Sunday, September 15, 2019

Family Time Fun Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day!


I had a birthday.

I got the roses I asked for. Aren't they pretty?

The day started with a trip to the park to get some energy out of Gus. We have had to train Gus to catch a Frisbee. Well, we are working on it. The reason is ---Lemony can NOT restrain herself with a tennis ball. She is getting older and ends up all messed up every time she chases the ball. She is relegated to walks these days. While Gus retrieved 

she wanted my very fresh banana nut bread from the Starbucks run before we went to the park.

Not a bad start to the day.

We then put down some straw in the redone flower beds that I promise I will share soon.
We did a few more chores.

Then came a trip to the mailbox.
I almost squealed with delight when I opened a very unexpected package.
The person who gifted me a very special gift didn't know it was my birthday, but she made the day even more special.

You see I read this post last week from Carol at Stitching Dreams and once again admired her beautiful stitching. I even read this in the post

The tiny pillow below was sent off to a friend as a little surprise. I hope she likes it!

and thought how lucky someone was going to be.

Imagine my surprise when I found this in a package addressed to me.

I quickly texted Arlene at Nanaland. WE both agreed the stitching community is very special.

Carol, I love it!

Then it was family time.
Y'all know I love family time and consider myself so blessed to have both my kiddos close.

We had fish, cheese grits, salad, pie and cheered on our Auburn Tigers. Here are a few scenes from the evening.

Tyler (son-in-law), Tucker, and Hallie (their dog).

Jeff, Paul Allen (son), Katie (his girlfriend), and Tucker.

I realized later that I didn't get a picture of Lindsay the whole evening. I was so disappointed. She did so much. She wouldn't let me cook or make anything. I was really proud of her. She has a birthday this month as well. I will make up for my lack of pictures. If we hadn't been trying to eat and get it all done by kick off for the game I would have been a better photographer. 

AUBURN FOOTBALL kind of rules in our house.

I said I wanted nothing but roses, but I snagged an app for my phone...such a nerdy thing, a bird call, and a cool t-shirt.

All original parts as noted in the t-shirt are important in our house. Jeff broke his hip early in his life and has had a hip replacement and a revision surgery. He says medical stuff is all great, but no one can top original parts.

Gus felt a need to be in all pictures.

Lemony and Gus.
I will be back later this week with what I am stitching for Lindsay and the new flowerbeds.
Happy for another year of life,
Sandy more picture of the roses.


  1. Happy Birthday Sandy...I meant to get a card in the mail and I totally forgot. I am going to blame it on old Looks like the perfect birthday celebration!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sandy! You look wonderful! What sweet pictures of the fam. Carol's stitching is so beautiful, and I'm glad this came to brighten your day.

  3. Happy Birthday, Sandy! What beautiful roses, and what a terrific surprise in the mail! That is a lovely stitched piece. Seems to me it might be a perfect addition to the autumn smalls you've worked up yourself recently. And that T-shirt is great, too! I hope the rest of your week is as lovely as today was.

  4. Happy Birthday, Sandy!
    Yes, the roses are very beautiful.

  5. Well, happy birthday wishes to you! It sounded (and looked) like you had a marvelous birthday celebration. Thank you for sharing! What a lovely package you received from Carol! The stitching community is the best.

  6. Happy Birthday! I really enjoy your blog, I read my favorite blogs every morning with my cup of coffee. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a very blessed day:)

  7. Happy Birthday, dear Sandy. Love all your pics. Many happy, healthy years ahead!

  8. Happy Happy [belated] Birthday! I've been slow to respond to emails for a couple of days and I'm sorry I missed the big day. But just know I am so thankful we are friends! You inspire me, encourage, and entertain me!

    The pillow from Carol is soo special, as well as the other goodies that came with it.

    Loved the pictures of family celebrating your birthday. And the roses -- they are gorgeous.

  9. I'm so glad I could add a little something special to your birthday celebration, Sandy--so glad you liked your gifts :) Wishing you all the best in your "new" year--oh, you will turn 60 next year? How exciting!


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