Friday, July 10, 2020

Stitching Update and Some Daily Happenings


Popping in with my calendar for Christmas stitching progress. I have stitched 11 of the days at this point.

I will share 11 with the next 10. I have had very little time to stitch, so these are going pretty quickly. When I finish I will pick a few to highlight with a closer view.

It is still busy busy around here. I am doing a ton of cooking and taking care of Mama too. She is better, but still not really able to do a whole lot for herself.

This week, Katie was out of town and she and Paul Allen have added a new dog since Reece, the boxer died. They went to the rescue place again and this time came home with an American Fox Hound, approximately 11 months old. New name is Darcy, so, Darcy and Dansby are the two hounds at their house. Katie is out of town this week, so Paul Allen was a little worried about what the new one would do. 

Tucker and I have gone over each day to let them out and of course visit with the chickens.

They were hiding in the coop because of the dogs, but gives you a bigger picture of their home. They have a shower door on the end:) to let them out.

It has been raining a ton these past two weeks and is full on hot and humid summer which last until October, so whether I am ready or not it is here.

The grass is green and growing so the pictures I took of Paul Allen and Katie's backyard work don't look as sweet as they could due the grass.

I thought I would share just a few. Katie has plants growing all over the place. I just have to laugh because Paul Allen complained about all my plants growing up:)

There is a little bench here that I missed in the picture.

Dansby...I missed capturing Darcy. I will get her on another time.

How is one supposed to move around in the kitchen when two dogs take up the walkway? I guess they know we are in the dog days of summer. 
 They are my sidekicks though. Wouldn't change a thing.

Tucker and I were downstairs piddling around the other day. He wanted to sit at the desk. This desk was mine and was purchased in Germany in 1962. It has a German label and once had a chair to match which has long been broken. 
I played with this desk until I was far too big for it and then it was always in my room with just stuff on it. 

My kids played on it. I have tons of pictures of them on each side of it coloring. At another time, I would have hunted down pictures of me and the kids, but I am doing good to show Tucker.

He wouldn't come back upstairs until l told him I would bring it back up. 

On this day, he sat there 2/3s of the day playing with that car.

We have also eaten our lunch at it.

This video really touched me...just a simple message but a good reminder.

I have been really plugging in to God's Word while Tucker is napping. I have shut down the TV other than Paw Patrol, and been listening to music. I have my hymns and favorite praise music. I love country music but I am listening to my favorite country singers singing my favorite hymns AND I took a notebook I made several years ago with favorite verses in it and put it beside my bed. Every morning and every evening I read a few. 

It has helped me tremendously to get through this tough and busy season.



  1. I enjoyed the video! Thank you! Love the photos you shared... Tucker AND the pups!! Happy weekend! xo

  2. Thanks for the video! And I love seeing Tucker at that cute little desk. He's so smart and will be a good student learning to sit at a desk already. I love the stitching you are doing. I should start some small easy projects...I know...I always say that! heehee! Hugs!

  3. I enjoyed the visit to your son's and daughter-in-law's home. And, of course, seeing Tucker. And I need to tell you... I've been surfing Anne Graham-Lotz videos for the last probably nearly an hour since clicking on and watching the one you linked to above. Before tonight I'd not heard of Anne, but now I have all kinds of videos of hers saved to watch later.

  4. Just a quick comment here as I've been busy an am keeping a low profile on social media till things settle down. Love the video with Anne Graham Lotz and will be sharing that. More people need to hear this message.

    Blessings to you.

  5. Sandy, thank you for sharing all the pictures of Paul Allen and Katie's backyard. Bless their hearts for adopting another rescue dog. Looking forward to seeing a picture of Darcy! Enjoyed the pictures of Tucker and enjoyed the desk story. Love the picture of Lemony and Gus on the kitchen floor. Your Advent blocks are looking good. Well done on getting 11 of them finished. Wishing you a good weekend!

  6. Oh I love seeing Tucker sitting at that little desk. So sweet. I enjoyed seeing Paul Allen's hard. It reminds me of Savannah. We all need some encouragement right now. I start every morning with Bishop Rober Barron's devotional.

  7. I just watched that video too, posted on Barbara's page. Loved it, and have ordered her book. Love that sweet little desk, and it is obvious Tucker loves it too. It's his own special space and it makes him happy, so I'd say let him enjoy it in any room he wants! LOL. You are a great grandma!! Have a great week.

  8. Sandy: What a sweetheart Tucker is, it is always fun to see his cute little self.
    I do like the ornaments they are lovely.
    Fun post about the yard and dogs.



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