Saturday, September 21, 2019

Some Fall Decor

I mentioned I wasn't feeling fall this year, but this past week I started out on it anyway. I pulled my boxes out and just looked at them. They sat on the dining table a day and I thought about fall decor.

So, let's talk about all the stuff that rolled around in my head. I didn't decorate for fall until I retired 5 years ago and then I went nuts and overboard. You can see some of that in the archives of my blog. I was so excited to be out of school and read so many blogs and decorating to the nines seemed to be the thing to do.

I even went out and bought way too much stuff.

I hated it in a month!!! Now, I am not minimalist by any means, but it was all too much for me.
Some of that purchased stuff has gone to Lindsay, some donated, and probably still going to sit in a box.

I began to think about this. I don't even remember Mother ever decorating for fall. She always had a nice table and put napkins of different colors on the kitchen table. I still do that! She would decorate the dining room table for Thanksgiving a little early and maybe something simple in the formal living room that adjoined. She always put a pretty wreath on the door.  That was it.

The week of Halloween I would put out two posters that my uncle had drawn in high school. Yes, I still have them because I keep everything. I would put the Jack-o-lantern and the friendly ghost in the dining room windows because they faced the front of the house and then we would put a pumpkin out on the front steps. You can't put those out too long in Florida. Trust me on that!!!

I started mulling over what I did in my classroom since I lived a lot of my life there and my kids were with me for much of that. I promise this diatribe is leading somewhere.

In mid September, I would do a leaf person art project and add leaves to the seasonal bulletin board and display those leaf people. Prior to that with our early August start, I decorated the seasonal bulletin board with a football and cheerleader decorated in the colors of the school with a few apples thrown in.

Sometime in later September, I would change out the football player and cheerleader to a scarecrow with lots of falling leaves. BTW, this seasonal bulletin board followed me all the way through my career. I kept a large calendar and the same monthly headers the whole way through on the seasonal bulletin board.

In October, I would add some pumpkins to it. I would do the most adorable art project with owls and would put them up with a full moon. WHoooo goes there?

When November rolled around, the scarecrow was removed and a cornucopia went up spilling out with goodness.

The more I thought about fall and how sick I get of it all by Thanksgiving it hit me what I would do this year. I am excited to tell you I have a plan.

Leaves, acorns, squirrels, feathers, (natural things) and a  little orange are out for September, Pumpkins will come out October 1st. 

A little Halloween will come out about halfway through October.

I found the most wonderful cornucopia basket by chance the other day. I wasn't even looking. It was like the stars aligned, so November is set with some Pilgrims and Indians, some turkeys, etc.

All slowly added and other things put away.

I simply can't stand the clutter of all it out. 

I will not be doing a fall tour, but adding a few pictures as I go with posts to let you see the slow go more me process.

I guess that is the good and bad of blogs. You can let it control you rather than just inspire you. You have to be true to yourself. 

Since you have survived the long talk, here is another kitchen picture. 

I use the island for cooking and prep work, so I usually add a little to this side counter. The flowers are from JoAnn's. They are so cute.

I promise there are acorns on the string here above the sink. I can't take a picture with that much light.

If you survived this I will be sharing more next week. A little at a time with my stitching. I simply had to start a fall project.

***NOTE...everyone should do what they feel and like. I know it is lots cooler elsewhere and pumpkins are completely appropriate. I love porches lined up with pumpkins and mums, but that is just not a go here.

Falling for autumn, 


  1. I am not putting out a lot this year either as we are having the floors done. By the time I move everything around I will have had enough rearranging. lol I will put out a few Halloween things in October but much of my haul is staying in the boxes this year too. I always loved seeing teacher's class rooms decorated for the seasons. Back when I was a girl, the teachers changed the bulletin board seasonally and I always was anxious to see what they would do. My mother did not decorate for fall either. She barely decorated for Christmas. She is just not a seasonal type person even now.

  2. “I guess that is the good and bad of blogs. You can let it control you rather than just inspire you. You have to be true to yourself.”

    I couldn’t agree more, Sandy. The decorations you have look wonderful!

  3. Sandy, I enjoyed reading your thoughts about decorating for fall. Your statement about blogs being inspiring or controlling is spot on. You, the individual, needs to figure out what works for you. You are so right about being true to oneself with the decorating (or the stitching or reading or whatever). Like you, my classroom was decorated seasonally and/or monthly. I love your table in the dining room and the corner vignette on your counter. Enjoy your weekend, Sandy!

  4. You're right, everyone should do it the way he wants. I also realized that I decorate less and less than before, but then much more targeted and beautiful. I love your big acorns on the band, very pretty.
    Have a nice sunday, Martina

  5. Sandy: I love your decorating skills, you have a touch for doing this.
    I have my up and down years some I just put a few items out others I almost go overboard, it seems it is whatever my mood is that year.
    I am looking forward to seeing more photos.
    We put out fall items but not so much Halloween.
    Have a great week.


  6. Wow, just got caught up. You've had a very busy September, and it's not over yet. Happy Birthday and Anniversary. I've always like quiet celebrations, so yours sounded just perfect. I'm a little sad that you won't have roses outside your door, because you loved them so much, but I'm thrilled that you will be putting in plants that love your area and should require less work from you. I must admit I have a soft spot in my heart for grocery store flowers too. Your stitchy projects have turned out so well, and good on you that you got some stocking spares :-). I love that you've decorated for Fall--looks great. I will do that tomorrow. It's my favorite season to decorate for. It is my favorite season. I have enough decor to sprinkle through the house, so I'm never overwhelmed (a priority). I gather here and there each year, but I also donate when the decor no longer helps me feel inspired. Happy Fall. Judy

  7. This was a good read, Sandy. I remember when I had almost no fall decor, and my kids got me some for birthdays and holidays. Now I have enough that it doesn't all go out every fall. I pick and choose and keep it somewhat simple. Hope to blog about my fall hutch later this week.

    The vignette on the counter is so appealing! I don't have much counter space and so I hesitate to add any clutter. I do have a jar of lights (an old glass churn jar) and often I stick a spray of fall leaves in there. I think I will do just that! It adds a touch of autumn to the counter while not taking up any more space.

    1. I gave quite a bit to the kids and am going simpler this year.

  8. Fall is slow in coming to the inside (and outside) of my house, too. I did put out some autumn quilts on the ladder in a dining room corner; and a few other things but I've just been so busy with the true essentials that I've not done as much as usual. Maybe next week ...

    Your sense of style is charming.

  9. I still have no fall things out--what is wrong with me this year?! I usually start September 1st and here it is almost October. I may go directly to Halloween at this rate! But, then again, I need to get my nerve up and pull out the Halloween things. My dad died on Halloween five years ago and I just haven't felt like decorating much...

    Love your fall touches, Sandy--those flowers ARE very pretty from Joann's!


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