Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A Mostly Stitching Post

 I have been stitching away each evening. I have mostly worked on my two large pieces and I am loving both of them.

I am a long way from showing off a heron since I started at the bottom. You might think all this green and blue would be boring, but that would be quite the contrary. I have just watching this lily pad come to life

My lily pad is the one just under the white flower. Long way to go!

I have tried to do a page of each of my large pieces before swapping back and forth, but I got to the halfway on the lily pad and changed to my sampler. I think that will be my plan with the heavy stitching for the lily pads.

The sampler is just so pretty. I have stitched three pages with the exception of the wording. I think I am going to leave all of the words for the end. OF course, that could change.

My progress is making it to the bell.

I have truly enjoyed the stitching on both of these.

I stitched this turkey earlier in the year and finally put a finish on it. It is designed to be a circle. It is one of the hoop patterns. I have no idea what came over me to make it square, but I just decided he should be a square. I kinda like him squared. Tom Turkey got colorful feathers like he would have had on my classroom bulletin board.

I have also started about three Christmas ornaments. It is time to stitch one up. HOWEVER, I am not allowing anymore Christmas stitching until I finish the Advent calendar for Lindsay. I have the squares done. I need to put a backing on it. My goal is to finish it by Saturday. I will finish, but I must say I have learned a little lesson about my crafting abilities. -----They are not so good. I need to just purchase items such as this from now on and enjoy stitching things I can actually frame or make into a pillow or flat fold.

***Never too old to learn a lesson.

We took a quick trip to Auburn this past weekend. Mother went with us. It was a quick trip and nothing special took place. It rained for most of it, so we watched football and rested. I enjoyed the change of pace and location. The leaves are not changing yet. That is usually a couple more weeks away, but I always love going to Auburn in the fall. I will say it is oddly quiet. Auburn played away and rain had everyone inside. We did take a morning stroll downtown. I had hoped something Christmas ideas for the kids would pop out at me, but I didn't have much luck. 

I did enjoy the stroll though.

I planted my pansies and they are doing ok even though it is still quite warm. No pictures - too cloudy.

No surprise we are under a tropical storm watch.  I want it to go away, because I feel so sorry for Louisiana, but I don't want it either. The northern Gulf Coast is waterlogged. The water has not receded from the previous storms.

I have to drive Mom to Pensacola for an eye appointment this afternoon, but I am thinking we will be back before it starts raining and blowing IF it stays on its course as of this moment I am writing.

Hey. it is just an odd year! I think so many things are off even in nature. I look around and things are blooming early and other things are late. It is all OFF.

Lemons will have to be collected this week and squeezed for the juice. I love having my own lemon tree.

That is about all that is going on in my world. I feel like that is enough.



  1. One of our neighbors brought me four lemons from their tree and it is nice to have fresh lemon. Yours look fabulous! I love your stitching projects and look forward to watching your progress! So sad that yet another storm is headed for Louisiana/New Orleans. Gosh, it has been a tough weather year. Stay safe!

  2. I sure hope and pray that storm fizzles out! What a tough year for so many. Enjoy your afternoon! Hope you are back home by now! Hugs!

  3. Oh I know I thought of you when I heard that another storm was headed for the Gulf coast, and poor Louisiana. So very sorry for them. What a strange year indeed. Praying it will fizzle. Your stitching is all so lovely. I don't know how you manage to keep track of all those different ones going on at one time. I know I couldn't do it. I can't wait to see that sampler when it is done...that will be stunning. Also the heron! Glad you had a quiet weekend away. Sometimes it is nice to just get away and do absolutely nothing. Our bodies and minds need the rest. Take care and once again, stay safe and dry!!

  4. The water droplets on the lily pad are kind of amazing. I can see why they'd be enjoyable to stitch. And your let Freedom Ring is beautiful. Praying for those in the path of Zeta. I groaned when first hearing about another hurricane hitting that area. :(

  5. Wonderful progress on your stitching progress. I like your finish very much.
    Have a nice day, Manuela

  6. Your stitches are coming along nicely, Sandy. I like the water droplets on the lily pads. I enjoy diving into a big project when I get tired of finishing because all you have to do is stitch. I use a Qsnap like you do. I like how it holds the fabric tight. I used to stitch in hand until I tried the Qsnap. What about you?

    Tom Turkey is adorable, especially his pumpkin body. It’s funny, I would like to have a round finish but all my smalls lately are square.

    Send some of that moisture out west to us if you can! Hoping things settle down in your area. You could use a bit of “calm.”

    Your lemon tree is stunning.

  7. You have made super progress on both of your larger pieces, Sandy. We are watching Zeta as they are saying we will see rain/wind from this storm. Praying for the people in Zeta's immediate sight as that area has been hit from hard from storms this year. Your lemons look fabulous. Glad you were able to get away to Auburn for a bit! Be safe!

  8. Sandy: Your Samplers are beautiful, I love the Heron, I even think I have this pattern in my stash.
    The Patriotic Sampler is stunning.
    What a wonderful day you had with your Mother.
    I feel so bad for people who live in the line of hurricanes, it is so sad how much damage they do.
    MMMMM lemon anything is good and to have your own juice, you are lucky.
    Have a great day.


  9. Nice pieces. I love the Let Freedom Ring Sampler and look forward to seeing more of it.

  10. Wonderful progress on both of your large pieces, Sandy! I think the Freedom Sampler is just stunning--such a classic, too. And I do love that long-legged heron and the beautiful details in this design. Your little square turkey is darling! I have plans to do some turkey stitching in November--let's see how far I get :)

    Oh, a lemon tree--how nice! My inlaws have one in Naples, too. Hoping to get down there this winter since the house is vacant and they are in assisted living up here. But, I will definitely wait until hurricane season has passed. Stay safe now ♥

  11. Stitching posts by my needle-working friends are my favorite! I understand how you are enjoying seeing the lily pad ‘come to life.’ That’s a very fun aspect of cross stitch!

    As for finishes, I’m with you: my best ones are framed, flat-folds, or made into a pillow. I also like backing the smaller designs with Wonder Under to stiffen them up and then clamp them onto a clip board. Now THAT’s the real easy finish!!!

    Those lemons on your tree are so cheery!

  12. Beautiful stitching! You're really zooming along on Let Freedom Ring! Love that little lily pad. I'm starting to enjoy designs with a little more shading as well. Keeps everything interesting! Be safe and stitch on! :-)


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