Friday, September 6, 2019

Two Versions of One Stitch

I came home from Auburn all fired up ready to put fall out and it went kaput by Tuesday afternoon. I did enjoy a cooler morning on Tuesday, but the heat is back in full measure. I took the dogs out last night around 9:10 and the heat hit me in the face. Any breeze had died down so I pulled out my phone to look at the temperature. It was 87, but according to the app the real feel was 96. I thought to myself, "Yep! that is about right."

I am going to create fall in the house starting this afternoon. I am going to put out some fall colors in the foyer and a change out a few of my sunflower stitches in the kitchen and just pretend it is fall.

I probably won't pull out all of it until around the 20th or so...just, whatever day around then that I have time, but that will be here before I know it. I don't think the cooler temps will be here by then though.

Let me share some stitching with you. I am still working on my Christmas stockings and that is what I took with me over the Labor Day weekend to Auburn to stitch on. I have three more, so I will share them altogether when finished.
Just before I left I picked up an old October 2015 Just Cross Stitch magazine. This is a wonderful edition. It has tons of fall ones as well as Halloween. These pillows were in this edition as well as the jack-o-lantern I did recently.

In this edition this caught my eye

and I reached in and grabbed a piece of 32 count linen which was called for in the pattern. I didn't have all of the called for colors, but I had the squirrel color and some DMC, so I just looked at the picture and grabbed some colors to match.

I have ended up stitching two of them. The piece of 32 count was so dark. I had thrown it together quickly so I wasn't thinking. I stitched the two squirrels and they seemed fine, but then I reached for the acorns and leaves and began thinking they weren't going to show up so well. I put it aside until I got home. This week in the evenings I pulled out some 28 count lighter and started stitching again. I just kept stitching on both trying to decide which I liked better until I had stitched too far on both of them to stop.

Here is the darker version on 32 count Weeks Tin Roof linen. Up close it looks good, but far away it is a little harder to see the colors.

Here is the lighter version on a 28 count evenweave. The same colors of floss were used.

I can't choose a favorite. I plan to finish both and then use one as a gift. I don't think I will finish them the same way though. The lighter one might get something like the picture in the book, but the darker one will be just a round OR that is what I am thinking.

I need to get busy finishing.

I did get my kitchen light back up.
The picture is right after we finished so no cute scenes in the background. I was just finishing supper and hadn't even finished the dishes, so try to ignore the background and look up!!!

I saved the day because it the light was made for a fan and even though we had found matching chain and a new socket we hadn't counted on the tops being different. I had an old chandelier that I had taken down but saved so we were able to use those parts to hang it anyway. I am good with the results. 

I had our Bible study group over Wednesday night and no one even noticed anything. I guess that means it was only noticeable to me.

Well, that is about all going on here, so I will get busy paying attention to Tucker who is rolling around in his pink walker and terrorizing Gus. Lemony has sense enough to get out of his path. Gus not so much:o)

Enjoy the weekend,


  1. Sandy, don't feel to badly about not getting Fall d├ęcor up yet, we are having fall weather and I haven't done a thing yet. Ihope you get some cooler weather soon, I am loving it. I think your kitchen fixtures looks great!! It's a nice feeling when you save something and can eventually put it to good use. I love all your fall stitching, it looks like you just have some stuffing to do and then finish those cute little squirrels. I bet Tucker has a blast tearing apart your kitchen cabinets!!

  2. Beautiful little autumn motives. I like the squirrels on the lighter fabric and look so much better.
    Wow Tucker is already on the way.
    Have a nice weekend

  3. Wonderful little autumn motifs. I love the sunflowers. The squirrels are very cute. I like the lighter one.
    I think Tucker would like to cook a bit.He looks cute in his wheel.
    Have a nice weekend. Manuela

  4. Both stitches are adorable Sandy. I think the older magazines had better projects. I was just watching a video of a stitcher doing a page through of the 2019 Christmas ornament Just Cross Stitch and I think I am going to pass on it this year. I did not see anything that really inspired me. I love your bright and cheery, especially nice in a kitchen I can just picture Tucker zooming around in that walker.What a cutie pie.

  5. Hi, Sandy! Your stitching anecdote is the story of my life! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve started stitching something and it’s only after I’ve put in way too many stitches that I realize my fabric choice is too dark. Both of yours look good but the one on the lighter fabric just pops.

    Tucker is so cute!

    Your kitchen light looks great.

  6. That is a cute picture of Tucker! I bet that Gus thinks he has a new playmate when Tucker is in his walker thing. Both of your squirrel stitches are lovely. I can't decide which one I like more, but do like them both. Your fall stitches are lovely and I can't wait to see where they pop up. I think your light without fan is super. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. The squirrels are as cute as can be. I, too, am learning about how to choose my fabrics more carefully so the stitched design really pops! in contrast.

    The little pillows are my favorite.... you know how I feel about the sunflower one, especially!

    Funny how dogs can be slow to catch onto things -- like little kids rolling around after them.

    The heat -- yes, it's very real here, too. Oppressive at times.

  8. Oh, how cute is Tucker in his pink walker! They sure have changed in looks since our kids had them and I'm sure they are much safer, too.

    Love how your little squirrels turned out on both fabrics--so cute. I may have to go the library and check out that issue, too. And your fall finishes are lovely. I have no desire to put up fall decor as I am grieving the loss of summer. I hate knowing that snow and ice are just around the corner. You don't deal with that in northern FL, but the older I get the more it bothers me... Hope your September is off to a wonderful start, Sandy!

  9. I love all your autumn cross stitches. Your pictures sent me to look up what a subscription to Just Cross Stitching magazine runs. I saw the Christmas issue and almost signed up. But then I remembered that recently I almost bought that lovely French book of Christmas cross stitch designs, too. Sigh. It sits there on my Amazon save-for-later list. Too many choices. No longer enough time. Keep inspiring me, though, Sandy. I love that I've rediscovered cross stitching. I'm just so sad that it's coinciding with downsizing a lifetime of stuff!

    1. Becki, I don't know if you will see this or not, but thought I would reply. I buy a good bit from a place called 123Stitch online. They have a place to make a wish list and save. I often put things there and then give it real hard think before I buy. Do I really love it or have the time? I like the older issues of Just Cross Stitch better than the newer ones. I have even bought some older ones on eBay for a good buy. It is a great hobby though for sure.

  10. I love your squirrel cross stitch! And that Tucker is so cure in the pink walker. Have a wonderful week, Sandy!


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