Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Christmas Stockings

I finished stitching the Christmas stockings.
I used the French stitching book to find the letters that I mentioned here.

I will explain the ribbons in a bit.

I purchased the stockings from Amazon and bought extras for a growing family. It isn't really burlap exactly, but something similar with a sheen. I was able to guesstimate the holes and use it to add the cross stitched letters.

Here is a closeup of a letter. The holes were sometimes a little hard to see so they are definitely not perfect, but I couldn't love them more. I really wanted them to be cross stitched because that is my hobby.

I have one for Mama, me, hubby, son-in-law, daughter, son, his girlfriend, and grandson.

Since Tucker has the same initials as his dad, I added a little something extra to his stocking.

A puppy toy.

Jeff didn't think this was a good choice. His words were, "Will he still want that on there when he is 16?"  I told him I can change it then.

Now about those ribbons. I am going to attach a bow to each before hanging them up.
If you don't remember my thinking in choosing the colors, you can go back and read this post.

I know the votes will be as varied as the colors, but I am leaning towards two: the green or brown. It truly will depend on what they look like around the fireplace. One other thought is swirling around in my head...maybe some green tartan plaid ribbon.

Oh and I guess some of you will be wondering about the P.A. 
My son's first name Paul and his middle name is Allen and he goes by both. A good southern name. Some of his friends shortened to P. A. during Little League baseball. Believe me, this mama was none too happy. He goes by Paul Allen and prefers it although some of the guys call him by the initials. 
I decided to put P. A. on the stocking. He didn't think I should have; so who knows...I may have to change that one too.

And that is the story of the stockings.
We will have to wait until Christmas to see them again and see what color ribbon I use.



  1. I love the stockings,
    Greetings, Martina

  2. How lovely! Did Paul Allen think you should have just put P instead of PA? Hard to choose between the ribbons - they're all good choices - but I think the tartan is my favorite.

  3. The stockings turned out fabulously, Sandy! I would vote for the tartan ribbon with the gold being my second choice.

  4. They look perfect to me Sandy. I cant wait to see them on the mantle at Christmas. I am sure whatever ribbon you choose it will be perfect. I think the tartan would be very pretty with he red and green.

  5. Sandy: I totally love the stockings, I would leave the stocking as is, I think it is a treasure to have even when 26, 56, 96.
    I love the P.A. initial's perfect, you chose a beautiful alphabet to use.


  6. Oh my goodness. They are so pretty - made extra special in their simplicity (though I don't imagine that they were simple at all to stitch). I agree that P.A. makes total sense since your son goes by Paul Allen. Did you ask us to vote for ribbon color? I'd vote for the tartan, too. Before I noticed it, though, my favorite was the brown. But seriously... I don't think you can go wrong with any of those colors.

    1. Thanks Becki, the tartan is pretty. In fact I love that brown too. We will see. I probably won't decide until Christmas. I have plenty of all of those ribbons.

  7. You managed to make them look fun and elegant all at once. Well done, they look so nice!

  8. The stockings turned out so well. The font is lovely.

  9. Oh, these are wonderful, Sandy! I especially like the look with the tartan ribbon :) You will have quite a sight when you hang them up at Christmas time!


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