what I have. I don't think I have ever liked the pink butterflies and other than that I don't hate them, so maybe I need to research how to change the color of the pink butterfly. You can see the pink butterfly in the top picture.
Sometimes you just need to know you can change it, but I have lived long enough now that I don't really see the need to be in style so much anymore.

Bring on fall now that Labor Day is over I say! I have been a lazy girl today. I didn't keep Tucker as his other grandparents were getting that privilege. I sat outside on the deck for about two hours this morning. I did my Bible study and just sat and soaked up the warm breeze.

The Spanish moss was so pretty swaying in the wind in my neighbor's yard. 

I think I just needed a lazy day. I plan to start thinking about some fall decor maybe soon. I know I am stitching up some cute little squirrels tonight, so stay tuned for a stitching update.



  1. Wow, you've been busy! You deserve that lazy day. I love that you're making your existing fixture work. I like it!

  2. Sandy, The canyon looks to be such an interesting place to hike. It looks like red clay to me, do you know if it's clay? You are blessed to have 35 years with your husband and still enjoy each other's company so much. Well, I am a huge fan of stained glass so I really like your lighting fixtures. I think the kitchen one would look better without the fan too. I could be adapted to look the same as the one over your table. I have no idea what you could do about the pink butterfly, it would be a ton of work to change out the stained glass to a different color. I love your wood kitchen cabinets also...A nice long weekend with nothing to do sounds like a great way to start fall...

  3. Congratulations to 35 years of marriage, I am glad that you had a nice weekend - you should celebrate as it does yourself well. You do not always have to have big celebrations or many guests, sometimes it's just better to spend time together, all alone and in peace.
    Have a wonderful week, Martina

  4. I miss all the tiffany light fixtures that used to be a hallmark of Wendy's restaurants. Yours are pretty.

    A quiet weekend like you had sounds very nice. Happy Anniversary.

    Looking forward to the squirrel cross stitch. And yes, there is just something about old magazines that is very enjoyable. However, I always throw them away when we move because they add so much weight to our shipment, and we have moved 3 times in the last 6 years.

  5. So glad you had a great weekend alone. Sometimes we just need a recharge on our batteries. I love your tiffany shades....they are so unique and pretty. One of the things I like about historical houses is the stained glass windows you often see. If you can't have stained glass windows then light shades are a good second! I agree about SL. I was just telling a friend that I seldom find a new recipe in Southern Living and that was the main reason I used to subscribe. I have let my subscription lapse and then I get an offer I cant refuse and I re subscribe. I live in hope.lol

  6. It sounded like you had a wonderful 35th anniversary weekend, Sandy. Quiet is good and it gives you time together to reflect and share memories. The canyon where you hiked the rim is gorgeous based on the pictures you shared. I hope you will go back when it is cooler. I love the older magazines. The view from your porch/deck is gorgeous. Thinking of you and hope you won't be affected by Dorian too badly.

  7. Your weekend sounded wonderful. I think I mentioned maybe in an earlier comment that we are going up north at the end of the month for a week to celebrate our 45th. We will be doing a lot of what you described -- relaxing, talking and reminiscing, looking through old magazines, hiking/walking, etc. I usually bring several craft projects and enjoy working on those on the dock while my hubby kayaks. In case of rain we will bring a jigsaw puzzle and plenty of magazines. We plan to go out for breakfast a couple of times, but eat in (or picnic) the rest of the time. No phones in the cabins and no cell service is always very nice. There is wi-fi, so we stay in touch with our kids that way.

    That canyon sounded so interesting! I wouldn't have thought of a canyon in that area at all. It's neat that they have made a state park out of it.

    Your light fixtures are very pretty -- and though I wouldn't have chosen them, in your place I would do as you are doing and keep them. I know that one can buy stained glass paint. I wonder if you could very carefully paint that butterfly a different color that you like better.

    Such a fun and interesting post! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing your squirrel project.

  8. Congratulations and Happy belated Anniversary!!

  9. Sorry I missed this post, Sandy! Being in Colorado put me way behind on everything blog and stitching related! Happy Belated Anniversary--35 years is definitely something to celebrate in this day and age. And I love how you spent your day--perfect in my mind :) I had no idea there were such canyons in Georgia--I love your photos! Hiking is so good for your soul--I went every day when we were in Colorado and felt so relaxed afterward. Wishing you many more happy, healthy years together :)


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